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“A Wise Man Seeks True Knowledge, and a Man of Good Understanding Searches Out the Truths concerning all Important Subjects; but, an Ignorant Fool only Studies his own Face in the Mirror, looking for the Beauty of it, as if he made it; or, as if his Mother Created it, for which he Imagines that he should be very Proud of it, instead of only being Thankful to God for it: beCause he could have been Born in that very Ugly Body over there in the Land of Idiots, where they Smoke Weeds, and Eat with Dogs and Hogs.”&

— Ray Walter Swangkee

What does it Mean to be "Born Again"??

Remember this, “He who has Built his Beautiful House of True Love on the SOLID Bedrock of Divine Truth, has nothing to Fear: beCause he can Easily Defend himself with his Sword of Truth; but, he who has Built his House of Hate on the Shifting Sand of Worldly Philosophies, has much to Fear: because his House of Hate will either Blow away, Rot down, Burn up, get Eaten up by Termites, get Damaged by an Ice Storm, get Shaken Down during an Earthquake, get Covered up by a Volcano, or get Buried under an Avalanche, so to speak — all for the Rejection of Truth.” — The Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge, King's Mountain, Kentucky

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 The Entrance to Carlsbad Caverns, in New Mexico

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"O my Son, before you Imagine that you have Actually been 'Born Again,' you should Understand what it Means."

"O my Daughter, if you have not been Physiologically 'Born Again,' how could you be like Jesus Christ?" — Proverbs of the Peacock