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"Remember that every House of Love is Built on a Solid Foundation of Divine Truths; and, without Truths, there is no True Love. Indeed, Truth is the Glue that Holds us Together, which Explains WHY most People are not very well Glued to Politicians, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Bankers, nor other 'Officials' with Masters Degrees in Mental Rapeology, who are Basically just LIARS, Deceivers, Tricksters, and HYPOCRITES!" 

— Ray Walter Swangkee

Sandra Hipolito Garcia versus Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)


[The Badge of Real Courage! You can barely read "ICE" within the dark color at the top of the badge, just under the Golden Eagle, as well as "SPECIAL AGENT" at the bottom of it. The 11 Stars do not Symbolize the Ten Commandments, plus one: "You shall Love the Aliens as much as you Love yourselves," which is also a Commandment of God; but, the Eagles / Vultures on the badge do Symbolize something, which you will no doubt Discover below. Remember that the Greatest Threat to American Homeland Security is SATAN, the Great Deceiver, Propagandist Liar, Thief, Robber, Murderer, and General Outlaw, who often Appears like an Innocent Lamb; but, who Speaks like a Snake, Dragon, or Hydro-headed Monster. "You shall Know them by their Fruits," as Jesus said, which are their Words and Works.]

Sandra Hipolito (pronounced HEE-pol-ee-TOO) Garcia (Born in Mexico, in June of 1978) is the Wife of Juvenal (pronounced HQ-ven-al) Garcia (Born December 9, 1978), and the Mother of 2 Beautiful Innocent All-American Children, one of whom is a Straight Grade "A" Student, called Jennifer (Born August 27, 2001) and the other is Bryan (Born February 2, 2007) — Born in the "Blest Land of Golden Opportunities," whose Statue of Liberty Boldly and Compassionately Opens her Arms of Love to a World of Poor Deprived Souls — is Rightly Accused of Forging someone's Name on an Application for a Job in a Chicken Plant, which Slaughters upwards of 300,000 Chickens per Day, more or less; but, probably more: beCause of being under Constant Capitalist Pressure to PRODUCE, or else Fail like Bernie Madoff, Incorporated! (All ye Rise and be Seated, saith the Bailiff!) In Fact, she is one of hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of so-called "Illegal Aliens" from Mexico, who have Worked in that Chicken Plant during the past 20 Years, who were only Trying to Raise their Standard of Living; but, not in a "Legal Way," says the Low Court of Supreme Injustices, in the District of Criminals, in Washington, which does not Treat all "Illegal Aliens" just alike, or else there would now be some 20 to 30 million Mexicans and other Foreigners in American Prisons with Sandra and Associates! Indeed, it is Physically Possible to Arrest ALL "Illegal Aliens" by Means of the United States Army and the Police Departments, or Special Gestapo Agents of ICE, IF that were the Goal of the Federal Government; but, it is Obviously NOT their Goal, and Certainly not the Goal of LOCAL Governments: beCause their Economies DEPEND on People like Sandra and her Honest and Reliable Husband, Juvenal, who Faithfully Pay their Taxes, which are Automatically Removed from their Paychecks. In Fact, within another 3 Years, Sandra and Juvenal will have Paid more than 80,000$ in TAXES, as in Federal Income Taxes, Social Security Taxes, State Taxes, and Medical Taxes, just within 10 Years — not to Mention all of the other Taxes, such as Electric Bill Taxes, Telephone Taxes, Grocery Taxes, Gas Taxes, Automobile Taxes, Insurance Taxes, Property Taxes, Sales Taxes, and all Kinds of Hidden Taxes! [They Lost their House, which they had Paid 20,000+$ on during 7 Years.] Therefore, if they Worked for 40 Years, and Paid Taxes at that Rate, it would Amount to more than 320,000$ just for the Federal and State Government's Taxes, and perhaps half that much more for those other Sneaky Taxes, which most People just Ignore, while not Realizing that all of those Little Tax Bites, which are taken off of the Near Corpse of Capitalism, add up to a lot of Money on the Government Dinner Plates, while the Tax Slaves are put through the Government Meat Grinder, if you know what I Mean!

