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“A Wise Man Seeks True Knowledge, and a Man of Good Understanding Searches Out the Truths concerning all Important Subjects; but, an Ignorant Fool only Studies his own Face in the Mirror, looking for the Beauty of it, as if he made it; or, as if his Mother Created it, for which he Imagines that he should be very Proud of it, instead of only being Thankful to God for it: beCause he could have been Born in that very Ugly Body over there in the Land of Idiots, where they Smoke Weeds, and Eat with Dogs and Hogs.”&

— Ray Walter Swangkee

Chapter 4 — What do Architects and Engineers have to Conclude about 9/11?

Well, there just Happens to be a Mountain of Evidence to Prove that all 3 World Trade Center Towers were brought down by Demolitions: because they were all IMPLODED, as Opposed to FALLING OVER from the Impact of Airplanes, or High Winds.  In Fact, all of those Buildings were DESIGNED to be Resistant to High Winds, Airplane Crashes, Fires, and even BOMBS, which is WHY the Bomb that was Planted away back in 1993 had NO Effect on Destroying the World Trade Center, even though it was Obviously INTENDED to do so: because it was a HUGE Bomb, which left a Crater in the Earth a MILE WIDE and 10 Miles Deep, if you can Believe it! I can't. At least that is what I heard from a professor of physics who works for the federal government, whose “Facts” are about as Reliable as those of the President of Political Rabbits, who come out of their Stinking Holes every few Years, and Hop all around the Country, and give to us their Repetitious Political speeches, which are about as Inspired as the Tail of a Dog, who Licks the Bleeding Stinking Buttocks of that Old Biblical Whore called Babylon.  Yes, it made a Fine Rat Hole, like a Single Stick of Dynamite might do under a Normal House, which provided a Good Home for the Homeless People in New Yuck City; but, the Mess was Cleaned up thereafter, and Life went on — that is, until Osama Blame Laden and other Accused Gangsters from Saudi Arabia got Together in the same Bed with the Central Unintelligent Agency, once again, and Planned HOW that Osama and his new Adopted Sons could be Blamed for the Attack, in spite of not having anything to do with it, except to Pilot those Airplanes at Tremendous Speed by Remote Control, going about 500 Miles Per Hour (MPH), and making Fantastic Turns while Dropping greatly in Altitude within Seconds.  Yes, not even a Professional Pilot could Manage such Maneuvers without some Practice and a Great Deal of MAGIC without a Flight Plan!  After all, when you, the General Public, become more Scientific, and Fly an Airplane into the Pentagon, once again, as a Scientific Test of Reality, having 185 Swine on the Remote Controlled Airplane, instead of People, you will most Certainly Discover that no Boeing 757 will make Similar Markings on that Building!  Did you Hear me, O Sloths and Spiritual COWARDS?  (See: Are you a Spiritual COWARD??) I said, when you make a Serious Attempt to Scientifically PROVE whether or not a Boeing 757 will leave NO Markings on the Wall where the TWO 9-ton Titanium Engines CRASH into the Wall at 500 MPH, you will Discover the TRUTH!  Indeed, those Heavy Engines will either be laying there on the Ground, after getting Swiped Off by the Light Poles, or else they will make Holes in the Wall, and be Found somewhere Inside of the Building; but, behold, in this Case, no Boeing 757 Engines were Found!  Indeed, they were Supposedly EVAPORATED by the Intense HEAT of the Jet Fuel, which reaches about 1,700 Degrees MAXIMUM, while it would Require more than 4,000 Degrees to Evaporate them! However, I will Gladly Contribute a hundred Dollars for the Cause of Performing a Scientific Test, IF any Doubtful American does not Believe his own Eyes, as Reported by the Trustworthy Snooze Reporters, who were almost Instantly on the Scene of the Crime, and Showed to us Pictures of the Side Wall of the Pentagon, and there were NO Markings where the Wings and Engines should have Hit the Building, near to the 16-feet-wide Hole that Clearly Appeared in it.  (See: Can News Reporters be Trusted??)  Likewise, I am Equally Convinced that X-amount of Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Germans, Frenchmen, and even the Poor Ugandans and South Africans will Gladly Contribute some Money for that Scientific Experiment, in Order to Discover if a Boeing 757 makes a LARGE 40-feet-wide Hole, or a little Hole that is only 16 feet in Diameter, when the Airplane, itself, is somewhere around 47 feet Tall and half of a Football Field Long!? †§‡§§

