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"O little Children, no one's Life is Long Enough to Learn ALL of the Necessary Lessons for Perfecting one's Soul during one Lifetime, even if it is a hundred Years Long, and many People Die at Birth. Therefore, by the Wisdom and Mercy of God, we have been Given more than one Lifetime to get ourselves Perfected for either Good or Evil, which is also According to the Law of Justice, which Demands a Great Judgment Day; but, only after we have been Given Freedom to Choose how to Live and Think and Act and React, for at least a thousand Years!

— Ray Walter Swangkee

How to Become More Lovable!

Alternate Titles: 
How to Make yourself More Lovable
How to Become Lovable even if you are Ugly
Lovable People are More Loved
Who is the Most Lovable Person?

You have probably met other People whom you Loved; but, for some Reason they did not necessarily Love you: beCause, to them, you were apparently not so Lovable as you should have been. Otherwise, you both might have had a Mutual Love for each other. Therefore, if you Greatly Love someone, and they Love you very little, or none at all, it leaves you Feeling very Disappointed with yourself for not being more Lovable. Therefore, the Great Question just Naturally Arises — HOW can I make myself more Lovable? And that Great Question is Answered within this Special Booklet. 

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A Lovable Soul

A Lovable Soul

This is a Naturally Lovable Soul who could easily make himself more Lovable 

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"O my Son, to be Loved, one must be Lovable; and, to be Most Lovable, one must be Innocent, Honest, Sincere, Undefiled, Trustworthy, Faithful, Kind, Gentle, and Like the Most Lovable Person who ever Lived!"

"O my Daughter, to be Truly Loved, one must have a Lovable Generous Heart, even though a Lovable Face is also of Great Benefit to whomever has it, which Explains WHY Beautiful Women are more Loved than Ugly ones. Therefore, make yourself more Beautiful by Fasting and Praying." — Proverbs of the Peacock