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"Now, as you can See, “Scientists” are Beginning to get Worried: beCause the Peabrain Peacock from Angel Ridge, King’s Mountain, Kentucky, has them Pinned Down on the Floor of the Slaughterhouse in a Headlock!" — Does the Earth MOVE?? 


Do Americans have the Best Health Care in the World??


I just recently heard a CONgressman say, "Americans have the best health care in the world, bar none," which Caused me to Wonder if it is still True? Yes, it might seem to be True, until you Think about it. After all, we hold World Records for Obesity, Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, Gluttons, Rapists, Teenager Pregnancies, Abortions, Hospital Bills, Doctor Bills, Consumption of Pills, Cokes, Snacks, and Candies. Yes, we have more "Victims" of Cancers, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Emphysema, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout, Sexually-Transmissible Diseases, and who knows what? Moreover, we have more Prisoners, more Crazy People, and more High-ranking Criminals than other Countries have, which should make us very PROUD, except that it is so Shameful. Nevertheless, the Federal Government Proposes to Save US by Borrowing more Money, by going farther into Debt, by Digging the Pit even Deeper! However, ...

Can Health Care Insurance Save US, no matter what else we say or do? Well, as of right now, the Politicians say that 40 million Americans are without Health Care Insurance, while we Spend more than twice as much per Person for so-called "Health Care," than any other Industrialized Nation, which is what is Dragging our Great False Economy DOWN! Yes, the Businesses cannot Afford to Pay for all such Insurance, which is normally Covered by the Governments of other Nations of Wiser People, who BYPASS almost all of those Insurance Companies, by simply having a Single Payer Plan, whereby everyone Pays a certain Amount of Taxes to their Governments for Health Care Insurance. In other words, the BILLIONS of Dollars that Americans WASTE on Insurance Companies is Saved by those other Nations of Wiser People, who are not so Stupid as to Imagine that Insurance can Buy Good Health, nor that Pills and Bills can Buy Good Health: beCause Good Health is Obtained by Proper Exercise and a Good Natural Diet, which consists mostly of Natural Wholesome Foods and Drinks, as Opposed to Junk Foods and Poisonous Drinks, which cannot Satisfy any Soul, no matter how much is Consumed. Indeed, we have already Tried the Experiment, and Proven that it is not GOOD for US. Therefore, we might as well Confess it, before the Situation gets Worse: beCause it is only our PRIDE that Prevents us from Confessing it. After all, we could Spend hundreds of TRILLIONS of Tax Dollars on so-called "Health Care," during the next Century, and still be Extremely SICK People, even as most Americans are now Sick: beCause they cannot Run and Play with the Deers and Antelopes! No, they cannot even Remember when they had any Fresh Raw Unpoisoned Organically-grown Sweet Juicy Fragrant Fruits to Eat: beCause of being the Victims of an Evil Capitalist Society, which does everything for Gaining more Money! Indeed, if it is not Profitable, Financially, you cannot even get into Business: beCause the Chemical Growers have several Advantages over the Organic Growers, who must do much more Work in order to Obtain their Organic Produce. Moreover, even the present-day "Organic" Produce is hardly fit to Eat, in spite of Costing a lot more; and therefore, hardly anyone is Interested in it: beCause it is not Truly Organic Produce, in the sense that it should be: because almost all of the Land is Deficient in Minerals, and the Trees are not getting as much Sunlight as they used to: beCause of Pollution in the Atmosphere, which is Blocking the Sunlight, which is Causing the Fruits to be less Sweet, as they used to be before the Industrial Revolution, at least in Places where the Sky was Clear. Therefore, we have now made our own little Hell to Live in, and there seems to be no Escaping from it.

However, there IS a Way of Escape, which is for the Masses of People to DEMAND a Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court Hearing, whereby we can all Discover whether or not Americans have the Best Health Care in the World. Yes, I, for one, can Testify that I have not used any of their MediSINZ in more than 40 Years, and can Honestly say that I do not have a Pain within my entire Body! Therefore, if there is 1, there is probably another; yes, there are probably millions of Healthy People, who have no Use for Pills nor Bills. In Fact, all of the Wild Animals Lived for thousands of Years without any Medicines, and there is no Proof that they Needed any. Indeed, they simply Ate those Foods that God Intended for them to Eat: beCause each Creature has a Natural God-given Diet. Therefore, you might wonder what Mankind's Natural Diet is? Well, According to the Bible, it is the Sweet Fruits from the Tree of Life, whose Leaves are for the Healing of the Nations. (See the Book of Revelation.) Therefore, we are Far Removed from the Garden of Eden and from the Paradise of Good Health and True Happiness. Nevertheless, it is Possible to make our own Paradise, even for all Peoples: beCause the Earth just Happens to Contain all of the Necessary Building Materials for Building all Kinds of Beautiful Planned City States, called: Swangkee Hotels, Castles, and Fortresses, which will Solve more than 248 Massive Problems, Worldwide! Therefore, if anyone Wants Better Health Care, we will have to Work for it: beCause it is Impossible to have Good Health without Eating Good Sweet Fruits, a few Raw Nuts, and Organically-grown Vegetables. Yes, the City Requires PROTECTION from Wild Animals, Thieves, and Tax Masters, which we cannot have as Independent Jackass Farmers, even if we are Rich: beCause the Tax Masters want their Taxes, which will Drive us OFF of our Lands. Therefore, I am Glad that Americans have a Poor Health Care Plan: beCause, after Suffering Long Enough, they might even Wake up and Realize what is Needed; and it is NOT more MediSINZ, Lotions, Potions, Pills, nor Bills. Therefore, I suppose that someone could say that we do presently have the Best Health Care in the World!

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