However, as if that Cover-up Lie is not Bad Enough, how about EVAPORATING the Titanium Engines of Flight 93, which Supposedly Crashed Head-on into a Field in Pennsylvania, as if it Nose-dived into the Ground, and never left even ONE Drop of Human Blood anywhere, even as there was no Blood Found in the Pentagon from the Crash, except for the People who got Killed by the Missiles or Bombs when they Exploded!  After all, Airplanes do NOT Explode like Bombs when they Crash, which can be PROVEN: beCause we Americans are not too Poor to Afford some more Experiments, and thus be somewhat Scientific, as Opposed to just IMAGINING that Airplanes Explode when they Crash, and Especially when they are Hijacked by TERRORISTS with Sharp Cardboard Box Cutters for Weapons!  However, even a Child who Watches the Race Cars will tell you that in all of History there has never been even ONE Car that EXPLODED during a Crash, even if it Burst into Flames from its Fuel!  Therefore, we Need to Understand that the very Reason that Airports use less Volatile JET Fuel for their Airplanes, is to PREVENT such Explosions!  Indeed, there are Obviously FIREBALLS when Planes Crash, as was the Case when the Planes Hit the World Trade Center Towers 1 and 2, in New Yuck City; but, they were FAR from being LOUD EXPLOSIONS, as from BOMBS, O Idiots, which were later Heard Exploding within those Buildings, even as far as Hoboken, New Jersey, just before they Imploded!  Indeed, hundreds of Eye and Earwitnesses Testified that they Heard LOUD Explosions within all 3 World Trade Center Buildings, which ROCKED the Ground!  Therefore, when we Set Up those Scientific Tests, we must Remember to Test for the Ground Shaking at the Bases of the Towers when the Remote-controlled Airplanes Crash into them, and Discover whether or not any EXPLOSIONS take Place in the Kitchens with their Gas Lines? In Fact, those Explosions BLEW OUT the Windows at Ground Level, BEFORE the Buildings came Down, and even Knocked the Marble Paneling Off of the Walls, According to Eyewitnesses, whose Testimonies have been Well Preserved on DVD’s all over America: so that they cannot easily be Destroyed!  Does that Sound like something that FIREBALLS DO, Blowing Out Windows that are 2 to 3 inches THICK, and Knocking Down Heavy Marble-faced Walls?  Of course not!  However, if anyone Doubts it, we can simply REBULD at least ONE of those Ugly Buildings by Means of FREEWILL DONATIONS from Wise People who like PEACE Offerings and HEAVE Offerings and WAVE Offerings — as in Waving Good-bye to all of the LIES, which Tower can be Constructed in some Wasteland in Texas, for Example, where everyone can be Invited to WATCH, as Jesus said!  “Yes, what I say unto you, I say unto all: WATCH!” Yes, Watch World Events. However, the most Practical Way to Solve that Vain Argument is to TEST the Theories in Reality with Real Buildings and Airplanes, and thus Dissolve the Disputations!  Otherwise, they will go on and on as Foolish Controversies for the next thousand Years!  Moreover, I, as an Engineer, would Bet all that I Possess, including my Wife’s Bloody Menstrual Rags, that it is Impossible for even TEN Jet Airplanes, fully loaded with Jet Fuel, to bring Down an Identical Tower in like manner as those in New York City, without any Bombs, Demolitions, nor Explosives: because they were Designed to be Resistant to all such Events.  However, in the Case of Tower Number 7, no Airplane Hit it, O Morons!  Therefore, only an Ignorant FOOL would Assume that a single FIRE or even hundreds of Fires among those Offices could bring it Down: because Paper and Wooden Desks do not Burn at 2,700 Degrees, which might Weaken the Steel; nor does Natural Gas and Plastic Burn that Hot.  Therefore, that would Explain WHY that no such Buildings have ever been Destroyed by FIRES, whereby they Collapsed, in spite of Burning for many more Hours than they Burned in the WTC!  Therefore, the New York Fire Department could have put Out the Fire in World Trade Center Tower 7, if they had not been Ordered to GET OUT!  