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How GOOD is the Single-Payer Health Care Plan??

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By now most Americans have probably at least Heard about the "Single-Payer Health-Care Plan," which Proposes that all Americans should be "Covered" by a "Universal Plan," or a "National Health-Care Frying Pan," as one little Boy called it, which others call a "Socialist Health-Care Plan, which Robs the Rich People in Order to Support the Poor People," as Opposed to the Present Plan, which is basically an Insurance-based Plan, whereby Wealthier People can Afford it, while Poor People must Suffer without any Care: beCause they cannot Afford the High-priced Insurance. So, ...

Just Exactly what IS the Single-Payer Plan?

Well, it is Actually quite Simple, according to the Proponents of it: because, in their Viewpoint, everyone should be Taxed According to their Incomes, being somewhat like Social Insecurity Taxes, and the Federal Government should Cover all of the Health-care Costs, and thus Bypass all Insurance Agencies, who are now Robbing their "Clients" of several hundred billion Dollars per Year, while not even "Covering" ALL of the Costs for their Clients' Health Care — not even with a Frying Pan, nor with a Blanket: beCause the Patient so-called "Patient" is still Stark Naked when it comes to Actual Health Care! In other words, the Insurance Agencies are Related to the Wall Street Bankers and AIG (American Insurance Group), which the Federal Government had to Bailout at the Expense of the Tax Slaves, for "only" a couple TRILLION Dollars, which those Bankers "Promise" to Repay: because they can Raise their Interest Rates on Credit Card Loans, and whatever else. Therefore, the People who Propose the "Single-payer Health-care Plan" say that such Money should have been Spent on Health Care, and not on Bailing Out Rich Bankers and AIG. However, there is a slight Difference there, since the Rich Bankers at least "Intend" to Repay their Loans, whereas the so-called "Health Care" Scammers have no Intentions of Repaying anything: because the Money that is Spent on so-called "Health Care," is GONE FOREVER! Yes, it is like Flushing Drugs Down a Toilet, never to be Seen again. However, some People would Argue that the Banker Bailouts were also like Flushing Money Down the Drain, which I must Agree with: because the Full Extent of their Corruption has yet to be Exposed, whereby they are still Destined to DIE: beCause of Self-inflicted Trickery, called Derivatives, which is Wall Street Gambling at its Best! (See PBS and LINK-TV for the Details.) 

Nevertheless, we might Ask:

Should the Healthy People be Taxed in Order to Support those who are Sick??

Well, the Deer in the Wilderness have never been Taxed to Support the American Bison, nor have the Bison been Taxed to Support the Wild Mountain Goats; but, the Wolves and Mountain Lions have been Collecting their "Taxes" from those Deer and Bison all along, you might say, even as the Federal Government Foxes have been Stealing Money from the Tax Slaves for many Years, Legally, in spite of the Fact that our Forefathers did not have any Income Taxes, up until 1913: beCause it was considered to be an Unjust System of Taxation: beCause it Destroys any Incentive to Work Hard and Save your Money. Therefore, they Favored Import Taxes and Sales Taxes, the same as I do. Yes, the Sales Tax Plan is far more Reasonable: beCause no one is Forced to Buy a New Car, for Example, if he Wants to Save his Money until he can Afford that Car without Borrowing any Money, if there is no Inflation on that Money: so that a Dollar Today is always Worth a Dollar, which is Represented by something like Silver or Gold, which has Real Value to the Owners of it. However, with Income Taxes, too much of a Tax Slave's Money is taken away from him, so that he cannot Save enough Money for Buying a New Car, which he should be Able to Save within just one Year: because it would only Require a Year or less to put a Car Together, if someone Knew HOW, and had the Correct Tools for doing it, which is where Ford Motors comes in Handy, which has Speeded up the Possibility of Producing many Cars per Person during one Year! Yes, a few thousand People Produce MILLIONS of Cars, Trucks, and Tractors. For Example, an Assembly Line of only 500 Men can Produce as many as 2,000 Cars per Day, Thanks to Automation and Technology! Therefore, the Poor Tax Slave is Forced to Buy a Used Car, which Requires Continual Repairs, whereby he can hardly get Out of his State of Poverty. Likewise, if there were no Income Taxes, he might even Save enough Money for getting himself into some Business, whereby he could become an Income-tax-free Productive Member of Society. However, the Present Plan for all such People is to go to some Friendly Banker, and BORROW whatever Money that he Needs for getting into some Business, and then he must Pay their Interest Rates, which the Bible calls USURY: beCause the Banker is USING him. Meanwhile, there is yet another Evil Thing Creeping Around within the Banker's System, which is called INFLATION, whereby the Dollar Buys less and less each Year: beCause the Money that is Paid on the Interest must be Extracted from the General Economy, from whomever Works for a Living, and from whomever Borrows any Money, and is then Forced to get more Money for Paying the Interest. However, to make it more Understandable, I must Reduce it to an Exaggerated but Simple Formula:

I = OMS – MB x B = BM + UC x YB = T


Inflation equals Original Money Supply ($10,000,000 for Example) minus Money Borrowed ($100,000 for Example) times Borrowers (10 for Example) equals $1,000,000 Borrowed Money plus Usury Collected equals $1,100,000 at 10% Interest Rates times 10 Years of Borrowing equals a Total of $11,000,000, which Exceeds the Original Money Supply by $1,000,000, which is the Usury that Bankers Collect, which Causes the Inflation and Devaluation of the Money: beCause no Money was Printed in Order to Cover the Cost of Usury! Therefore, the Original Money has less and less Value; and, given Enough Time, it will have no Value at all: beCause it will be "Eaten Up" by Usury Bankers, who will most likely be Foreign Bankers who Lend Money to US! 

