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The Fool is Terrified at the Sight of Truths, and becomes Self-defensive: because his Traditional Religion or Belief is all that he Understands, and he Fails to Understand that his Traditional Religion or Belief is WRong! 


Does Evil Exist??

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The following letter was sent to me by Steven someone:

Please read Nichomachean ethics, you must not read the whole thing though, you should read an edited version (as it was not written by Aristotle himself, but by a student of his), the version in Reason and Responsibility is very good, I highly recommend this philosophy text book. Evil is not a thing that has real existence, you might assert to me that coldness exists as a real thing, but is it not, it is just the absence of something, the absence of heat. When a mother does not exhibit love towards her infant, you might call the impediment evil, but it is just a lesson misslearned, it is a type of confusion, labeling it evil demonises the person, and helps no-one, it certainly doesnt help identify the cause so that it may be solved. When pyschology is more advanced perhaps this will be more apparent. I have said to you I believe a lot of the bible is alien to me, perhaps the truth is scattered between all religions, the purpose being if everyone would just listen to one another diligently the truth would be quite apparent. Perhaps it was a test of some sort, to see if people could overcome dogma which is really the worst kind of ignorance and learn from those who have the most on {to} offer, who would be people who are most different from them- which is probably why hetrosexuality is most common, we are attracted to a 'different' counterpart, its like a law of nature, or association, hetrogenus societies are the richest, maybe this is another reason why people are attracted to the Polis (or city.)

And here is my Response:

Dear Steven Wonderment,

You have a Great Sense of HUMOR! Hang onto it. Otherwise, with Great Regret, this Conversation could end up in some Trash Can.

First of all, I Firmly Believe in ACCEPTING the Truths that come from ANY Religious / Political / Social / Non-social Creature of any Color, Race, Nationality, Background, Upbringing, or whatever: beCause I Believe that all Truth comes from GOD, which someone might call a Dogma; but, I will Cling to that "Dogma" until I Die: beCause it is the only Thing that makes any Sense. After all, if Truth and Wisdom came from you and I, who could Trust it? Indeed, it can and does come THROUGH People, even like US; but, its Source or Origin is NOT from US, since we are just the Things who were Created, NOT the Creator of those Things. In other Words, People make Chairs and Tables from Wood, and yet no Chair nor Table has any Understanding of US: beCause they have no Brains, since no one put any Brains in them. Likewise, our Creator did not put within us the Ability to Comprehend our Creator, whereby we might Create another Creator, or even Create another Human Being, even as a Chair cannot make a Table, nor is it Necessary for Chairs to make Tables, since they are made by People. That should be Perfectly Clear and Understandable.

Secondly, it is Extremely Obvious that there is a Thing called "DECEPTION," since X-amount of People Believe Obvious LIES, which are ONLY Obvious to those People who Believe what they Perceive to be "The TRUTH." Indeed, there are more than 400 Different Contradictory "Christian" Religions, for Example, not to mention the thousands of Contradictory Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucius Beliefs. So, if any one of those "Christian" Religions were Exactly Correct about ALL of their Doctrines, then ALL of the other Religions would have to be WRong, which, of course, they ARE! Yes, they and all other Phony Religions are WRong to SOME DEGREE, including MINE AND YOURS! It cannot be any other Way: beCause we have all been Raised in an Imperfect Contradictory World, and have been Taught to Believe all Kinds of Foolish Ideas, Philosophies, Doctrines, and even Doctrines of Satan, the Devil, who is that Chief DECEIVER, who has Deceived the People of the entire World, even as he has Deceived you into Imagining that there is NO EVIL! Astounding! Amazing!

How in the World could anyone say that War is GOOD, since it Causes so much Needless Suffering for so many People who have done NO Evil, who are just Babies, Children, and Humble Women? The very Idea that Evil does not Exist borders on Total Insanity, OR it simply comes from someone who has NO Experiences in Life, who has Lived like Aristotle, in an Isolated Peaceful World, where almost all People were Healthy and Happy, by Nature, at a Time when some People Lived for 400 to 500 Years! You could not Expect such a Person to Believe in EVIL, having never SEEN much Evil.

Then there is the Problem of SEPARATING Subjects from one another. For Example, some People might say that PAIN IS EVIL, when, in Fact, Pain is NOT Evil: beCause Pain is simply a WARNING VOICE, telling us that something is WRong, which must be Corrected. Indeed, Pain is a Means by which we can be Saved from something that is Evil; but, it is Certainly NOT an Evil in itself. Therefore, we have to DEFINE what each Word IS, which Helps us to Separate the Good from the Evil, and thus Reduce some of the Massive Confusion in this World of Wonders and Woes.

Pantheon, Rome.jpg

[The Interior of the Pantheon, in Rome. This Building is more than 1,800 Years Old, and still Looking Good. Compare it with your Local Church. The Pantheon has no Need for Heating nor Cooling Bills: because it is Constructed Correctly. The Walls are 17 feet thick. See: 25 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Building Swangkee Stone Domehomes!]

