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“It is not Right to FORCE all of the Children into Future Tax Slavery, with no Hope of Escaping from such BONDAGE. Indeed, WHO gave to US the Right to put such a Tax Burden on Future Generations of Rebellious Children? It would be better for them to not be Born, than to be Born into such an EVIL Situation — UNLESS they are US, in which Case we could only Confess that we DESERVED IT!” source

— Ray Walter Swangkee

Chapter 5 — What is the Conclusion of George Walking Bush?

By his Conscience, which is Wanted, Dead or Alive!

Now, I will be the First to Confess that there are a LOT of Unanswered Questions in the 9/11 Commission’s Report: because the 1,100-page report in fine print that requires me to wear triple bifocal glasses, just to read it, does not even mention World Trade Center Tower Number 7 (WTC7)!  Can you Believe that?  Indeed, our Loving Federal Government appropriated over 600,000$ to that Grand Investigation, as Opposed to the 50 MILLION Peanuts that were Invested in the President Bill Adulterous Clinton Investigation of his Sex Scandal with MOANika LewdWINsky; and those Commissioners could not even come up with one whole Sentence to Explain what Happened to a HUGE Building that covered nearly one acre of land, and had over 2,000 Hardened Steel Columns, and millions of Trusses, which measured something like 16 inches by 36 inches, and reached 47 Stories high, weighing some 900,000 TONS!  Can you Imagine that?  It requires Temperatures of 2,700 degrees to melt such Steel in a Concentrated SPOT, which is about 1000 degrees Hotter than Jet Fuel Burns, even though no HUGE TANK of Jet Fuel Jumped itself over there: because the Airplanes Crashed into the Twin Towers, as you Know, which were more than 350 feet away from Tower 7; and just a dozen or so of those Steel Columns would have held up the Building for DAYS, even if all of the other Columns did melt on one Side of the Building, which they did NOT DO! But, behold, the Steel Columns and Cross Beams simply EXPLODED into Fragments when the Building was IMPLODED on itself by Means of Precise Preset Demolitions: beCause a Chunk of one of the Twin Towers LEAP-FROGED itself over there some 300+ feet, and Crashed itself into Tower Number 7, and Broke Out a large Window, you see, and Automatically Set up those Demolition Explosives by Means of Mysterious Evolutionary Mechanical Actions, and thus Sparked a MASSIVE Fire that could have been Extinguished by a Normal Restaurant Fire Extinguisher!  However, no one was standing there with a Fire Extinguisher: beCause the entire Building had been Previously EVACUATED!  Yes, the Occupants had Heard in Advance, just shortly after Tower Number 2 was Struck, that Tower Number 7 was Preprogrammed to come Crashing Down: because the Explosives were Attached to those Steel Columns well in Advance: beCause it Requires about 6 Months of Hard Work to get a Large Building like that Wired with Explosives, which Cut Off the Steel Columns at 45º Angles, and, all at ONCE: because there is no other Way that the Building could Possibly come Down within 6.5 SECONDS, which is Freefall within a VACUUM!  Just Think of that, 6.5 Seconds is Barely Enough Time to Tie your Shoe Laces, let alone Drag Down over 280 Steel Columns, whose Steel Walls are 3 inches THICK, having such Columns Spread Out over a whole Acre of Land, which would have Required a whole Trainload of Tank Cars full of something much Hotter than Burning Jet Fuel or Donold Rumsfeld’s BOURBON — such as a Fryin’ Pan full of Bacon Grease in wun uv ‘dem deir Hot Kichunz o’er yonder in Hebin [heaven]!  Have a Brain, O FOOLS, and Remember that such a Job Required EXPERTS of the Highest Rank in order to get such a Job Done, Properly: because no Hamsters can Do it.  Indeed, the Timing had to be just Right, or else the Grand Deception would not have Worked for us, which is where a Good Education comes in Handy. Remember me? †§‡§§

