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The Panama Deception

I just Finished Watching a LINK-TV Documentary Program, called: "The PANAMA DECEPTION," which Exposes Uncle Sam's Bloody Underwear in the Light of Truth. I Strongly Recommend that all True Americans also Watch that Program, which can be Obtained on DVD by calling 1-(919) 928-0382; or, you can Visit their Website at: www.EmpowermentProject.org

LINK-TV also has many other Revealing Documentaries, which Expose Uncle Sam's Bloody Underwear in Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, India, Central America, South America, Africa, and wherever, if anyone is Interested in Learning the WHOLE TRUTH about the Divided States of United Lies! It Pays to be Informed, so that when you are Imprisoned you can Enlighten the Minds of the Inmates, so that they can have a Justified Reason for Hating such a WICKED Moneymonger Cover-up Government, which should be brought to Trial for all such High Crimes. Moreover, anyone who would Attempt to Justify such an Anti-Christ False Government should be the next Victim of their Cruelties, just to Learn that it is WRong: beCause such a Person is a Partaker of the Sins of that Satanic Government.

Since the American Invasion of Panama, and the Mass Murder of thousands of Innocent Civilians over there, there have been more than a dozen American-made Mass Graves Discovered, along with the Testimonies of hundreds of Panamanians, many of whom had their Houses set on Fire by Americans, among other Cruelties too Numerous to List here, and certainly too Numerous to Document within a 1.5 Hour Program. Nevertheless, Empowerment Project did a Good Job of making their Documentary Program on Panama, which I am Sure will be brought to Light during the Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court HEARING, along with many other Documentary Programs. Indeed, one of the more Interesting Things that we can Learn from that Panama Deception is the Fact that the Drug Trade has DOUBLED since Panama was "Democratized," and "Liberated" from the "Wicked General Dictator Noriega," who was once a Good Friend of Former President George H.W. Bush, who Doubled Noriega's Wages: beCause Noriega Worked for the All-American CIA! In Fact, you might Remember that something similar Happened in Afghanistan, whereby Americans also Supposedly "Liberated" those People from the "Wicked Talaban," which had almost Wiped Out the Poppy Business in Afghanistan; but, that Poppy Business has now Grown by more than 2000%! So, you may Judge for yourself WHO is more Righteous — the Talaban, or the Divided States of United Lies?? My Guess is that God will be taking the Side of the Talaban during his Great Day of Profound Judgment. What do you Think?

Sincerely, Ray Walter Swangkee