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“Believe it or not, this World is set up in an Order, in Order to get as much of your Money as Possible.” source

— Ray Walter Swangkee

The Best Place for God to HIDE OUT!

You might have Noticed that God seldom if ever Speaks, in Person, to anyone; and, even when he did Speak, it was not in English, nor in any other Modern-day Language: beCause that might Simplify Things far too much. However, the Greater Point that I would like to make is the Fact that God is HIDING OUT, somewhere; but, who Knows WHERE?

Well, Believe it or not, the Bible Reveals where he is Hiding Out, which is called: "The Secret Place of the Most High God." Therefore, being Top Secret, it is Unlikely that the Reverend Good Pastor has any Idea WHERE that Secret Place IS, let alone the Irreverent Snake and the Irreverent LOUDMOUTH Slothgut Windbag Hole-in-his-Head: beCause the Holy Spirit would have to Reveal it to them, and they are not Worthy of that. No, they are not Worthy to Learn any Number of Top Secret Bits of Divine Nolij: beCause they are not Lovers of Truth and Wisdom. In Fact, only the "True Sheep of the Good Shepherd" are Worthy to Know where God is Hiding Out; and it is Unlikely that they will Reveal it to Sinners like US. However, if you Ask those Professing "Christians" where the City of God IS, they will tell you that "God does not Live in Temples that are made with Hands," or that "he Lives everywhere," or that "he Lives in Heaven," or that "he Lives within the Hearts of Believers," or that "nobody knows where God Lives." 

Nevertheless, what does the Bible have to say about it? Can we still Build a Tower of Babel that reaches up to Heaven, to the Throne of God? What a Foolish Thought, since it is True that God Lives EVERYWHERE! Therefore, whether or not you Fly to the Moon, or Dig a Hole in the Ground 5 miles deep, God is there. Indeed, we cannot get Away from him; but, he can get Away from US! In Fact, the Worst Thing that can Happen to any Human Being is to be Separated from God for all of Eternity, when God says: "Depart from me, you Workers of Lawlessness: beCause you have never Known me." Yes, he has Known US; but, we have Obviously never Known HIM! Otherwise, we would Know WHERE he Lives; and I can Assure you that he does NOT Live within Unclean Temples, nor within Unholy Bodies: beCause he is HOLY, which Means that he is PURE in All Ways, being the Perfect Man, who Created Mankind in his own Image, According to Genesis. Indeed, he has been Multiplying his own Family, even though you would not Know it by Looking around you: beCause you cannot See any little Gods and Goddesses, unless you Look at the little Children, who might Retain SOME of the Innocence and Purity of God; but, Certainly NOT his Glory: beCause he is as Bright as the Sunstar, and as Mysterious as Water and Topsoil.

For Example, the Water might Appear to be Pure, when it is Actually Loaded with Poisonous Chemicals and Toxic Microscopic Elements like Mercury and Lead, which can Cause Brain Damage and all Kinds of Ailments, including Insanity. Therefore, you might Imagine that you are Drinking Pure Water, when you are Actually Drinking Poisons, and do not even Know it. Likewise, you might Imagine that you Know God, when in Fact you have only been Deceived by Satan, the Devil: beCause it is Impossible for 400+ False Religions to be Right, since they all Disagree concerning their Doctrines. Therefore, if any one of those Religions is Exactly Right about their Doctrines, then all of the others would have to be WRong! Therefore, what are the Chances of any one Particular Religion being Exactly Right about ALL Doctrines? Moreover, does it Matter to God whether or not any of them are Exactly Right? Will God say, "Depart from me, you Workers of Lawlessness," to ALL Religious People who do not Love and Obey ALL of his Commandments? Will he say, "Depart from me, you Slug Eaters and Shrimp Eaters: beCause those are Unclean Foods, which I do not Eat"? Or, will he say: "Come to me, all of you who Labor and are Heavy Laden with all Kinds of Burdens and the Cares of this Life, and I will Give to you Rest in the Paradise of Happiness with the Saints; but, only if you Ignore all of my Laws and Commandments, which I gave to Moses in Vain, and Nailed them to the Cross with Christ"? 

