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 It is a Sin to have Sexual Intercourse before Marriage, which is called: "Fornication." The Reason that God Instituted Marriages is beCause he wanted to Discover those Honest People who might be Faithful to their Vows, who would Keep their Promises, an


Do Christians have to OVERCOME their Sins and STOP Sinning in Order to be SAVED??

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Is it Necessary to Overcome all of your Sins, in Order to be Saved??
Why would God Demand the "Impossible"??
Have you ever Stopped Sinning for even One Day??
What Distinguishes a Saint from a Sinner??
Did Saint Peter Die in his Sins??

If it is True that Christians must Overcome their Sins, and Stop Sinning, before they can be Saved for any Positions within the Kingdom of God, then tens of millions of Professing Christians are in for a Great Surprise during the Day of Judgment: beCause they have Vainly Imagined that they can Pack at least some of their Sins with them into that Holy Kingdom, which is Unreasonable: beCause the Whole Purpose for the First Coming of Jesus Christ was to Atone for ALL of our Sins, and to Cleanse us from ALL Unrighteousness! Indeed, he did not come to the Earth, in Order to Save us IN our Sins, as many Deceived People have Vainly Imagined; but, he came in Order to Save us FROM our Sins, in Order that we might be FREE from all Sins. In Fact, he who has that Hope in him, Purifies himself, even as he is Pure; and this Inspired Booklet Explains HOW we can all Do that, Free of Charge! 

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Is this Cathedral the Place where one might Overcome his or her Sins??

Is this Cathedral the Place where one might Overcome his or her Sins??

It seems that most People do not Think so, or else this Church might be Filled with Repentant Sinners; but, behold, only a few People are even Interested in its Glory, in spite of the Gold Trimmings on the Ornate Carvings of the "Apostles," who would probably be Weeping, if they should Learn what is going on, nowadays. 

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"Whomever has been Born of God, becoming a New Spiritual Creation, According to the Holy Order of Jesus Christ, does not Commit Sins: beCause his Seeds of Truth Remain within him, Reminding him of what is Right and WRong; and therefore, he cannot Sin: beCause he has been Born of All that is Good." — The New MAGNIFIED Version (NMV) of First John 3:9.

"Blest are those Humble and Sincere People, who Do the Commandments of God, so that they may have the Right to Enter through the Pearly White Gates into the Holy City, and thus Eat the Sweet Fruits from the Tree of Life, and thus Live Forever on it. But, on the Outside of that Holy City are Ravenous Wolverines, Gluttons, Filthy Barking Dogs, Drunkards, Political Rabbits, Revengeful Beasts, Laughing Hyenas, Stinking Skunks, Prostitutes, Poisonous Snakes, Witch Doctors, Thieving Raccoons, Vicious Bears, Warmongers, Ferocious Lions, Murderers, Scorpions, Druggerers, Sexually Immoral People, Idol Worshipers, Moronic Idiots, Moneymongers, Unpurified Puritans, Unbelievers, and whomsoever Loves and Practices Lying." — The NMV of Revelation 22:14—15.