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 It is a Sin to have Sexual Intercourse before Marriage, which is called: "Fornication." The Reason that God Instituted Marriages is beCause he wanted to Discover those Honest People who might be Faithful to their Vows, who would Keep their Promises, an


Does God Inspire any Person to Reveal any Truth during these Times??

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"If it is not in the Bible, I do not Believe it!" says the Lady Doubtfulness
The Scribes and Pharisees said, "We have our Bible, and do not Need any New Testament!"
The New Testament Scribes and Pharisees say, "We have our Bible, and do not Need nor Want any More Truth!"
"We have Enough Truth. Please do not Confuse us with the Facts!" says the Unbeliever
"Holy Men, Inspired by God, Wrote the Scriptures as they were Moved by the Holy Spirit," who has now Died!?
Truth is Still the Truth, no Matter WHERE it Comes From!

He or she who Judges any Subject, before he or she has Learned ALL of the Evidence, is not very Wise; but, he or she is Related to the Scribes and Pharisees, who Orchestrated the Death of their own Savior and King, while Claiming to have the Total Words and Final Word from God, in what is now called the Old Testament. Shame on them; but, Double Shame on any Professing “Christian” who makes the same Foolish Mistake, using the New Testament for the same Evil Justification, and ends up Condemning this Booklet without a Just Cause — all because of Believing some False Doctrine that is Taught by the Unholy Church of Little Faith, which has by no Means PROVEN this Booklet to be Wrong, neither According to the Scriptures, nor According to Reason and Logic.


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The Peacock's Million-dollar Onyx Box

The Peacock's Million-dollar Onyx Box

This Beautiful Million-dollar Onyx Box is the only one in the World that is Exactly like this Photo, which I Offer to anyone on Earth, who can Prove by Means of Reason and Logic, or by the Scriptures, that my Words of Truth are WRong! 

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"O my Son, there are more than 400 Different Religions, most of which Claim to be the ONE and ONLY True Church of God, even though none of them can Walk on the Water, nor do the Miracles of Jesus Christ: beCause they Lack the True Knowledge that Jesus had, which is Revealed in the Tale of the Peacock!"

"O my Spiritual Daughter, you must Remember that the 'Holy Bible' was made up from some 3,000 Manuscripts, most of which did not get into the Bible: because the 'Authorities' Judged those other Books to be Unworthy, just beCause Jesus did not Quote anything from them. However, the Shame is on them: beCause we should not Reject any Truth, even if it comes from someone who is like Balaam's Ass!" — Proverbs of the Peacock