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“It is NOT Right for the Hog with the Biggest Teeth to get the Most Wealth, even if that Hog Imagines that he has the Right: because the People who are like Chickens and Ducks also need to Live in a Prosperous State of Moderate Wealth.” source

Would Wise Governments Default on their Loans, or Beg for Forgiveness??


[A Credit Card]

Certain Knowledgeable Economists have Suggested that the Divided States of United Lies should DEFAULT on its Creditors, and not bother to Pay Back its Loans: beCause we now have so many Debts that we cannot Possibly Pay them Down, let alone Pay them Off.

In Fact, Dr. Obama and Associates have Raised the Deficit by some 2 to 3 TRILLION Dollars, in a Vain Hope of Stimulating the Great False Economy to Recover from the Recession, "Lord Willing," as they say. In other Words, if the Supreme Ruler, who Controls the Wind and the Rain, is Willing to have our Great False Economy Stimulated by Tax Cuts, a few New Jobs, and a LOT of Spending on Things like Education, Highway Repairs and Medical Care, then it will Happen: beCause the "Lord" is in Charge of all such Things, if you can Believe it!? Well, not Really. Indeed, we all Know for a Fact that Politicians are in Charge of it. Well, once again, not Really: beCause it was Bankers and Money Lenders who Crashed the Great False Economy! Yes, it was Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, Incorporated, who, like Gamblers, Accepted Great Financial Chances as a Way to Increase their Bank Accounts by Loaning Money to Poor People at Low Interest Rates: so that they could "Afford" to "Buy" Real Homes, and even Mansions, in spite of not having Good Reliable High-paying Incomes.

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[The HUB of the Wheel of Capitalism, where the Problem Begins, within the Minds of People on Wall Street.}

Therefore, it was Bankers who got US into this Hellish Condition, and, According to Dr. Obama and Associates, the Bankers are going to Bail US Out! Yes, it makes Perfect Sense to them, even as it made Perfect Sense to former president George W. Bush, Incorporated, who first came to the Rescue of Bankers, including International Bankers, who Gladly Accepted Government Bailouts, and Awarded themselves with millions of dollars for Bonus Payments, and even Threatened to Crash the entire Economy, if they did NOT get Bailed Out! Therefore, as a Casual Observer of the Worms and Maggots in the Little White Backhouse, in Washington, District of Criminals, which Outhouse Reeks with Odious Political Donkey Dung and Ancient Elephant Droppings, I must Confess that those Economists are Correct — that there is no Possibility for US to Pay Off our National Debts, even if we Want to: beCause, by the Time that our Loving Federal Government Pays for ALL of the Bailouts, it will be a hundred Trillion dollars or more in Debt! However, almost none of us Want to Pay Off any such Debts: beCause we did not Personally Borrow any Money, nor put ourselves into Debt! No, but, it was Politicians who did it to us, whom "we, the people," Voted for. Well, not Really: beCause I did not Personally Vote for any of them, and those People who did Vote for them were a Minority Group of Deceived People: beCause less than half of "we, the people," even bothered to Vote (including 12-year-old Children, who have more Sense than many Adults), and a few more than half of those got what they Wanted, while the Vast Majority did NOT get what they Wanted, let alone what they Needed. In Fact, that Majority have long ago given up on Politicians as Liars and Deceivers, who Promise Things that they cannot Deliver, even if they Want to.

Therefore, the longer that we all Play this little Political Banker's Game, the Worse it is going to get: beCause the True Nature of Mankind is Involved in this Subject, which is Basically a GREEDY, Selfish, and Lazy Nature. Indeed, there are other Reasonable Solutions for Providing Good Houses for ALL People, Worldwide, even without any Loans, and without any Property Taxes; but, it would Naturally be a Waste of Time for me to Explain what those Reasonable Solutions might be: beCause there is not one Person in a thousand whose Spiritual Ears are not Filled with the Wax of Unbelief: beCause most People are Spiritually DEAF, and cannot Remember very well. In Fact, most of them might be Spiritually DEAD! Indeed, you can Prove it for yourself, just by Attempting to tell some Great Truth to them, which they have not Heard before.

