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Does Insurance Provide Good Health Care??

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Many Foolish Americans Vainly Imagine that if they have Health Care Insurance that they will be Well-Cared for when they get Sick, as if Insurance would make Medical Doctors do what is Right for People, and Explain to them What MAKES People SICK! Indeed, for every EFFECT, there must be a CAUSE; and the Cause for our Sicknesses and Diseases is NOT a Lack of Insurance; but, a Lack of True Knowledge! Yes Jesus Christ said, "You shall Learn the Truth, and the Truth will make you Free when you Practice it." — The New Magnified Version. Therefore, if Medical Doctors Loved US, instead of their own Bank Accounts, they would Explain to People what it is that makes them Sick and Diseased: so that they could AVOID almost all such Sicknesses and Diseases, and thus Avoid almost all Medical Care.

Now, I Fully Realize that Medical Doctors and Drug Companies DEPEND on the Ignorance of the Masses of People, just to stay in Business: beCause it would certainly not be to their Advantage to Enlighten People's Minds concerning Good Health, since they are in the BUSINESS of "Curing" the Victims of CHANCE, Happenstance, Circumstance, ACCIDENT, and "Bad Luck," not to mention those Mysterious GERMS and Viruses, which Plagued Jesus Christ and his Disciples, who Lacked the Correct SHOTS of PUSS in Order to Prevent or Cure their Ailments! Yes, you can read about that in Claptrap 29:2009 of the Latest "Biblical" Government Health Care Plan! Indeed, the entire Latest Plan makes no Mention of FASTING for Curing anything, even though that is Nature's ONE and ONLY Sure Cure. In Fact, if your own Body Fails to Heal itself, you are Destined to DIE: beCause no Amount of MediSINZ can Save you, once your Body Fails you; but, Natural Wholesome Foods can Assist our Bodies to Heal themselves: beCause they Work Together like a True Marriage. Indeed, our Bodies Require Food that is Designed for PEOPLE, rather than Food that is Designed for HOGS and DOGS! Therefore, if you Eat like a Hog or Dog, you can Expect your Body to Malfunction, even as if you put Motor Oil in your Gas Tank, and put Melted Rubber in your Engine for Oil, and then Operated on your Transmission in order to Remove some Precious Parts, under the False Assumption that all such Parts are not Necessary for the Proper Functioning of the Body of your Car, just beCause you have Heard that someone Drove a Car for 10 Years without a Seat and Radio! Indeed, you might Live without an Appendix, for Example; but, you are likely to Suffer with Constipation for the Lack of it: beCause all Parts of the Human Body are Needed for Good Health, including your Brains, which some People have Pickled by Means of False Government Remedies! In Fact, they are Unable to THINK: beCAUSE of Consuming so many Drugs.

Now, before you Judge and Condemn Nature's ONE and ONLY Cure, you should do yourself a Great Favor, and Learn that Truth that can Liberate you from your Prison of LIES and Self-deceptions. Otherwise, you will go on getting Sick, now and then: beCAUSE of Transgressing the Natural Dietary LAWS for Mankind, which are Basically set forth in the first Chapter of the BIBLE, verse 29, which you can read for yourself, if you are not Familiar with it, and if you are Bold enough to Open a Bible. After all, why have a Bible lying around in the House, collecting Dust on it, when you should be Studying it for whatever Truths that you might Discover within it, since it has Endured the Test of Time for thousands of Years?

Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Painted Skunk, say: "O PeaCOCK, I have been Studying my Bible for 40 Years, and have never Discovered a single thing in it about Health Care, let alone Insurance, which we Americans could not Live without: beCause we get into Car Accidents, House Fires, Floods, and whatever. In Fact, we mostly get into the Refrigerator, and Discover something to Eat, when we are not Actually Hungry: beCause of being FULL, even though we Feel as though we are Starved half to Death, which is a Mystery to US." Well, O Skunk, when you do not Eat Natural RAW Wholesome Foods that God Designed for People to Eat, you cannot Expect to Feel Satisfied when you Eat, even if you Stuff yourself 10 Times per Day: beCause you are Actually Starving yourself of Necessary Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, and whatever might be Found in All-Mineral Organically-grown Fruits and Vegetables! Moreover, if you Mix all such Good Foods with the Filth that has Accumulated within you, it will only Poison you to some Degree, and Cause GASES: beCause of Mixing with so much Ancient Slimy FILTH! Yes, you are Feasting on Dead Carcasses, which you have Spiced, just to be Able to Eat them, which Spices have Deceived your Tastebuds, and have made you Extra Hungry. Moreover, you are also Lusting after FLESH: beCause of being Deprived of True Love, which is another Sin: beCause it is another Transgression of the Divine Laws of the Master Farmer, who Created People to Love one another, even as Jesus Christ Loved us by Loving his Heavenly Father, as he Explained, himself. However, few People Understand what he was saying. Furthermore, O Skunk, the Bible has MUCH to say about Good Health, and HOW to be Saved from your Dietary Sins. (See: RULES for FASTING!) Moreover, if all People Lived within Beautiful Swangkee Hotels, Castles and Fortresses, like I Propose, no one would be getting into Car Accidents, House Fires, Floods, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Mudslides, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Wars, Famines, Plagues, nor even Arguments: beCause those Beautiful Planned City States have more than 248 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Building them and Living within the Borders of them!, among which is Eternal Employment with Good $wangkee Wages!

Now, I Hear someone, who is like an Unemployed Sarcastic Workhorse, whinny: "O Peacock, are you Suggesting that we Americans should ABANDON our Beautiful Cities of Confusion, with all of the Fresh Clean Air, Pure Water, Sweet Fruits, and Holy People, just to Move into some HOT or COLD TENTS in the Wilderness, where we might Help other Outlaws and Runaways to Build NEW Cities, which would keep us Working for the next 40 Years, or more? Indeed, are you Suggesting that our American Lifestyle might be WRong, and that we might have to Change our Ways of Living?? Surely you must be Insane, O Peabrain Peacock: beCause we now have the Best Health Care in the World! Yes, we do have an Unemployment Problem; but, we certainly do not Lack GOOD Health Care: beCause we have all of those Fast Food Joints, the Death and Hell Restaurants, and the Gross Grocery Stores, which only Stock the Most Holy Foods on Earth, which Jesus Christ and his Disciples would most Certainly EAT, rather than Search for the Garden of Eden in New Yuck City, for Example: beCause they would Starve to Death before they Found it! Therefore, Jesus would go to the nearest Swine Trough in Town, and sit down with Peter and Paul, and Pray to God that they did not DIE before they got back Home: beCause it would Require nothing Short of a First Class Miracle, if they should Eat Traditional American GARBAGE! In Fact, there are more than 5,000 Americans who DIE each Year from Food Poisoning, while another 20,000 or more Die from Car Accidents, while another 400,000 or more Die from Heart Attacks, while another 500,000 or more Die from Cancers, while another 90,000 or more Die from Doctors Administering the WRong MediSINZ, while another 17,000 or more Die from getting MURDERED, while another 20,000 or more commit Suicide! Nevertheless, this is the Greatest and Best Country on Earth, which has 40 Million or more Uninsured Americans, who do not even have the Health Care of a Wild Mountain Goat! Indeed, a Snake would Know that Good Health can be BOUGHT, which is WHY that you can See all of those Snakes lined up at the Drug Stores! Yes, they Suffer with PAINS, which are Warning Voices within their Bodies, Warning them that they are doing something WRong, even as you would be in PAIN if someone were Twisting your Arm up behind your Back. Yes, you could go to some Witch Doctor with your Twisted Arm, and Complain about the Horrible PAIN in your Arm, for which he could write out one of those 'PURRRRscriptions,' as the Druggist calls them, and take that PREEscription to the Bald Eagle that I saw the other Day, who was Studying the Bible with her Glasses on, and came across that Verse that reads: 'You shall take many Medicines, and shall not be Healed.' — Jeremiah something. Yes, that is also a WARNING to the Wise People, if they have Ears that can Hear." Well, O Workhorse, I am wondering where that Bald Eagle got her Glasses from, and how it is that all other Bald Eagles did not also Need Glasses to Wear, just to be Able to read the STOP Sign on the Highway of Life!?

Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Confused Sheep of the Lost Shepherd, bleat: "O Peacock, I Believe in Jesus Christ, even though I have Lost Track of what he had to say about Good Health; nor do I Believe anything that he Taught: beCause it makes no Sense to me. For Example, he said, 'That which Enters Into the Mouth does not Defile a Man; but, only that which comes Out of his Mouth, which comes from his Evil Thoughts, even from the Belly of his Mind, which is Filled with all Kinds of Evil Thoughts, with Pride, Lusts, Greed, Selfishness, Thievery, Lies, Envy, Hate, Murder, Adultery, Fornication, Sodomy, and whatever might Defile a Man. Yes, the Evil Seeds are Sown within his Mind and Heart, and at last they Produce the Sour and Bitter Fruits of his own Evil Works, which he also Hates; but, behold, he is Overcome by his own Lusts, or Longing Desires for that which is Forbidden, even as Mother Eve was Overcome by her Lusts for the Forbidden Food in the Garden of Eden: because it was Desirable to make her Wise, even as Apple Pie and Iced-cream is Desirable to make a Person Happy; but, behold, it Forms BAD Acids within the Stomach of the Ignorant Fool who Consumes it! Yes, it Tastes very GOOD within a Person's Mouth; but, like Isaiah Prophesied, it would be Bitter in the Belly. Therefore, Life is Full of Deceptions and Lies, which are Propagated by Satan, the Devil, who has Deceived almost all of the People of almost all Nations by Means of his Wonder Drugs, which are Supposed to Cure Peoples' Ailments; but, behold, there is Need for only ONE Thing, which is the TRUTH: beCause the Whole Truth has the Power to set you Free from your Prison of Lies and Deceptions, when you Practice it. However, if you never Learn what that Truth is, how can you Practice it? Therefore, you must Study the New MAGNIFIED Version of the Bible, just to Discover it: beCause none of the other Versions Reveal the WHOLE Truth!' (See: Claptrap 49:2009!) Indeed, I Studied it; but, it was far too Sarcastic for me to Understand it." Well, O Sheep, once you Practice what Jesus Taught, all of the Sarcasm will make Good Sense: beCause your Mind will be Able to Translate it into Truth and Wisdom. Indeed, the very Reason for the Sarcasm is to Cause you to THINK, which is something that no Judge nor Lawyer Wants to do: beCause they only Want a "Yes" or "No" Answer to all of their Questions, without any Explanations, and certainly without any Sarcastic Explanations: beCause everyone in the Court Room might be Convicted by all such Enlightening Explanations.