Indeed, we just recently saw another Fire in the Deutsche Bank Building, which did not come Crashing Down by Reason of the Fire, which simply Confirms what many People have said about those almost Harmless Fires in a Fireproofed Building, which Fires are Unable to Melt Steel and Concrete.  In Fact, it would Require several HOURS just to Heat up the Concrete that Protects the Steel. However, there are some False Witnesses who have Testified that the Fireproofing Materials were SUDDENLY Evaporated from the Steel by the Intense Heat of Jet Fuel (which Barely had Enough Oxygen to even Burn: because of the Dark Cloud of THICK SMOKE that was Trapped within the Building), causing the Steel to Lose its Protection, and thus it MELTED or at least Weakened it to the Point that it could not Hold up the Building, which then PANCAKED itself all of the way to the Bottom, as in SWISH PLUNK, SHISH PLUNK, SWISH PLUNK, PLUS 100 more SHISH PLUNKS, with each Plunk followed by at least a one-second DELAY: beCause of Encountering Great RESISTANCE by the Steel Trusses on each Floor, which were Welded and Bolted to the Steel Columns, until at Last, just before it all Hit the Ground in Imaginary PANCAKED FLOORS a hundred feet thick, Insanity Clause flew by with his 16 Reindeers, and Waved his Magic Wand, and behold, the entire Building Transformed itself into DUST, with no Evidence of any Concrete Floors having ever Existed!  That is, except for a few Steel Beams that were left Protruding into the Air with those Columns that have 3 to 4-inch-thick Steel, which Mysteriously did NOT Melt in the Intense HEAT that was Discovered in the Basement, whereby they Found MOLTEN Metal still Running HOT at some 4,000 Degrees, MONTHS Later: beCause, when Steel Flies through the Air so FAST as it did during 9/11, it Builds up INTENSE HEAT, as any Honest Scientist will Confess![1]  Yes, it was Heated up by the Great FRICTION between the Jostling Columns and Steel Trusses, which got themselves into a WAR with each other on the Way Down, within 9.4 SECONDS, which Eventually Heated up like a Blast Furnace coming up from the Ground: because Poor Old Aunt Jeremiah, who Worked in one of the Upper Story Kitchens, Forgot to get Rid of that Bacon Grease in her Frying Pan, which was Mixed with Thermite for making Molten Gold for Banksters to Drink for Breakfast with their Coffee, just before she ran down those Steps with a Hijacker’s Passport, which had come down to her Kitchen through a Food Elevator, in Pristine Condition, after it Blew Out of the Airplane when it Crashed with a Fireball!  Yes, she was the Excited Person whom you saw on TV, who Dropped the Passport on the Street, which was later Discovered by the Federal Burden of Investigation within 10 Minutes, which Identified one of the Hijackers, who is now Living in TURKEY in his own one-million-dollar Mansion!  Yes, each Hijacker has his own Mansion with 70 Virgins: because they have all gone to Turkey HEAVEN, where they have Thanksgiving Parties all of the Time, even during September 11th, each Year, just to Celebrate it: beCause it was a Great Victory for the Muslims, who Wanted us to come to Iraq with all of our Armies: so that they could Hug and Kiss US for our Generosity and Great Liberation from Religious Lies like Insanity Clause!  Moreover, they are Forever Grateful for Killing or Causing the Deaths of more than one million of them, who also went to Heaven!  (See: Do People go to Heaven when they Die???)  And, if you Believe all of that, you might also Believe that the Passengers on Flights 93 and 77 are also Securely Retired in one of those Old American Japanese Refugee Camps of World War II Days, when they are Actually all in HEAVEN, Singing and Dancing with Saint Peter, never to See this World again, even though Jesus said, “Blest are the Meek People: because they will Inherit the Earth, not Heaven!”  (See: The New MAGNIFIED Version [NMV] of Matthew 5.) Yes, every last one of them went to Heaven: beCause they are all Martyrs for Jesus, who said: “Do not Resist Evil; but, if they Strike you on one Cheek, turn to them the other Cheek, also: because Revenge only Produces more and more Evil, which Leads to WAR; but, Total Submission to the Enemy will Overcome him: because he has no Idea concerning HOW to Handle it: because no one is ever Trained for that; but, they are Trained to Murder Falsely Accused People, who Know for a Fact that they are not to be Blamed: beCause they are INNOCENT!  