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“Madame, you are doing something WRONG. Therefore, WAKE YOURSELF UP, and pay Strict Attention to your own Body, lest you end up in the Sanitized Slaughterhouse, getting your Precious Million-dollar Organs Removed by Means of 10 cent Razor Blades, so to speak. Yes, WAKE YOURSELF UP, and come to your Right Senses: because you are in PAIN for a GOOD REASON, which is NOT the Lack of some Poisonous Pill, Shot of Puss, nor Operation by the Doctor Knife; but, it is the LACK of Obedience to Certain Divine and Natural Dietary LAWS.” source

How to Succeed in a Capitalist Business from a Christian Perspective!

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How to Succeed in Business, even if you do not have ALL of your Marbles!
The Most Successful Capitalist Business from a Christian Perspective!

Hundreds of millions of Self-deceived People have gotten into Businesses during the past several thousand Years, and almost all of them have gone Out of Business, with the Exceptions of a few Craftsmen and Farmers who have Inherited Olive Groves, Vineyards, Wineries, and Related Age-old Businesses, which are passed down from Generation to Generation: beCause of their Goodness or Usefulness, which are still in Great Demand. Indeed, there will always be a Demand for Good Foods and Superior Drinks, for Example, even as there is for Good Houses and Fine Furniture. However, we cannot all become Good Farmers, nor Skilled Craftsmen, let alone become the President of the United States of America, even as Wishful as that Idea might be; nor should we Want to become like X-amount of near-Criminals in Businesses that should be Outlawed: beCause of the Poisons and Lies that they Sell to Ignorant Fools; but, that is not to say that we cannot all get into Good Businesses with Good Consciences: because that is Possible, and this Inspired Book Reveals HOW to Succeed in Business as a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or whatever your Religion is, without Preaching any Lies, and without Selling any Trash!


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01. Ceramic Images, with Explanation

01. Ceramic Images, with Explanation

 This Gallery will give to you just a Sample of what can be Done with Clay, Paint, Salt, and Heat.

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"O my Son, before you get into any Business, you should ask yourself if your Words and Works in that Business will be called 'Good or Evil Words and Works' during the Day of God's Judgment, wherein everyone will give an Account of their Words and Works: because there is no other Way that we can be Fairly Judged."

"O my Daughter, a big Business is like having Servants, like Workhorses and Sheep, who must be Cared for, which Requires Constant Attention, whereby there is little or no Rest for you, once you get Started in such a Business, which may be Profitable, and will Hopefully be very Profitable; but, like all Businesses, there will be Great Prices to Pay for it in Terms of Bills, Debts, Stress, Worries, Fears, and mostly Difficult Work! Therefore, keep it Simple, Manageable, and Pleasant." — Proverbs of the Peacock