For Example, I Hear a Half-breed Doctor Pill Popper / Doctor Knife, say: "O Peacock, when I go to Operate on some Sick Body, who probably only needs a 3 or 4-day Fast, I always Try to Pray to God that he Guides my Hands in such a Way as to Heal the Victim of his own Dietary Circumstances, even though I Know within myself that God is not Interested in the Works of my Hands: beCause he did not Create them to make all Kinds of PILLS, which contain MediSINZ: beCause that would be Contradictory to Nature and to Natural Dietary Laws, since Nature Constructs its own PILLS, which People only have to Discover in the Forests and Fields, such as Rabbit Pellets and Goat Droppings! Yes, those Goat Pills would probably Cure Sick People just as well as anything that I might Invent: beCause almost any Body will Heal itself within a Week or 2, if that Body just Stops Eating; and, even in Severe Cases of Disease, any Body could Heal itself within a Month or 2, if a Person should Follow the RULES for FASTING! Yes, I Know that it Sounds EXTREME to Mention it; but, you might Remember that Moses Fasted for 40 Days and 40 Nights, as did Elijah and Jesus, not to Mention the People of the entire City of Nineveh, According to the Book of JONAH! Yes, I Know that it is RADICAL to Fast and Pray; but, the Apostle Paul did it quite often, According to his own Testimony, and he was no Ordinary Idiot by any Means. In Fact, he was one of the Wisest Men who ever Lived, who is more Quoted than Jesus Christ. For Example, he said, 'Do all things in Moderation,' which is just a Common Saying, now; but, it is Important to 'Attribute Credit to whom Credit is Due,' as the Apostle Paul said. Yes, he is the Person who said, 'If any Man does not Eat, neither should he Work; and if any Man does not Work, neither should he Eat.' However, the Mutilated Bible does not Quote the entire Scripture, even as it Misquotes Jesus Christ: beCause too much Truth might become Self-evident, such as all Men being Created Equal with Moses, Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul, which is utter Nonsense: beCause no one was Created Equal with anyone else in any Way, which is Self-evident: beCause all People are Unique and Special and DIFFERENT! Yes, they come in Different Sizes, Heights, Shapes, Colors, Designs, Minds, and Hearts, which is what makes it a Wonderful World: beCause it would be Extremely Boring if all People were Created EQUAL! Yes, they might have Equal Rights with Moses and Jesus Christ, which Korah also Imagined, and was therefore Swallowed up by the Earth! Yes, you can read about that within your own Unholy Mutilated Bible, which the Irreverent LOUDMOUTH Slothgut Windbag Hole-in-his-Head does not even Mention in his Endless Sermons! Moreover, the Scribes and Pharisees Judged themselves to be Equal with Jesus Christ, and even Orchestrated his Death: beCause of Envying him for his Goodness, without Realizing that he was the Chosen Son of the Supreme Ruler, who was Ordained from the Beginning to be the Father and Savior of Mankind! Yes, he was ADAM, himself, According to Luke 3:38! Yes, you can Believe it: beCause Jesus Confirmed it, himself, saying: 'I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning of God's Creation in this World, and the End of its Perfection, even the First Man to be Tempted, and the Last Man to be brought to Perfection in the Furnace of Afflictions, by whom all Men of Greater Faith are brought to Perfection: beCause of Following after me.' — The New Magnified Version. Therefore, considering that Jesus was Adam, who brought about the Fall of Mankind, it would only seem to be Reasonable that he would be the only Person who could Redeem Mankind from the Fall: beCause he CAUSED it! Indeed, neither you nor I Caused the Fall; and therefore, neither you nor I could Redeem Mankind from the Fall. However, all of that Religious Gobble de Gook has nothing to do with Pill Popping and Medical Surgery: beCause there is a WALL of SEPARATION Between the Spirit and the Body, whereby Spiritual Things have nothing to do with Physical Things! Indeed, a Person's Appetite has nothing to do with his Evil Thoughts nor with his Good Thoughts: beCause they are SEPARATED. For Example, I got into an Argument with my Wife, just last Night, and it UPSET my Mind so much