You see, O Americans, as the Former President, I have to stop here and Explain a few Important Things to you, which you might not Realize.  First of all, we Americans are Addicted to OIL, which is used for making GAS, which we all Consume by the hundreds of gallons each year; but, especially Government Training Programs require LOTS of Jet Fuel: because it requires a couple thousand gallons just to warm up one of those Jet Engines.  Therefore, a few Practice Runs can Consume as much Fuel as tens of thousands of Cars going to Work on Public Highways: because those Jet Bombers DRINK Jet Fuel like a Thirsty Camel, and Spew Out Abominable STINK that makes the Holy Angels, who Live in the Sky, very SICK!  (See: What Makes People SICK??)  Yes, if you were up their in “Hebin,” Breathin' that Stink, you would have to Agree with those Angels; but, you could simply Visit your nearest large Airport after Fasting for a Month or so: so that your Nostrils Work Properly, like Moses might have Experienced after going up on the Mountain for 40 Days to do his Fasting without Food nor Water.  (WARNING: See RULES for FASTING Volumes 1 & 2, before you do any Fasting.)  At any rate, no one Expects you to do that, including the Doctor Knife, even if you weigh 400 Pounds too much: because God has Given to us all of these Wonderful Foods to RICHLY ENJOY, as the Apostle Paul Explained in plain Elizabethan English!  Yes, if God did not Want us to be FAT and HAPPY, he would not have Created LOBSTERS and Swine, which are Holy Foods, which we should receive with Thanksgiving: because such Creatures will Eat Dung and Unclean Things that People would never Eat.  Therefore, those Waste Products are Transformed by them into Human Foods, which are GOOD: because, without them, many People would simply STARVE TO DEATH for a Lack of GREASE! (See: Is the World OVERPOPULATED??, What is the PUNISHMENT for Dietary Sins??, Did God Intend for People to Eat Whatever they Want to??, What Makes People LAZY??, What Makes People CRAZY??, Why does God Allow SUFFERING??, and: 40 Good Reasons WHY People should Fast and Pray!) †§‡§§

However, that has not been Proven in Reality, since the States of Texas and California could House the People of the entire World, as far as Space is Concerned — that is, if they just Lived and Worked on the Land that Feeds and Clothes them, and did not have Endless Highways, Above-ground Freeways, Shopping Mauls, Parking Lots, Warehouses, and Improper houses of various Kinds.  Indeed, their Luscious All-Mineral Organic Gardens could be on Top of their Roofs and Highways with Stone Arcades along them, and they could Travel by Means of Underground Railways, which are Designed for $wangkee Electric Trains, which have Independent Tracks for each Speedy Train: so that there are no Accidents; but, that would Require Organization and Seven Great Swangkee Armies of Working Soldiers! Yes, it would Require INTER-DEPENDENCE and UNITY of Purpose; but, my Speech Writer forgot to Explain just HOW that would Work in America, seeing that we have all been Brainwashed to Believe that we should all be Independent Jackasses! However, when the Rain STOPS, and there is nothing to Eat nor Drink, we will have to Change our Minds about that, will we not? Indeed, the “Enemy” will be the Bad Weather, and therefore it will Require UNITED EFFORT just to Survive.  In Fact, it will be like going to War, whereby every Able-bodied Person will be Drafted by himself into that Great Army, or else no one will have Mercy on him!  However, none of that has any Connection with what Happened during 9/11/2001.  Therefore, let us get back to the Subject of OIL. †§‡§§