For Example, the Non-Federal Federal Non-Reserve Reserve Bank Prints up 1,000,000$, and then Loans that Money to Tom, Dick, and/or Harry, who then have to Discover the Interest Money from the Original Pool of Money, which is Collected from Susan, Mary, and/or Jane, who come to Tom's Place of Business in Order to Buy Hamburgers, Pizzas, or whatever. Therefore, the Original Pool of Money, or the General Economy, is thus Robbed of the Interest or Usury Money, which is then Paid to Mr. Friendly Foreign Banker for making the Loan of 1,000,000$. So, let us say that there was only one billion Dollars in the Original Pool of Money, which Susan, Mary, Jane, Tom, Dick, and Harry have to Work with: because that is all of the Money that the so-called "Federal Reserve" Printed and put into the Economy for 100 million People to Use. Therefore, as the Years Fly By, there is more and more Interest or Usury Money WITHDRAWN from the Economy, in Order to Pay those Friendly Foreign Bankers who are Charging Interest or Usury on their Money, which Depletes the Original Supply of Money in the Great False Economy, which Causes the Value of the Dollar to be less and less: beCause it Buys less and less, Thanks to those Friendly Bankers, who are Depleting the Original Supply of Money, even if they are not Foreign Bankers, which can only be Re-supplied by Printing up more Worthless Fiat Money, which has not been Earned by Honest Labor, nor does it have anything of True Value to Represent it, or to Back it up. In other words, Inflation equals Original Money minus Usury Money times however much Money is Borrowed, or: I=OM–UMxMB.

Now, that might seem to be far too Complicated for the Average Person to Understand, even though it is something to Think about: because there is an Evil Thing called INFLATION, which Causes a Devaluation of our Money, whereby it Buys less and less. Therefore, please be Patient with me, while I Attempt to make it even easier to Understand by Way of an Analogy. 

There is a certain Mountain of Rocks, which has some Value as a Natural Resource; but, only beCause those Rocks can be Used for Building Stone Walls, Houses, Warehouses, Churches, Workshops, Sales Shops, Cisterns, and all such Worthy Projects. However, the Mountain of Rocks has no Great Value until it is Transformed into Properly-built Buildings, which are Paint-proof, Rot-proof, Earthquake Resistant, Fireproof, Tornado-proof, Termite-proof, Insurance-proof, and (Hopefully) Tax-proof: because, if you have to Pay for your House, over and over, by Means of Property Taxes, that also Causes INFLATION on the Value of the House: beCause you have to Try to Cover the Costs of those Property Taxes by Withdrawing Money from the Original Supply of Money, which is Limited. However, as is Customary, most Americans do not Build such Well-made Stone Houses: beCause they say that they cannot Afford them. Therefore, they Build or Buy Wooden / Plastic Potential Firetrap Mouse-infested Cockroach Dens, which Require INSURANCE, which also Causes more Inflation on Money: beCause the People who Buy Insurance must Obtain Money from somewhere, just to Pay for such Insurance; and that Money comes from the Original Money Supply, whatever Amount it is, which is always and continually being Depleted, not only by Income Taxes, Property Taxes, and Insurance; but, also by House Fires, Floods, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and whatever might Destroy such almost Worthless Houses. Indeed, the Destruction of all such Property brings Down the Total National Treasure to some Degree, making our National Wealth less than it could be and should be.

For Example, suppose that ALL American Houses in Eastern United States were Suddenly Destroyed by a Great Ice Storm, whereby 2 feet of Solid Ice Accumulated on all Rooftops of all Buildings and Cars and Trucks during just ONE Night, and thus Ruined ALL of them! What a Tragedy that would be, huh? Well, Trust me, it would not Require even 6 inches of Ice all over the Eastern United States, in Order to Totally RUIN the Great False American Economy: beCause not only would most House Roofs Collapse; but, so would most Electric Power Lines, Airplane Wings, Mobile Homes, Cars, Trucks, Trains, Boats, Chicken Houses, Hog Sheds, Factories, Warehouses, Grocery Stores, Shopping Mauls, and anything that is Exposed to the Rain and Ice, which is almost everything. Yes, it would be Horrific, to say the least; and many tens of millions of People would simply Die beCause of it: because even the Hospitals would Collapse, as well as any Means for Rescuing People! Therefore, it would Break our Economy, and Possibly most Necks. However, Disregarding our Vulnerability to all such Disasters: beCause of taking the Low Road, and the Easy Path, there are many other Factors that Cause Inflation, which I will not now get into: because I Want to make a few Special Points.

