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Therefore, it is now Time to Step Off of the Capitalist Ferris Wheel of Dizzy Deceptions, and Learn the WHOLE Truth about it! 


The Story of AHIKAR, Magnified in Plain English

The Story of Ahikar was supposedly written around 500 B.C., and has been passed down in Various Versions and Fragments; but, this is the only Version that is Magnified in Plain English, which even a 12-year-old Child should easily Understand, in spite of the Fact that the Story Applies to People of all Ages, Religions, Races, and Nations. Therefore, it is a Good Book for all People to read at least one time, and especially if they are 12 Years of Age: beCause they might Save themselves from Needless Heartaches and Troubles of Various Kinds. 

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DieHard Battery is not Dead

DieHard Battery is not Dead

This DieHard Battery is like the Story of Ahikar, which is Difficult to Kill, which can also Recharge your Spiritual "Battery"! 

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"O my Son, the Person who Closes his or her Mind, and Refuses to Learn more, is Destined to Suffer for his or her Ignorance, as in the Case of Nadan, the Nephew of Ahikar."

"O my Spiritual Daughter, the Story of Ahikar could have been and possibly should have been a Part of the Bible: beCause of its Biblical Truths and Wisdom, even though there is no Evidence that it was written by a Hebrew Author, which Naturally Excludes it from the Bible." — Proverbs of the Peacock