The Reason that I went along with the 9/11 Attack Plan of Donald RUMSfell, Big Dick Chainy, Paul Wolf-wits, Karl Roaming Rove, “Scooter” Libby, Pearl, and all such Great Honorable Gentlemen, is because we had to Obtain the Oil in the Middle East by Hook or Crook, as they say; and therefore, we had to come up with a Way to do that LEGALLY, rather than Act like Imperialists and just Declare War on Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, and that whole Territory, which is Rich in Oil, having far more Oil than they will ever Need during the next 50 Years, even though I have Heard that if our Economies just keep Growing at the same Rate that we are now Prospering, all of the Chineses and Indianites will have Double Garages with 4 Vehicles per Family, and maybe HELLicopters, also, within the next 10 Years: because they Want to be just like US!  Yes, you can Understand that — they simply Want what WE Want, and we all Want what I have had, which is the Painted White House in the District of Criminals (which Holds a World Record for having more Unwed Mothers than any other City in the World), at least for one more Year!  Yes, some Terrorists might Speak Evil of that; but, if you check them out, Carefully, you will Discover that they are also Accumulating all Kinds of JUNK in their own Houses, including those Gas-hog Cars in their Garages.  Therefore, it is no Sin for the Chineses and Indianites to Seek the same Damned Things! Amen? Praise the Lord!  What we all Needeth is a Double Garage with 4 Vehicles and a HELLiCOPter to Patrol us when we are Naughty and not Nice like Insanity Clause and that Easter Bunny who lays Chocolate Eggs for Ignorant Children to Eat, which will Help to ROT OUT their Precious Teeth, which will give more Business to the Medical Industry, which will Help to Pay the Taxes to Fix those Highways that go to those Hospitals, where Poor Old Aunt Wretched and Uncle Miserable are Dying with Cancers: because they Forgot to Thank God for Candy and Coke and all such Junk Food, which is Blest by the Holy Angel, Gabriel, who Dropped his Trumpet and took up his Violin, whereby we are all Comforted in the Church of Picnics, which is just across the Street from the Holy Church of Graceful Sinners, who are all going to Heaven when they Die: so that they will Corrupt it with their Drugs and Poisons and Lies.  After all, the Baby Jesus would not have Lived for more than a few Days without Mercury in his Eyes, plus a few Shots of Mercury in his FAT Baby Butt!  Indeed, his Mother had to be Cut Open just to Drag the Baby Be-Jesus OUT of her: because she Weighed in at around 350 Pounds, if you can Believe it!?  (I Personally do not Believe it; but, the Irreverent LOUDMOUTH Slothgut Windbag Hole-in-his-Head said so, and he has a Doctorate Degree in Religious Rapeology, if you Know what I Meaneth. In Fact, he Sincerely Imagines that Jesus was Speaking Elizabethan English, which was not even Invented until the 1600’s!) †§‡§§

Nevertheless, let us get back to the Subject of OIL.  Can you Imagine how Long this Country could Continue to Prosper, if it were not for OIL??  (See: $wangkee Solar ElecTRICK Power Plants!)  The Pure Refined Truth is, we would go Under the Arctic Sea in less than one Year without Imported Oil and Gas.  Therefore, for the Sake of National Insecurity, and other Top Secret Considerations that only Presidents and their Cabinets should Discuss behind Closed Doors, we Decided that it was Best for us to go to War Against the People of the Middle East, beginning with that Wicked WICKED Saddam Insane: because who else Provided such a Neat Situation, seeing that we Americans got him Set Up for the Job by Means of a Long-term Master Plan?  After all, many Scientists Discovered this Oil-shortage Problem more than 40 Years ago.  Therefore, the Council on Foreign Relations has been Planning such Things for many Years, as well as the Military: because we are Desperate for more Oil.  However, I wanted to Explain it to you before now: so that you would not be Upset with me over the War; but, how was I to do that, seeing that most Americans would not go along with such a Plan: because we are also Brainwashed in the School of FOOLS to Believe that Americans are NOT Imperialists!?  Nevertheless, we are Financial Imperialists, anyway, even if some People will not Confess it, or otherwise have no Idea what the Word “Financial Imperialists” Means; and please Notice that I said “Word,” not “WordZ”: because it is like the “Word of God,” whereby all Life Springs forth from the Oil Industry, whatever that Means. Otherwise, Jesus would have Died before he was 5: because of not having any Life from the Oil Industry! Indeed, the Words of God do not matter in this Situation: because it is none of God’s Business: because there is a Wall of Separation Between Church and State, whereby the Heart is Separated from the Head of the Body of Good Government, along with the Arms and Legs of this Society of Ignorant Fools!  But, you have to have Faith in God and Government, in Order to Accept that Doctrine of the Devil: because the Whole Truth is just the Opposite!  Indeed, each City State should be Governed by the most Spiritual Person within the City, who has Good Understanding of both Government and God, like Moses had: because such People are like King David and King Solomon, who would have been Perfect Rulers if they had Walked the Line with Johnny Cash and Billy Graham — except that Spiritually-minded People have little Use for the Twisted Knotty Entanglements of False Governments.  Therefore, the Head of Government should Listen to the HEART of Good Government, which is the CHURCH; and that also Includes the Federal Government, whose Powers should be very Limited, which should also be a Worldwide GOOD GovernMint, which simply Mints and Prints the Necessary New Money, in Order to Use that Money WISELY, in Order to HIRE whomever is Willing and Able to Learn and Work, in Order to Help Build all Kinds of Beautiful Planned City States, called: $wangkee Hotels, Castles, and Fortresses, which have more than 248 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Building them and Living within the Borders of them!  Indeed, I would have Explained all of those Things to you before now, except that I have been far too Busy Entertaining People like Donald RUMSfell, Dick Chainy, Paul Wolf-wits, Daniel Pearl, Scooter Libby, and KONdooleesu Rice, who makes really Good Rice Puddings, which are Sweet in the Mouth and Bitter in the Belly of your Mind.  Nevertheless, we Ate them, and we Vomited them Out, over and over: because we are like the Sow who Returned to her Wallowing in the Mire after she was Washed, over and over: beCause of our Addiction to that Filthy STINKING OIL!  Therefore, the ONLY Reasonable Solution for that Problem is to Build Beautiful Planned City States, which each Govern themselves, According to the Beliefs of the People who Choose to Live in each Kind of City State, whether or not they are Dimwitcrats, Reprobates, Capitalists, Communists, Socialists, Swangkeeists, or Independent Jackasses. †§‡§§

