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“If you are Lazy, it only Means that you are not Living in an Ideal Place to Live, which Inspires Ambition: beCause of being Healthy, and beCause of having an Abundance of Material, Spiritual, and Mental Resources to Work with.” source

Were all Men Created EQUAL??

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Are all Men Created Equal??
Are all Men and Women Created EQUAL??
Was Jesus Christ and Judas Iscariot Created EQUAL??
Was Moses and the Pharaoh of Egypt Created EQUAL??
Were Peacocks and Chickens Created EQUAL??

The Masses of People in this World of Woes have never been given a Chance to be Physically, Monetarily, Materially, Mentally, nor Spiritually Equal: because the Circumstances that most People have been Born into would not Allow it to Happen; and therefore, the Equality of People is presently nothing more than a Human DREAM, which cannot begin to become Reality until we begin to be HONEST with ourselves and others. Yes, we must STOP Teaching LIES to the Children, and we must Confess that we have done WRong, which has Produced so many Problems, Worldwide, which did not Exist until we Produced them, even in the Names of "Progress, Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for All." Therefore, this Inspired Book has been Written to Help us to Make those Confessions, and to get ourselves on the Right Track, before we Destroy ourselves with our own Greed: because Capitalism is a Dead End Street, you might say: because there are Limited Resources that can be Exploited. However, it is still Possible for all People to become Moderately Rich with the True Riches, which will somewhat Equalize them.


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17. A Herd of Cattle, with Mixed Seeds, with Explanations

17. A Herd of Cattle, with Mixed Seeds, with Explanations

Here is another Herd of Cattle, which are mostly of one Breed. However, the Owner does not Understand what God Meant, when he Commanded Moses to Keep his Seeds Pure, and not Mix up the Seeds that he Sows in the Field. Indeed, such Words are a complete Mystery to such a Person, who says: “What do you Mean? Are you Trying to say that God would rather that we have a Limited Number of Races of People and Cattle, rather than make Multitudes of Mongrels and Half-breeds?? Are you saying that God does not like Diversity??” For Diversities, see the Gallery for Wild Animals.

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"O my Son, if all Men were Created EQUAL, then Moses, Elijah, and Jesus Christ might have Failed to make History; but, the Truth is that no one was Created Equal with anyone else in any Way, even though they should have Equal Rights under the Divine Laws of the Supreme Ruler when they are Born, which is only Justice for them."

"O my Spiritual Daughter, you might Think that you should have Equal Rights with Men; but, you have to Remember that you were Born for a much Different Purpose, which is to Bear Babies, which Men are not Able to Do: beCause they are not Born Equal with Wombmen."

    — Proverbs of the Peacock