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"Remember that every House of Love is Built on a Solid Foundation of Divine Truths; and, without Truths, there is no True Love. Indeed, Truth is the Glue that Holds us Together, which Explains WHY most People are not very well Glued to Politicians, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Bankers, nor other 'Officials' with Masters Degrees in Mental Rapeology, who are Basically just LIARS, Deceivers, Tricksters, and HYPOCRITES!" 

— Ray Walter Swangkee

Which Church is the Right Church??

Alternate Titles: 
Which Church would Jesus Christ Attend??
Would Jesus Christ Join any Church??
Do you Belong to a False Church??
What is the True Church?
WHERE is the True Church?

IF there were ONE Perfect Church, then all other Churches — which have Different Doctrines than that One Perfect Church — would have to be Wrong! Likewise, if there were any one Perfect Translation of the Bible, then all other Translations of the Bible would be Wrong: because they would be Contradictory to the Truth, which is Revealed within that One Perfect Bible. Nevertheless, because there are hundreds of Mistranslations within each Translation of the Bible, there are also hundreds of Churches, many of which Accept the same Translation of the Bible — namely the King James Version, which is Inspired in such a Way that almost any Person can come up with his or her own Interpretation, and also Discover certain Scriptures that seem to Support his or her Accepted Doctrines. Therefore, it is Obvious that none of these Churches are Right about ALL Doctrines; but, all of them are probably Right about certain Doctrines, which can be Proven to be True Christian Doctrines. Nevertheless, that is not a Good Reason to Join any one of them: because they are all CULTS, except for ONE, which is Revealed within this Inspired Book.


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01. 2 of the 7 Swangkee Brothers at a Brick Church in the Deep South, with Explanation

01. 2 of the 7 Swangkee Brothers at a Brick Church in the Deep South, with Explanation

The Author of more than 300 Inspired Books is at the Left. This Building Reminded me of certain Ancient Fortresses, as if the Battlement might be Necessary, in Order to Defend it. Indeed, if you Teach Lies, you might have to go to War, in Order to Defend such Lies: because such Lies bring out certain Enemies, who are no doubt also Liars: because “Iron is Good for Sharpening Iron,” as King Solomon said. Therefore, let them Clash in the Heat of Battle; but, you should be Wise, my Spiritual Son, and FLEE from the Fools who Crowd themselves into such Ugly Jungles: because those Jungles are Doomed by their very Designs, having no Place to Maintain a GOOD Living on the Land, like God Intended for Mankind and Animalkind. "For the Righteous Ones shall Live on the Land, and the Perfect Ones shall Remain on it." — Proverbs 2:21. "Trust in the Supreme Ruler, and do Good; and so shall you Live on the Land, and Truly you shall be Fed Well from it." — Psalm 37:3. Moreover, if you actually like to Look at Beautiful Churches, you should Click HERE, where you can also find Pyramids and other things among hundreds of Churches in dozens of Photo Galleries.

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"O my Son, before you Join any Church, just Read the entire Bible for yourself, in Order to Discover the Whole Truth, if Possible; and do not put your Trust in any Irreverent Snake, whose Main Motive is to get your Money, who Crafts his Sermons so as to make you Want to Contribute to his False Church."

"O my Spiritual Daughter, there is a True Church, which also Requires a certain Amount of Money, in Order to be Able to Perform its Services; but, its Aim is not to get Rich, as some Churches have done; but, its Aim is to Convert People to the Truth." — Proverbs of the Peacock