Random Peacock Quote

“A Wise Man Seeks True Knowledge, and a Man of Good Understanding Searches Out the Truths concerning all Important Subjects; but, an Ignorant Fool only Studies his own Face in the Mirror, looking for the Beauty of it, as if he made it; or, as if his Mother Created it, for which he Imagines that he should be very Proud of it, instead of only being Thankful to God for it: beCause he could have been Born in that very Ugly Body over there in the Land of Idiots, where they Smoke Weeds, and Eat with Dogs and Hogs.”&

— Ray Walter Swangkee


It is Obvious that Life goes on and on, in Spite of People Dying; but, will YOUR Life go on and on? Yes, that is the Great Question that this Inspired Booklet Answers, Free of Charge. Therefore, do yourself a Great Favor, and Use your Precious Time Wisely, and Study these Words of Truth: because they are a Revelation from the Master Farmer. The Author.

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