Now, that would not be so Bad if they could Collect some Social Security Payments during the Future, when they get Old and Helpless, as almost all Slaves do, who have been Overworked and Underpaid; but, as with ALL "Illegal Aliens," they will never Collect even a DIME of their Social Insecurity Taxes, as Normal Americans should: beCause they are NOT Normal Human Beings, according to the Prejudiced Federal Government, which is Obviously taking Advantage of all such Poor People, even if they do not Know it, being Ignorant of God's Justice. However, I Submit that they not only Know it; but, that they Encourage it, since those 20 to 30 million "Illegal Aliens" just Happen to be Paying the Federal BILLS, Covering the Cost of Social Security Payments, for Example. After all, if 2 People can Pay as much as 320,000$ during 40 Years of Slave Labor at little more than Minimum Wages, then we can just Imagine how much Money that would be, when Multiplied by just ONE million! Yes, that would be about 320,000,000,000$, TIMES 10 million "Illegal Aliens," EQUALS about 3,200,000,000,000$, or DOUBLE that much for 20 million "Illegal Aliens," which is about 6 TRILLION 400 BILLION Dollars, or enough Money to Clothe the entire Naked Earth with one-dollar Paper Bills, Sewn Together with the same Thread and Needle that Adam and Eve used when making their False Clothing with Fig Leaves, in order to Cover Up the Nakedness of their Shame for Disobeying the Divine Laws of the Master Farmer! In other Words, those 20 to 30 million "Illegal Aliens" will Generate some 6 to 20 Trillion Dollars in Federal and State TAXES during the next 40 Years, disregarding Inflation and Higher Taxes, from which they will get almost nothing in Return, Personally, except the Great Satisfaction of being so PROUD to be on this Side of the Border that Separates them from Peace of Mind for being LEGAL in a World that God Claims to OWN, if you can Believe it, which has NO Borders in his Mind: beCause, "he Owns the Cattle on thousands upon thousands of Hills," and "Sends Rain on the Just and on the Unjust," as it is Written in Gold Lettering for Remembrance in the Hearts of True Christians, who Know where their Blessings come from — not from Washington's Little White BACKHOUSE, which Stinks with Odious Political Donkey Dung and Ancient Elephant Droppings from the Top to the Bottom, which has those 2 Stinking Holes for the Dimwitcrats and Reprobates to Squat on, which Stinks to the Highest Heaven with Federal SINS, Hypocrisies, and LIES! For Example, the most Addictive and Offensive Drug, called Tobacco, is still LEGAL, while other far less Addictive and Offensive Weeds are NOT Legal, for which Falsely Accused so-called "Criminals" are now Imprisoned for Using and Selling such Drugs, while an Average of some 400,000 Americans DIE per Year from Lung Cancers and Tobacco-related Diseases, which is OK with the Low Court of Supreme Injustices and the Divided States CONgress-sheeple and the United States SINators: beCause they get to Reap their Bountiful Harvest of Taxes by Collecting them from the Fields of the Devil concerning all such Filthy Smoking Bad Habits, which Delights both God and Man in their Perverted Viewpoints; but, not I, says the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge, King's Mountain, Kentucky, who Rests himself on a Branch of the Tree of Life by the River of Joy, Patiently Waiting for the Supreme Court to come to its Right Senses with the Prodigal Son, and Confess that this Pig Sty of Political Lies is Unbearable, and that it is now High Time to RETURN to the Divine Laws of our Heavenly Father, and CONFESS our Unworthiness to Inherit his Holy Kingdom! Yes, the only Way Out of the Prison of Lies and Sins is to Pass Through the Doorway of Confession, whereby one Confesses the WHOLE Truth. 

Therefore, your Most Honorable Master Judge-it Right, I Submit that such Taxes are Sufficient Punishments for all so-called "Illegal Aliens," in spite of the Fact that our Bibles state that we are Supposed to "Love the Aliens as ourselves," and "Love the Stranger who is within your Borders: beCause you were once Strangers in the Land of Egypt, who Served with Rigor, who can Relate with all Aliens." — The New Magnified Version (NMV). In other Words, as Professing "Christians," we should Choose to Love and Obey the Inspired Words of the Living God, lest we become Cursed for our Multitude of Sins — one of which is Cruelly Mistreating our Tax Servants and Usury Servants, which is Punishable by 40 Years at Hard Labor in a Foreign Prison Camp, under the Dictatorship of a Cruel Master: beCause of Reaping what we have Sown! Therefore, this Cruelty must CEASE, and JUSTICE must Prevail, lest the Anger and Wrath of Almighty God should be Released on such a WICKED Anti-Christ Nation of Evildoers as THIS, which Disregards the COMMANDMENTS of Almighty God, as if he did not Control the Wind and Rain! (See: What will you Do when the Rain STOPS??)