EVIL is something that should be Hated by all Wise People, while GOOD is something that should be Loved by all Wise People. Therefore, it is Permissible for Foolish People to Love Evil, and to Hate Good: beCause that Way they might LEARN their Lessons. Otherwise, they might Remain in the Darkness of Ignorance Forever! The Wise Person has the Ability to JUDGE all such Matters or Subjects, and come to a Rational Conclusion, while the Ignorant Proud Foolish Person has a LACK of Good Judgment, being Far Removed from the Gifts of that God / Creator who Blesses his Obedient Children with Good Gifts, just for Saying and Doing GOOD THINGS. Yes, one must Learn the Laws and Rules of that Creator, in Order to Practice those Laws and Rules, in Order to Receive the GIFTS of Wisdom, Truth, True Knowledge, Good Judgment, and ALL that is Good. Therefore, when someone like me does Learn all such Laws and Rules, and then Loves and Obeys them, he is Blest with many Good Gifts; while the Lazy Mindless Idiot, who Refuses to Learn all of God's Laws and Rules, and Despises Obedience to all such Laws and Rules, becomes Cursed with Evil Gifts, which he or she might Interpret to be GOOD — such as Inventing Atomic Bombs, and Dropping them on entire Cities in the Name of Freedom, Liberty, or Justice for ALL — but, that does not make such Evil Deeds GOOD. No, Evil is still Evil, no matter how you Interpret or Misinterpret it: beCause it is GOD who Decides what is Evil, NOT you nor I, since you and I did not Create ANYTHING! Indeed, we have no RIGHT to Determine what is Good and Evil, and then Label it, since we did not Make anything, let alone the ETERNAL Laws of Life and Death, of Judgment, of Reincarnation, and of ALL that is Good and Evil in the Eyes of God. Therefore, it is PRESUMPTUOUS for ME or YOU to ASSUME what is Good or Evil, since we did not Create such Things, nor provide the Way for their Existence, which was all in the Control of the one whom we call God, who MUST Exist, and who must do the Labeling and Naming of Good and Evil. Otherwise, if God did not Exist, there would be no Creation of anything: beCause it is Impossible to have a House without a House Builder, or to have a Creation without a Creator, or to have a Law without a Lawmaker.

So, who Created the Natural and Divine Laws that are Self-evident? NOT ME! NOT YOU! We Plead Innocence! We are not Guilty of Creating anything; BUT, we do have the Power to INVENT all Kinds of EVIL Things, like Poisonous Chemicals, Harmful Pesticides, Atomic Abominations, Polluting Automobiles, and TRASH! Yes, we have the Power to Destroy ourselves: beCause that Power was Granted to us by our Creator, who also Gave to us the Power to Invent GOOD Things, like Swangkee Fortresses, which would Solve more than 5,000 Massive Problems! However, the Insane People are not Interested in Solving anything that might Destroy their Selfish Greedy INCOME: beCause they are in Love with MONEY! Yes, they are Lusting after more and more Money, as if they could Buy Good Health and True Happiness, which God does not have for Sale! However, almost all Wild Animals get to Enjoy his Good Health and True Happiness, who have no use for Medicines, who use no Drugs, who do not Suffer with Divorces, Suicides, Headaches, Legaches, Courtroom Procedures, Imprisonments, nor any of the EVILS that Unwise People put themselves through, who are GREATLY Deceived, who have Completely MISjudged the Master Plan of the Master Farmer, who are Lost in the Darkness of Ignorance, who do not even Know the CURE for the Common Cold, let alone the Way to Prevent the FLU or Influenza: beCause the WHOLE Truth is not Taught in the School of Fools, nor even in the Universal College of Inferior knowledge, which does not even Capitalize such Important Words as Light, Love, Knowledge, Truth, Wisdom, Freedom, nor Justice: beCause they do not Understand that all such Things are much more Important than ray walter swangkee, ford motors, and general electric. Therefore, they have their Priorities UPSIDE DOWN! Indeed, some of them do not even Capitalize GOD and SATAN: beCause they do not Realize what POWERS Control this World, and how it could be made into a Paradise for everyone, or into a Living Hell, as it now is for most People, who Needlessly Suffer with all Kinds of Ailments and Problems, who have Wasted TRILLIONS of dollars on their Foolishness, and are still Poor, Wretched, and Miserable, just as it reads in the Book of Revelation. What a Pitiful Sad Story to tell, and all beCause People do not Want to AGREE with GOD, whose Voice they have never Heard, whose Laws and Rules they have never Studied nor Obeyed, whether or not they are Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, nor whatever — they are ALL Lost and Confused, Wandering Around and Around in the Darkness of Ignorance in some seemingly Bottomless Pit of CONFUSION!

Therefore, what is to be Done for all such Foolish People whose Right Hands do not Know what their Left Hands are doing? Can they be Saved from their Madness? Can they Face Reality? Can they Confess that there is both Good and Evil, and that they have generally Chosen the Selfish Greedy EVIL Way to Live, as Opposed to Choosing the Way of God, which is to Love our Neighbors as much as we Love ourselves, and to Do unto others as we would have others Do unto us — in short, to LOVE ALL THAT IS GOOD, and to Seek All that is Good, which is to Seek GOD; but, to Discover what is Actually Good According to GOD'S Viewpoint, and not that of Ford Motors: beCause, what is Good for Ford Motors is Obviously NOT Good for the Good Earth, which has a very Delicate Fragile Interconnected Interdependent System of Things, which can be Broken by People, who then must Pay the Price for it. Indeed, they are Against each other, being Opposed to each other: beCause God did not Intend for People to Live like Greedy Selfish FOOLS. It is also Contrary to Nature, and Destructive to the Earth, which alone should Teach to us that it is EVIL: beCause, if we keep Pursuing it, it will Completely DESTROY US! And when it does that, will you then Confess that there IS Good and Evil, O Steven Wonderment?

Sincerely, Ray Walter Swangkee