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“If it is not taught by our Church, I do not Believe it,” says the Unbeliever. However, the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ and others is found in the Bible, and here is the Proof! source

40 Good Reasons WHY People Should FAST and PRAY!

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Understanding the Human Body and Mind!
WHY almost all of the Great People Fasted and Prayed!
The SOURCE of the POWER of GOD!

Fasting and Praying is not very Popular in America, nor even in Europe; but, it is very Popular among Enlightened People, who Understand the Great Benefits of it. This Booklet lists more than 100 Good Reasons for Fasting and Praying; but, you may Choose any 40 Good Reasons that you like Best, and just Ignore the rest. However, if you Learn to do your own Fasting and Praying, you will no Doubt have to Add some Reasons that I have Overlooked, considering that I wrote this Booklet during one Day, while Fasting. In other Words, it is not an Accumulated List of Reasons over a Period of Years; but, it is only a Small Collection of perhaps one tenth of the Good Reasons for Fasting and Praying. Moreover, as far as I Know, there are NO Good Reasons NOT to Fast and Pray, except if you are Pregnant, which might Cause you to Abort your Baby.

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An Onyx Tile worth 100$ per square foot, Installed in a First Class Swangkee Fasting Sanitarium!

An Onyx Tile worth 100$ per square foot, Installed in a First Class Swangkee Fasting Sanitarium!

This is an Example of some of the Beauty that one would See at a First Class Swangkee Fasting Sanitarium, which should be one of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth, just for Inspiration and Encouragement: beCause of the Awesome Creations of God, who alone could Create such Naturally Beautiful Things. Likewise, the Building Site for the Fasting Sanitarium, itself, should also be Located in an Equally Naturally Beautiful Place, such as near or within a National Park: so that as many People as Possible might get to See it, after Walking a certain Distance to get to it: beCause it should have lots of Fresh Clean Air for the Occupants thereof. Moreover, the Walls of such a Fasting Sanitarium should be made of very THICK Solid Concrete Walls, which are Faced with Polished Marble, Granite, or Onyx, in Beautiful Patterns on the Inside, and Covered with Flowering Rock Terraces on the Outside, so as to make it Beautiful both Inside and Out, being Complete with a large Appropriate Stainless Steel and Tiled Kitchen, Walk-in Cooler for Storing Fresh Immature Coconuts, Frozen Mangos, and other Fresh Juicy Raw Fruits and Dried Fruits for Breaking Fasts, plus Equally Beautiful Residences for the Caretakers thereof, who can Eat any Fresh Fruits before they Spoil. 

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"O Man of Greater Faith, many People Fear to Fast, and I Suppose that a few People have Feared to Pray; but, when you do very much Fasting, you soon Learn to Pray: beCause it comes Naturally to the Man of Greater Faith."

"O Wombman of True Love, your Fasting and Praying can be made Easy, Enjoyable, IGZILERAATING, Exciting, FUN, Rewarding, EXOTIC, and at last, a Great Daily JOY, just to Live! Therefore, Exercise your True Love for All that is Good by Fasting and Praying: beCause that is what Jesus Christ did before Obtaining his Powers to Heal People and to do all Kinds of Miracles." — Proverbs of the Peacock