that it made me SICK; but, I said to myself, 'There is no Connection between the Mind and Body.' However, it was just another Lie: beCause there was Obviously a Direct Connection! Yes, my Thoughts and her Thoughts within my Mind and within her Mind were Enough to Cause us both to get SICK! Therefore, we could not even Eat Supper, and barely made up with each other before going to Bed: beCause of Remembering some Verse about not allowing the Sun to Set on our Anger, which not only Sets on the Anger of some Grudgeholders; but, it also Arises on their Anger, and even Tracks them for Days, Weeks, Months, and even YEARS: beCause they are Determined to get Revenge, in spite of the Fact that only God can get True Revenge and Justice: beCause only God Knows just Exactly who is Guilty and who is Innocent. Therefore, those Scribes and Pharisees might just now be getting their Justice: beCause of being Born here! Yes, that is God's Way of getting Justice: beCause he Controls the Spirits of all Flesh, and he alone Determines WHERE we will be Born, and into what Family we will be Born, and with what Color of Skin we will be Born: beCause this Life is a Test of our Faith, Hope, Love, Trust, Patience, Longsuffering, Endurance, Wisdom, and all such Things: beCause God must Discover whether or not we are Worthy to Rule with him within his Holy Kingdom, which is made up of Holy People like him, who were Created in the Image of Jesus Christ, who was the Father of us all: beCause we are all his Offspring, just as it is Written. Read your own Bible, O Lady Doubtfulness." Well, O Doctor Pill Popper, you are one very Strange Person, who has now Cut Out the Heart of False Religions, and have Destroyed their Blind Faith: beCause there is now no Way for them to Extract the Seeds of Truth that you have Planted in the Garden of their Lives, which will Sprout and Grow into Trees of Life, if those Seeds are Watered by the Scriptures, which they are Bound to Study: beCause of Curiosity, if nothing else: beCause of having Hope in the Future Kingdom or Government of GOD, who alone could Rule the World in Righteousness: beCause of his Power and Authority. However, that is not to say that we cannot Prepare ourselves for such a Kingdom, even now: beCause, like Moses and Elijah, we can Fast and Pray. Yes, there are 40 Good Reasons WHY People should Fast and Pray! Therefore, if anyone Wants God's Insurance Plan, they MUST Fast and Pray, and do it According to, or in Accord with, the RULES for FASTING! Indeed, it is Free of Charge, and it is an Available Health Care Plan for almost everyone, including Wild Animals.

Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Walrus, say: "O Peacock, I weigh about 400 Pounds too much; and therefore, I have Diabetes, Bleeding HYMNroidz, Arthur's Itis, and Aunt Wretched's Lumps and Cellulose Bumps, if you know what I Mean. In other words, my Body would make a Good Meal for a Polar Bear, except that the Bear would most likely get Sick from Eating my Polluted Flesh, which even Stinks, to ME; and my Husband says that he can Smell me for a Block Away! Yes, I do Stink: beCAUSE of the Accumulated FILTH within me, which has been Collecting within my Tissues for the past 50 Years, in spite of Attempting to Escape through every Opening within my entire Body! Yes, the Doctor Knife tells me that my Bowels are FULL of Ancient Morbid Matter, which could Possibly Stink up an entire Hotel, if it should Happen to Escape! But, I told him that there was no Chance of it Happening: beCause I Intend to Kill myself, first. Yes, it is the only Way Out, for me." Well, O Walrus, there is no Need for Killing yourself: beCause it is Possible for you to Lose all of that Excess Filth and Weight, just by Changing your Diet. Yes, you may now Begin to LIVE, by Doing the OPPOSITE of what you have been Doing, which is called REPENTANCE. Yes, you must Confess all of your Sins, including your Dietary Sins, to God, and Beg for Forgiveness in the Name of Jesus Christ, and Change your Ways of Living: beCause that will SAVE you, even as it Saved the People of Nineveh. Moreover, if you Kill yourself, you are likely to be Born in some Hellhole like Africa, on some other Earth, which has been Prepared for People like you! After all, God has all of Eternity to get his Justice.