Yes, I Know that the Legalists have their Reasonable Arguments for all of their Cruelties; but, no such Arguments will Hold Up during the Great Day of God's Judgment, when every Knee will Bow, and every Tongue will have to Confess that God is Right: beCause each and any of us could have just as easily been Born in Mexico, in a State of Poverty, with Old Used Rags for Clothing, with Bare Feet, and a Dirt Floor in a Mud Hut, even as Juvenal was Raised for 15 Years. Indeed, it is still not beyond the Ability of God to get his Justice, by Arranging for such Births of such Evil Spirits, who might Need Humiliation, in Order to Learn Certain Good Lessons from the Highest School of Superior Learning, and from the Supreme Court of God's JUSTICE! Yes, you may Laugh, and you may Mock, Today, O Mockingbird; but, behold, that Long Night of Cold-hearted Darkness is Coming Quickly, O Hardhearted Rebels, and the Angel of Death is now at the Door of America, which is already Financially Collapsing, and is likely to SINK with the Titanic into the Bottom of the Ocean of Forgetfulness, after Running into God's Iceberg in the Darkness of Ignorance! Yes, we are now more than 50 TRILLION Dollars in Obligatory Debts, which the Great Great Grandchildren are Forced to Pay Off, or else Face the Consequences, with even Greater Debts, if such is Possible. Therefore, it is with Great PLEASURE that I Announce a NEW and BETTER Master Plan, which is to FORGIVE ALL DEBTS, WORLDWIDE, and Begin with a Brand New MASTER PLAN for Worldwide Law, Order, Obedience, Peace, and True Prosperity!

Yes, I Propose that we Establish a New RIGHTEOUS One-World Government, which has Equal Wages for Equal Services for ALL People. (See: 101 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Establishing a New Righteous One-World Government!, HOW to ESTABLISH a New RIGHTEOUS One-World Government without Going to WAR!, and: A List of $wangkee Wages!) Otherwise, there will always be this same Injustice and Tax Slavery. [See: Before Anyone Votes for a MORON, he or she Should Study the New MAGNIFIED Version of the Book of MORMON!]

However, if that is Beyond the Reach of this Federal Government, to have Love and Compassion for the Masses of People in this World of Woes, then I Submit that it would be Perfectly Fair for all other Nations of Wise People to GANG UP on the Divided States of United Lies, and make the Capital Dunghill of the World into a Dumping Grounds for all Atomic Abominations! Yes, that should be the Fate of the Wicked Anti-Christ FALSE Cover-up Government that Rejects the Plain and Simple TRUTH — that all People were Created with EQUAL RIGHTS of Freedom, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, According to the Will of God, who HATES Slavery and Cruelties, who DESPISES Bad Governments, and who will Reward Injustice with a Double Portion of his Divine Justice. Yes, "How much she has Lived in Luxury and Pleasures, so much Torment and Sorrow shall be Given to her Double." (See the NMV of Revelation 17—20.) Therefore, "it is a Fearful Thing to Fall into the Hands of the Living God!" — as the Apostle Paul Warned! Indeed, it is now Time to Change our Ways of Living, and do what is Right for EVERYONE: beCause it is not Justice for 2 Billion Poor People to Earn less Money per Year than Bill Computer Software Gates does, alone! In Fact, there are more than 4 Billion People in this World of Woes, who Earn less than 10$ per Day, and 2 Billion of those Earn less than 2$ per Day! Therefore, how Long shall this Injustice Continue??

I Submit your Most Honorable Mr. Judge-it Right, that we Forgive Sandra of her Forgery, and Swear-in her and all other Model Law-abiding Citizens of Foreign Countries as AMERICANS: beCause they have the Spirit of True Americans, who are Honest Hardworking Tax Servants and Interest Servants and Voluntary Working Servants of a Present EVIL Empire, who Deserve the "Right Hand of Fellowship," even as the Bible states: beCause it is JUSTICE for ALL. After all, Sandra did not get Arrested for Committing some Crime, like Stealing, Bank Robbing, Raping, Selling Drugs, nor Murdering; but, only for Forging a Name, which even the President of the United States of America is Accused of Doing! (See: http://defendourfreedoms.us/2009/03/14/i-did-it.aspx) Indeed, she has not been Accused of Spying, Kidnapping, Drug Dealing, Transporting Weapons across the Border, nor Assassinating Judges and Lawyers; but, only of Seeking to Raise her Standard of Living in the only Way that she knows HOW, which any Desperate Person might do, including MYSELF! And I am the Author of more than 300 Inspired Books and Booklets, most of which are Number 1 on most Internet Search Engines! Therefore, anyone can be Driven to do Desperate Things, and Especially during Hard Times like these, when the Minimum Wages BARELY Cover the BILLS! Therefore, Knowing that the Heart and Core of ALL Religions is LOVE and COMPASSION, let us Exercise our Faith in God, and have Mercy on the Poor People of this World, Knowing that if we do have Mercy, God will also have Mercy on US!