For Example, the Methodists could Build their own City States, and Govern them, while the Baptists could Build their own City States, and Govern them, while the Morons could Build their own City States, and Govern them, while us Politicians could Build our own City State, and have Eternal Arguments in the House of Representatives, by having 2 Opposing Parties, each of which can Blame the other Party for Messing up the whole City, which will Inspire New Elections every 4 Years: because nobody will be Happy with either Party; but, they will have to Vote for the one, just to get Rid of the other one for the next 4 Years: because it is Impossible for them to Figure it Out!  Indeed, if the Dimwitcrats are in Power, they are to be Blamed for all of the Bad Things; but, if the Reprobates are in Power, then they can be Blamed; and thus someone always Accepts the Blame by Losing during the next Election, which Appeases the Weak Minds of all Ignorant People who Accept such Deceptions, as Wise Old Ben Franklin Explained during one of those Top Secret Meetings of the Unintelligent Minds, before the Constitution was Invented, who Forgot about the Laws of GOD!  After all, if every Person in the World should Learn, Believe, Love, and OBEY the New MAGNIFIED Version of the Ten Commandments, how many Taxes would be Necessary?  Yes, how many DEPARTments of War would be Necessary, or DEPARTments of Social Insecurity?  Indeed, the Fire DEPARTments would simply Close their Doors: beCause Rocks do not Burn!  Therefore, Jesus said, “You shall Learn the Truth, and the Truth will make you Free when you Practice it.”  NMV. Therefore, the Most Important Thing is to Teach the WHOLE Truth, and nothing but the Truth, so Help us God: because only the Whole Truth can set us Free from the Prison of Lies and the Bottomless Pit of Massive Confusion!  Nevertheless, being a somewhat Mindless PUPPET President, who was Controlled by Rich Bankers and Corporations, who got his Training from the Secret Society of the Cross Bones and Skull Club in Yale or Harvard — I Forget just which School of FOOLS that I Attended — you can be Sure that I will never make any such Public Confessions: because I am a PROUD Rooster, who is Spiritually Blind and Deaf, even Suffering with Chronic Constipation of the Mind!  Well, at least I WAS such a Rooster, until I Discovered that the only Way Out of the Prison of Lies is to Pass Though the Door of Confession at the Public LIE-brary, as Opposed to a Swangkee TRUTH-brary!  (For more speeches by GW Bush, See: DAVID vs GOLIATH!, The INSANITY of WAR!, The CRACK in the Liberty Bell, and What it Means!, What would JESUS DO??, Why do Terrorists HATE US??, Who are the TERRORISTS??, What PRODUCES Criminals??, What does it Mean to MURDER??, and Those Good American GANGS!)