First of all, the Un-American Unhealthy Health-Care Plan is very Similar to the Housing Plan, which can Self-destruct: because it is not Built on a Solid Bedrock of Provable Truths. In Fact, it is built on the Shifting Sand Dunes of Worldly Philosophies, which I have Proven to be WRong within my Inspired Books. Indeed, no Wild Animal knows anything about Human Diseases, such as Strokes, Heart Attacks, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout, Skin Cancers, Blindness, Deafness, and so on. In Fact, if it were not for People and their Pollution, those Wild Animals could no doubt go on Living for thousands of Years without any Hospitals, Medical Doctors, Medicines, nor any of the other "Medical Care" that is Offered by Human Beings, who are the only Creatures who COOK anything, let alone make an "Art" of it, and Spend BILLIONS of Dollars Annually on EATING and Drinking, while Wild Animals Eat for Free! Therefore, you could say that People are Digging their own Pits to Fall into, whereby some People have gotten themselves into ENORMOUS Problems, whereby they Weigh upwards of 100 to 400 Pounds too much, which Causes all Kinds of other Enormous Problems, such as Diabetes and Heart Attacks! So, a Health-care Plan that does not Solve all such Problems is about like Adding Extra Nails to a Wooden / Plastic House, in Order to make it "Tornado-proof," or "Hurricane Resistant," which is like taking Aspirins for the Prevention of Heart Attacks, when you are Eating ten times too much Greasy Food! Therefore, should the Healthy People be TAXED in Order to Support the Sick Undisciplined People?

A Better Health-Care Plan

Now, I Fully Realize that most Americans are SPOILED Babies, you might say, who are not even Interested in Learning anything about Good Self-discipline, whereby they Exercise their Willpower in Order to DENY themselves of those Foods and Drinks that are no Good for them, and Especially Tobacco Products and Drugs of all Kinds. However, that is the only Reasonable Solution for such an Enormous Problem, since there is no Medical Cure known to Mankind that can Replace a Natural Diet and Good Common Sense, which is now Uncommon, and almost Unheard of: beCause it is not Mentioned in the Public School of Ignorant Fools, nor even in the Universal College of almost Worthless knowledge, which does not even Capitalize such Important Words as Love, Light, Knowledge, Truth, Wisdom, Freedom, nor Justice: beCause they Belittle all such Things, while Glorifying Ford Motors, General Electric, and Pepsi Cola, for Examples. Yes, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence is Worthy of being Capitalized; but, NOT Light and Love, even though nothing would even Exist without Light and Love; and how about Air, Rain, Water, Food, and Clothing? Could you Live without those Important Things? Of course not! But, you could easily Live without Ford Motors and General Electric: because Jesus Christ and Moses did that, and Adam was supposed to have Lived for 930 Years without a Car, Radio, TV, nor any of a billion Unnecessary Inventions of Ignorant Foolish Men, who Vainly Imagined that they could Improve on God's Master Plan, which was a Simple Lifestyle in the Garden of Eden, which was not as Sensual as Life is right now; but, it was Right for Mankind: beCause a Person must be Healthy in Order to Live for nearly a thousand Years, without any Doctor Bills from Doctor Knife, nor even from a Doctor Drug Pusher and Pill Popper, let alone from a Doctor Insanity who "Heals" People by Lobotomies, whereby JFK's own Sister was "Healed" from her Insanity, and spent the Remainder of her Life like a Vegetable! So, Thank God that Lobotomies are a Thing of the Past, along with Medical Blood-letting, which most likely Killed President George Washington. Yes, Medical Science is Advancing by Means of Retrogression, whereby they take 2 Steps Forward, and 4 Steps Backwards. In Fact, Americans are Spending / Wasting TRILLIONS of Dollars per Year, now, on so-called "Medical Care," while they used to Spend only millions! Yes, there is that Inflation once again, which is not only an Inflation on the Money; but, it is also an Inflation of so-called Medical Care, which Costs so much more beCause of those Insurance Companies, which other Nations of Wiser People have simply BYPASSED! Yes, they do Collect some Taxes from whomever has Earned any Money, and it is Used "Wisely" or "Insanely" to Cover the Costs of Drugs and Medical Care, which is Provided "Free," or almost "Free" to whomever is in Need of such Care, such as Mothers giving Birth. Therefore, Canada, for Example, spends less than half as much per Person on so-called "Health Care" than Americans do. However, Canada's Health Care Covers EVERYONE, while 40% or more of Americans have no Coverage at all! Howbeit, I have never Heard of an American, nor a Canadian, who Lives for 930 Years: because we all have a Long Ways to go before we Catch up with Adam and Eve. However, we can read in the Book of Revelation that there will come a Day of Rest when People will Feast on the Sweet Fruits from the Tree of Life Forever, and thus Live Forever on nothing but those Sweet Fruits! Therefore, there is still some Hope for us. Meanwhile, we can be Preparing ourselves for that Blest Time by Means of Fasting, combined with Feasting on Sweet Fruits between Fasts.

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