Now, I Hear a Graceful Sinner, say: "O Peacock, we are Saved by GRACE, alone; and not by Fasting and Praying, which is WORKS." Well, O Sinner, you have probably Heard that if someone tells a Lie Long Enough and Loud Enough, most People will come to Believe it, which is one of the Great Truths that was Revealed by Adolf Hitler, who was Referring to the Capitalists, such as those Reprobates who Repeat a BIG LIE, over and OVER, saying: "America has the best health care of any nation in the world — thanks to insurance companies!" However, we Actually have the Worst Record of all People, when it comes to the Subject of Health: beCause we just Happen to have the Most Diseases: beCause of having the Most Forbidden Foods, including Countless PILLS of Various Poisons. Yes, you might Remember Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and other Overdosed Cases of Famous People, who Hold World Records, like Michael Phelps. Moreover, we have the Most Pregnant Teenagers, the Most Teenage Suicides, the Most Cancer Cases, the Most Heart Attacks, the Most Hemorrhoids, the Most Bad Eyesight, the Most Deaf People, the Most Blind People, the Most Down's Syndrome People, the Most Epileptic People, the Most Pill Poppers, the Most Diabetics, the Most Obese People, and Certainly the Most Insane People! Yes, you only have to Watch C-span to Learn all of that! Nevertheless, that is not to say that all other Nations of People are Healthy, Wealthy, nor WISE: beCause they are NOT! But, it is to say that we Americans are the Most Deceived! Yes, we may very well have the Best Medical Care in the World; but, it is very POOR Health Care, itself: beCause it is NOT Healing US! In Fact, we are getting Sicker and SICKER, both Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically, in Spite of Consuming more Drugs by 10 Times than all other Nations, Combined, and only beCause we can Afford it! Moreover, when I say "Drugs," I also include ILLEGAL Drugs, Tobacco, Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Morphine, Opium, Coffee, Coke, and all of the Unclean Herbs that God Forbid us to Use. However, do not Allow it to Bother you: beCause the Great Great Grandchildren will Rescue US! Yes, they will Gladly Pay Off all of our Debts: beCause of their Love for our Selfishness and Greediness, whereby we will not leave one Cup of Gas for them to use, after Fracking the whole Earth. In Fact, the Children can hardly Wait to become Future Tax Slaves, Usury Slaves, Insurance Slaves, Work Slaves, and Drug Slaves. Nevertheless, not to Worry: beCause INSURANCE will Cover it! Yes, we only Need to BORROW the Money from the Chinese for Insuring ourselves: so that we can all have Good Health by Means of INSURANCE! Indeed, that is what Jesus Christ Recommended to Saint Peter, who was Stumped concerning HOW to Heal those Sick People who came to him, which is WHY Jesus said, "Howbeit, this Kind of Evil Spirit does not come Out, except by Means of Fasting and Praying." Therefore, what the World Desperately Needs is Swangkee Fasting Sanitariums! Yes, all Hospitals could be Converted into Fasting Sanitariums, except that we do not have one millionth Enough Sweet Juicy Fruits for the Masses of People to Eat, after Fasting.

Now, the Bottom Line is this: Insurance Companies are Assuring themselves of Good Healthy Bank Accounts, at the Expense of American Insurance Slaves, who could simply get Wiser, and Adopt the Single Payer Plan, whereby everyone who Wants the Phony Health Care of Doctor Pill Popper and Puss Shooter can have it, without Draining their Bank Accounts in order to Enrich those of Insurance Companies, which are not even Needed! Indeed, can you Imagine Paying Social Security Insurance Payments to Private Insurance Companies, who use that Money to Invest in Drug Companies: beCause they are Fully Persuaded that Americans will become more and more Addicted to Drugs, which makes that Business the BEST All-American Business to INVEST IN!? Yes, if the Masses of People are told, over and OVER, that Good Health MEANS an Abundance of PILLS and BILLS, they are Bound to Believe it! Therefore, all Wise People could Print up Copies of this Blog Message, and pass them out to whomever might have Spiritual Ears that can Hear! Yes, we could FLOOD the World with Copies of it, and thus Demobilize those Greedy Drug Companies and Insurance Companies. After all, I have not taken any of their Poisonous Pills during the past 45+ Years, and can Honestly say that I do not Presently have even a little Pain within my entire Body, even after Working Hard for 40 Years! Therefore, I am Living Proof that it is Possible to Avoid the Traps of Capitalists in America, even though I am still Deprived of those Good Sweet Organically-grown Fruits that I should have for Optimum Good Health, which Condition is Bound to get Worse and WORSE: beCause of the Great DEMAND for all such Fruits, and the near Impossibility for Obtaining them: beCause of not having those Beautiful Planned City States, called: Swangkee Hotels, Castles, and Fortresses! Yes, that is the ONLY Reasonable Solution for at least 248 Massive Problems! Therefore, Think about it, and Meditate on it, O Tax Slaves: beCause the Options are very Limited. In Fact, the Standard American Option is to Revert Back to the Dark Ages, when a few Masters had their Multitudes of Surfs!