Therefore, they Feel that they have a Perfectly Just Cause for going to War, which they do have; but, as you now See, if all of the People of Iraq had Humbly SUBMITTED to the Late Great Divided States of Untied LIES, including Saddam Hussein, there would not have been any War; and thus, the People of Iraq would have been much Healthier, Wealthier, and Wiser than they are now, and in all Ways: because it would be Better to GIVE ALL of the Oil in Iraq and Iran to the Americans: so that they could Choke to Death on their own STINK, than to Die for the Insanity of War!  Yes, do Good to those People who do Evil to you, and Give to them all that you have, if Necessary, just to Prove that you have the Better Heart, which will Unite the Remaining People of the Whole World to YOU, even as many People were United with Mother Teresa.  After all, I Lived my entire Life without a Gas-powered Car, Tractor, Chainsaw, Lawnmower, nor any other such Abomination; and God found me Worthy to Rise from the Dead: so that he might Crown me as the KING of Kings, and the RULER of Rulers!  However, I can Assure you that George Walking Bush, Incorporated, will only be Crowned with Baskets of Fresh Soft Cow Dung, and then be Cast Alive into the Lake of Fire that is Prepared for Satan and Sons, Incorporated: because they are not Worthy of any Place within my Holy Kingdom. (See: What is The KINGDOM of GOD??) That is, unless they Thoroughly REPENT, and According to the LAW of Repentance, which the Irreverent LOUDMOUTH Slothgut Windbag Hole-in-his-Head has never Preached; nor has that Irreverent Snake, who Wears a Multicolored Coat of Self-deceptions, who Strikes at the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge with his Poisonous Fangs of Hateful Revenge: because his Head is Filled with Poisonous Lies! (See: What does it Mean to REPENT??, What does it Mean to be HOLY??, What does BAPTISM Mean??, and What Makes People HAPPY??)  Indeed, not ONE of you Lying Hypocrites are going to Enter into my Holy Kingdom: because it is Prepared for HOLY People, like Moses and Elijah, who are like Innocent Children, who have Humbled themselves by Means of Fasting and Praying, until they have Pure Minds and Clean Bodies, whose Flesh is Fresher than that of a Little Child, as Elihu Testified in the Book of Job, Chapter 33.  Therefore, unless you Repent like the People of Nineveh during Jonah’s Time, you shall not be Saved from your Insanity, nor will you go to the Kingdom from Heaven when you Die: because it is a Holy Place within this Earth, which is called: ‘The Secret Place of the Most High Ruler’: because it is Hidden from Ignorant Mockingbirds and Spiritually Blind Fools.  Indeed, it is Hidden within the Hollow Earth, and it is Guarded by Holy Angels, who are Invisible to your Weak Eyes.  Yes, those Angels Carry Flaming Swords, you might say, which you cannot Fight Against and Win, not even with your Best Weapons.  Therefore, there is no Need for even Trying to Fight Against ME: beCause I will Destroy you with Devouring Fire, at an Instant, says the Commanding General of Great Armies!  Yes, I will bring you into Judgment, O Hypocrites, and every Secret Thing will be Revealed: because the Holy Spirit of Almighty God, who has Seven Great Spirits, Knows Everything, with whom is no Secret Thing Hidden: because she Lives Everywhere! (See: Is the Holy Spirit Male or Female??) Yes, she Sees ALL; but, she does not Dwell in Unclean Temples, nor in Unclean Bodies, even though she might Visit there for a Short Time, just for the Purpose of Enticing you to Come to your Heavenly Father, who is the Most High Ruler within the Great Kingdom of All that is Good, who is at the TOP of his Great Pyramid Government, who also Lives Everywhere: so that there is no Way to Escape from his Judgment, not even if you Attempted to Hide yourself on the Backside of the Moon.  (See: Did Men Land on the Moon??) Indeed, he is a Great Spirit Being, whom no Man has ever Seen; nor can any Man ever See him: beCause he is the Invisible God, or Invisible Ruler, who has Chosen Worthy Sons to Govern his Multitude of Worlds, AFTER the People have been Perfected in the Furnace of Afflictions, in Order for God to Discover who is Worthy to Rule within his Great Kingdom, and who must be Ruled Over, and who must be Cast Out into a Lower Order of Worlds with Satan and his Demons, where they will be Tormented both Day and Night, Forever and Ever, until they Repent or Perish once again from those Worlds, whereby their Evil Spirits are Cast Down to an even Lower Order of Worlds, which will be Created just for them: because the Works of God go on and on, Endlessly, in Order to bring his Created Spirits to Perfection for either Good or Evil: because he is the Eternal Ruler of Heavens and Earths without Number, and this is the Lowest of them, which is many Light-years Away from the Throne of Almighty God!  Therefore, be Sure that your Sins will be Discovered, and that no one will Escape from the Judgment Day for him nor her, whereby the God who Created them will Judge each Spirit, According to their Words and Works, and then Reward them Accordingly.  Therefore, if you have done Good, According to what is Right in the Eyes and Ears of God, According to his Laws, you have nothing to Fear; but, if you have done Evil, you have much to Fear: because Satan will become your Spiritual Step-Father, and you will become one of his Evil Servants, called a Demon Spirit.  Indeed, there are just 2 Great Kingdoms, and Satan and his Demons now Govern this World; but, not for long: because the Government of God is Quickly Coming, and with WRATH and REVENGE upon all of his Enemies!  Therefore, SHAKE and TREMBLE, O Sinners: because you will not Escape, unless you Thoroughly REPENT!  (See: What does it Mean to REPENT??)  Otherwise, your Young People will be Gathered Together for a Great Bloodbath in the Valley of Decision, where the Blood will Flow as High as the Bridles on the Horses: beCause of Rejecting the Great Truths that I have now Taught to you; and, beCause of Rejecting the Great Truths that I have Revealed to my Faithful Servant, the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge, who is a very Strange Bird in a very Strange Situation in World Affairs, who could not have Revealed his Tale of Truth and Wisdom without a LOT of Camouflage, without being Assassinated for it!  Indeed, it is MY Master Plan, and it has Worked Perfectly for Confounding Worldly-wise People, who will Naturally Misjudge him and his Tale of Truth, unto their own Damnation: because of Rejecting Ancient Truths from the Scriptures that they now Study, which are Certainly NOT the Perfect Words of GOD, including the very Title of GOD, which Means: ‘The Supreme Ruling FAMILY of HOLY ONES, who have been Perfected in the Furnace of Afflictions.’  Indeed, such is Jesus Christ, who is more Properly called The Anointed Savior in Plain English, whom the Peacock also Impersonates for Special Effects on the Minds of Readers and Listeners.  In Fact, if he were not Inspired to Write his Lovable Words of Provable Truth, those Words would not be Loved by all Humble and Honest People; but, the Proud and Foolish People just Naturally Reject almost all of his Words: because they Judge him to be Proud and Boastful, which Turns them Off: because it Reveals their own Sins, being like the Mirror of Truth, which they cannot Tolerate to Look into with an Open Honest Mind, lest they should be Proven to be WRong by what they See, which is Em-BARE-assing!  Yes, all Truths are Embarrassing to People who Reject those Truths; but, we who are Called and Chosen of God are Delighted by the Truth, whatever it might be about: because, in the Beginning were the Words of Truth, and the Words of Truth were with God, and the Words of Truth were God: because God is the Embodiment of All Truths, which Give to him his Great Powers, whereby he can Create Worlds, which he Creates According to the Wills or Desires of his Chosen Sons: so that they might be Happy with the Worlds that are Created just for them.  Therefore, I was with the Father of this World in the Beginning of it, which was Created According to my Will, having all Kinds of Creatures, Plants, and Marvelous Things for the Eyes to Behold, like Sunrises and Sunsets, which put all Painters to Open Shame, who Deceive themselves by making Images of such Sunsets, Flowers, Trees, Animals, and People: because they Glory in the Vain works of their own Hands, while Disobeying my Second Commandment to NOT Make any such Images, lest you become Corrupted by them, even as Moses Explained. (See: Deuteronomy 4.) Indeed, you now use all Kinds of Images to Advertise your Packs of Lies, and to Sell Drugs, Cars, Video Games, Computers, and whatever you can get Addicted to: because Satan Rules Over you.  