Sincerely, Ray Walter Swangkee

PS — I Strongly Suggest that the American Supreme Court Rewards Sandra DOUBLE her Normal Paycheck for the Time that she has been Forced to Waste in Jail and Court Rooms, and also Pay for all of her other Expenses in this Case, plus the Expenses of her Husband and Children and Lawyers, including myself, to Visit the Little White BACKHOUSE in the District of Criminals, in Washington, in Order to Testify in Favor of Joseph and Mary getting Jobs in Egypt without Passports, Visas, Green Cards, and "all such Truck," as Mark Twain would say, in Order to Support the Baby Jesus, who was another "Illegal Alien," of course, which Babies have even Separated by some Low Courts from their own Parents, by Sending the Parents back to Mexico, and putting the Man-made Orphans into Strange Places, where their Hearts are Broken and their Tears Pour Out like ours will when we are taken Captive into some Strange Land, where so-called "Justice" will be Served once again. Yes, the Supreme Court of True Justice should Offer the Sacrifice of a Sincere Apology to ALL-American Model Aliens who have been Good Citizens of this Blest Country, who have Slaved Away their Lives almost in Vain. Otherwise, I Pray to Almighty God that the Rain will STOP on the Land of the Spiritual Cowards and Home of the Tax Slaves, just after I Finish Building my Big Cistern, and get it Filled with Fresh Pure Spring Water, which has been Contaminated from the Runoff that came from 4 of those Large Capitalist HOG SHEDS, right next door to us, which were Legally Built without our Permission while we were on a Swangkee Vacation down in Hell, where we were Attempting to Rescue the Deceived Children of Pride and Vanity from the Bottomless Pit of Massive Confusion! No, they did not Repent, just as it is Written in the Book of Revelation! Therefore, we can Expect them to be Gnashing their Gums with Great Regrets when the Rain Stops, and they are Drinking their own Piss and Eating their own Dung: beCause of Thirst and Hunger, which, of course, they will Blame on some False Political Party; but, not where the Blame Belongs in the Low Court of Supreme Injustices, which could make a BIG DEAL out of this Case, and CHANGE the Federal Laws, and Do what I have Suggested in my Inspired Booklet, called: A Reasonable Solution for the IMMIGRATION PROBLEM!

PPS — If I have to Write an UPDATE to this Blog, telling about some Heartbreaking Story about Baby Bryan and Sweet little Jennifer being Torn Away from their Parents, and the Parents Sent back Home to their State of Poverty, I Fully Intend to do something far more Radical and EXPLOSIVE than Write an Entertaining and Truthful Story about Injustices. BE WARNED, O Hypocrites: beCause God is far Above Average Intelligence, and he will Help me to get it Done, Correctly! Amen.

PPPS — As of this Date, Sandra can be let Out of Jail on a $30,000 Bond, if anyone is Interested: beCause she is in the Tender Loving Care of ICE / U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, for which I have some New Unutterable Names for their Abbreviations, lest I should end up in the Prison Cell right next door to Sandra's. However, beCause of Federal "Laws," Sandra will have to be Deported in the Name of Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for ALL of those Poor Huddled Masses, Yearning to be Free, as it Proclaims on the Statue of Liberty! Indeed, it makes me LOVE those Anti-american Terrorists more and more. [See: Why do Terrorists HATE US??] Yes, I am now Turning Against the Divided States of United Lies! May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up their Noses! May the Elephants Step on their Toes, and may they be Bombed Off of the Earth, if they do not Repent!

UPDATE: The entire Garcia Family has finally Escaped to Mexico, in spite of all of the Trauma, and have found Good Jobs, working with ME! Kiss Off, O Lying Hypocrites, who Profess to be "Christians," who Act more like Saint Joseph Stalin, than Christ! Jennifer still Suffers from the Trauma, which Greatly Effected her Grades in School, and set her Back by Years, since she has basically Lost her Ability to Concentrate on anything: because of being Distracted by the Trauma of ICE; and Bryan is still Afraid to go to Bed alone, even Years later, after Crying himself to Sleep each Night for 6 Months, Begging for his Mother, while she was Missing, who woke up each "Mourning" with big Tear in his Eyes, saying: "Whe... where is my Mommy? ... Daddy, whe... where is my Mommy?" He also Suffers from other Mental Ailments, besides Stuttering, which he did not used to do. His entire Life will no doubt be Negatively Effected by it — Thanks to ICE. However, the Blame is on Dr. Obama has been Osama in Disguise, who has Needlessly Terrorized X-amount of Mexicans and many other Aliens, who only Want to Earn an Honest Living at Home, in their own Homelands, which is quite Possible, and most Practical. Indeed, I tell HOW, WHY, WHEN, and WHERE. [See: A New Solution for the Immigration Problem!]

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