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“The very same Cold Chilly Wind that Refreshes and Comforts the Hardworking Person, is the very same Cold Chilly Wind that makes the Slothful Person feel Miserable and Uncomfortable. Likewise, the very same Inspired Words of Provable Truth that Refresh and Comfort the Righteous Person, are the very same Words that make the Unrighteous Person feel Miserable and Uncomfortable. Yes, those Words even seem to Threaten such a Person, which can make that Person Do Strange Things — even unto the Point of Murdering the Most Righteous Person who Lives.” source

The HEAD of The PEACOCK! (An Introduction to Inspiration)

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Where does the Peacock get his Inspiration??
Can just Anyone Write the Tale of the Peacock??

The HEAD of the Peacock is a Curious Thing, which only the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge, King’s Mountain, Kentucky, could Thoroughly Explain in such a Way that even Little Spiritual Children might Understand it, even if they are 90 Years Old, Physically; but, only 10 Years Old, Spiritually! After all, not everyone Grows Up at the same Pace or Rate of Growth, which is Especially True of those Spiritual Children who are Born into the Family of God at an Old Age, who Desire to Understand the Marvelous TALE of The PEACOCK, and The ROPE of HOPE, which is now a Mystery to them! However, this Introduction to Inspiration will Enlighten their Minds more than a little, and will Inspire them to Study the Fascinating Tale of the Peacock.


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The Head of the Peacock is a Curious Thing

The Head of the Peacock is a Curious Thing

One would like to Know just Exactly what this Peacock is Thinking, if anything? However, how can one Think without Words to Think about? Indeed, what Language do such Birds Think in, if any? Well, one might Ask if little Human Babies Think, since they Dream? 

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"O my Son, the Head of the Peacock is in Fact a Strange Thing to Look at; but, you can well Believe that it was Designed Perfectly Well for what it was Made for."

"O my Spiritual Daughter, God Knows that I am Far from being Perfect, and am even less Perfect than yourself: because you are more Innocent; but, you must Remember that a certain Amount of Experience is Required, in Order to Learn certain Lessons." — Proverbs of the Peacock