For Example, rather than make Enemies with those Nations who Loaned to US their Hard-earned Money, by Defaulting on our Creditors, we should BEG for their Forgiveness, and Promise to Help them to Prosper more, if we can: beCause our Creditors might become Real Enemies with BIG BOMBS, as in Atomic Bombs and Hydrogen Bombs, which can leave only Ashes to Testify for our Greediness and Selfishness. After all, People do not make Weapons that they do not Intend to Use, if they have to. Therefore, it is not Wise to make Enemies with the Chinese, Russians, and whomever might be Able to Wipe US Off of the Map: beCause we are Vulnerable to just about any Insane Thing that you can Think of, including a Great Atomic NIGHTMARE! Yes, anything can Happen during Evil Times like these. Therefore, it is now Time to Act with WISDOM, if anyone has any left in his or her Head. Yes, it is Time to BEG for Forgiveness for all of our Financial and Economical SINS Against our Neighbors in a Flat World, where we are all in Danger of the Worst, as in the Extermination of the Majority of Mankind from the Earth! Indeed, nobody in his nor her Right Mind Wants to Witness that, let alone Survive it, just to Die with Radiation Sickness, a Plague, a 100-year-long Winter, or whatever might be the Results of Pushing those little Red Buttons called Hate and Revenge.

Therefore, it is now High Time to call for a Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court HEARING: so that we can Determine whether or not a few Rich Hogs should Govern the World, or whether or not a Righteous Person should be Elected to Govern it, who is Willing to Confess the Whole Truth about ALL Important Subjects, including National Debts. After all, it is not Fair for the Righteous Hard-working People to be TAXED in Order to Bail Out Thieves and Liars, even as it is not Right for Righteous Hard-working People to be Forced to Support Lazy Sloths and Criminals of all Kinds, when they are all Able to Support themselves by one Means or another, even if they have to Learn how to Grow and Preserve their own Foods and Drinks, which is Actually a very Pleasant Job when Compared with Sitting in some Filthy Boring Prison, or Lying on a Sanitized Hospital Bed beCause of Committing Dietary Sins. Indeed, Jesus Christ would not Govern the World as it now is, if he were in Charge of it; and neither would any other Righteous Person. Therefore, it is now Time to Discover the WHOLE Truth, whatever it might be, and then Exercise our DUMBmocracy, and VOTE for a Righteous King or Queen to Govern our own Beautiful Planned City States, and to Enforce the Laws and Rules that we, the People, Vote for! Yes, each Intelligent Group of Wise People can now Join one of Seven Great Swangkee Armies of WORKING Soldiers, and be Paid $wangkee Wages for Helping to Build Proper Houses in Secure Planned Cities, which have NO LOANS, NO INTEREST, NO USURY, and NO TAXES! Sounds Impossible, huh? Well, if it were not Possible and most Practical, I would not even Suggest it. Moreover, I Suggest that we, the Humble People of ALL Nations, Confess ALL of our Sins, and Forgive ALL of our Debtors, and Proclaim a Great YEAR of JUBILEE, wherein all Debts are Forgiven, and the Land with all of its Mountains of Rocks, Sand, Gravel, Topsoil, Minerals, Water, and whatever is Divided among ALL of the People, Worldwide, in such a Way as to make ALL People Moderately RICH by their Labors, alone, by the Use of Special Solar-powered Tools, Natural Gas-powered Heavy Equipment, and whatever is Required to bring about Worldwide Law, Order, Obedience, Peace, and True Prosperity! Yes, it is now Time to VOTE for The GOAT! That is, our Scapegoat — even the one whom we can all Blame for whatever goes WRong after we put him in Command of a New RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint: beCause of the Impossibility of each Person Accepting his or her own Responsibilities for his or her own Good Health, Financial Wealth, and Pursuit of Happiness. 

Sincerely, Ray Walter Swangkee