I Appeal to those People who still have their Right Minds, even as Deceived as they might be by False Religions. Jesus said, "If you Love me, Keep my Commandments, and then I will Love you, and will Come to you, and be with you," which makes Good Sense to any Person who can Think and Remember. After all, would you be the Good Friend of someone who Hated the Truths that you Believe? Of course not! Likewise, we cannot Expect Jesus to Love us, if we do not Love his Commandments, and Love them Enough to OBEY them. Otherwise, our Faith is in Vain: beCause anyone can SAY that they Love God; but, the Person who Loves God Enough to OBEY him is Truly Loving him, even as an Obedient Child Demonstrates his Love for his Parents by Obeying them; whereas the Rebellious Child, who Refuses to Obey his Parents, is Obviously NOT in Love with them. Moreover, if an Employee does not Obey his or her Employer; but, does just the Opposite of what he or she is Asked to Do, is Obviously NOT in Love with his or her Employer or Boss. Therefore, we Employers can MEASURE the Amount of Love that someone has for us by how much they Love and Obey our Commandments, to put it in Biblical Terms. After all, a Hateful Employee, who Refuses to Do what we Ask of him, is NOT a True Friend by any Means, and is likely to get FIRED: beCause no Boss can Tolerate such a Rebellious Person. Therefore, if you Want to be Loved by some Boss, you MUST Obey him, even if you HATE him.

However, there is no Just Cause for Hating God, unless you Falsely Accuse him for your Ailments and Problems, as if he Caused People to Eat ten times more than they Need in Order to Live a Healthy Happy Life! Indeed, we could Blame God for ALL of the World's Woes, if we had a Mind to do so; but, in Reality, we have no one to Blame but OURSELVES, Individually and Collectively: beCause we have brought on ourselves all of our Problems: beCause of Disobeying the Laws and Rules of GOD: beCause of not Loving him as much as we should and could, IF ONLY we had an Inkling of an Idea concerning WHAT it is that God Requires!

Most Professing "Christians" would tell you that God Requires that People WORSHIP him by going to some Church, where they Sing Songs to him, and Praise his Name; but, during the Remainder of the Week they Ignore almost all of his Commandments, and even do the Opposite of what he has Asked of us. For Example, there is probably not one Politician, Congressperson, Senator, nor President on Earth who does not Know that one of the Ten Commandments states: "YOU SHALL NOT STEAL." However, FORCED TAXATION is Government Stealing or Robbing at Gunpoint, you might say, with the Threat of going to Prison if you Fail to Pay their Taxes! Therefore, they are "Legalized" Thieves and Highway Robbers, whereas Moses had only VOLUNTARY Taxes called "TITHES and OFFERINGS." Therefore, IF someone did not Trust their Government to do Good with their Tithes and Offerings, they could simply STOP Contributing to that Wicked Government, which would then have to Change its Ways and Means of Governing, so as to Persuade the Masses of People to Support it, Voluntarily, only. Otherwise, an Individual Person could simply Share the Excess Produce from his or her Garden or Vineyard with those Poor Hungry Widows and Orphans, and God would Bless them for Doing it.

However, during these so-called "Modern Times," the Tax Slaves are Robbed at "Gunpoint," you might say, and have no Choice concerning the Subject, except to simply DROP OUT of Society, and Live in the Subways, Sewer Systems, Under Bridges, or wherever they can Nest with the Birds that Jesus Mentioned in his Sermon on the Mount. Indeed, there are other Options, also, such as Volunteering to be someone's Servant, in Exchange for Food, Clothing, Shelter, and Minimal Comforts on some Lonesome Subsistence Farm, as millions of People now do in Poor Countries. Or, you might even Obtain your own Subsistence Farm, which never makes a Profit that is Worthy to be Reported, which is the Way that I do it: beCause I do not Believe in Supporting an Anti-Christ False Cover-up WICKED Federal Government, whose Slave Master is Satan, himself. Indeed, According to my Religion, almost ALL Governments are Ordained by Satan, the Devil, who Offered those Kingdoms to Jesus Christ when he was Tempted in the Wilderness of Sins. (See Matthew 4 for the Details.) Moreover, According to my Beliefs, the Divided States of United Lies is the CHIEF Beast of the Earth, which is Revealed in the Book of Revelation! Therefore, you should be Wise, and Study it for yourself, since it also Reveals WHERE God is Hiding Out!

Sincerely, Ray Walter Swangkee

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