Yes, you are nearly Bedridden because of your FAT, and some of you cannot even get Out of Bed by Means of your own Strength: beCause of being Filled with FILTH and POISONS from the Crowns of your Itching Heads to the Toes of your Stinking Feet, by Means of the Foods and Drinks that you Consume, and from the Shots of Puss and Drugs that you take — as if Wild Animals could not Teach to you anything, who have no Doctors, no Hospitals, no Drug Stores, no Addictions, and no Use for any such Vain Things.  However, go ahead, Charge ON, O Raging Bulls, and Fight Against the Truth, if you Will; but, Remember that your Judgment Day is Coming!  Yes, I will say to you during that Day, ‘Did you not Read the Psalm, which states: “Bless my Soul, O Creator, and do not let me Forget all of your Benefits, who Forgives all of my Sins, who Heals all of my Diseases, who Saves my Life from Destruction, who Crowns me with Loving-kindness and Tender Mercies, who Satisfies my Mouth with Good Sweet Fruits: so that my Life is Renewed, and my Youthfulness is Restored like the Eagle who gets New Feathers each Year,” which can only be Obtained by FASTING?’  And then you will say, ‘But, O Lord, no one ever Taught to us anything about Fasting for Regaining our Good Health, let alone Feasting on Fresh Raw Ripe Unpoisoned Sweet Juicy FRUITS from the Trees of Life.  Therefore, you have no Right to Condemn us to some Lower Order of Worlds.’ At which Time I will say, ‘Yes, you are Exactly Right, which is WHY that I am going to Recycle you through this World for a thousand more Years, just to Discover whether or not you will Learn the Truth and Obey it.  Yes, you will be Born Again in New Bodies, and thus be Resurrected during that Time.  However, if during this Life you Fail to Overcome all of your Sins, and Stop Sinning, you will be Unworthy to Rule with me during that one thousand Years: because you will not be like the Apostles Peter, James, John, nor Paul, who will all Testify Against you during your Judgment Day, even as the Men of Nineveh will also rise up to Testify Against you: beCause they Truly Repented According to the Preaching of Jonah, and were thus Saved from all of their Sins; and Behold, a Greater Prophet than Jonah is now here!  (See: The New MAGNIFIED Version of JONAH!) However, their own Children FORGOT what was Required of them, even as most of you have Forgotten what is Required of you, IF you have ever Learned it?  Therefore, only that Generation was Saved for any Positions within my Holy Kingdom, plus a few of the next Generation: because they were Young at the Time that they all Repented.  Therefore, without the Words of Truth being Studied from one Generation to another, the Masses of People cannot Keep themselves in that Strait and Narrow Path that Leads to Everlasting Good Health in the Paradise of Happiness, in the Blest Land of Perfect Oneness, where the Little Birds of Cheerfulness are Singing Praises to their Great King, and where all of the Animals Love and Obey him and also Sing with the Birds when it is Appropriate: because their Tongues are Loosed so that they can Freely Talk with each other and their Masters.  Therefore, Kato the Dog will Testify Against OJ Simpleton during his Day of Judgment for the Murder of his Former Wife and her Boyfriend, who will at Last get their Justice, along with George Wailing Bush, Incorporated, whom the Enemy should Send to Hell by whatever Means is Appropriate for the Lowest of the Low Scumbags on this Earth, who Pretend to Love God in Church, while Planning Murders in the Name of Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for ALL, while Dropping Huge Bombs on Innocent Wombmen and Children, who have done nothing Evil to them, which they call ‘Collateral Damage.’  (See: Dear Simon J. and Brenda P.) Shame on them; but, Double Shame on those Ignorant People who do not Exercise their Constitutional Rights and Impeach all such People, and Cast them Out of the Government, including ALL of those CONgresspeople who Voted for going to War in Iraq, before they Discovered the Whole Truth, and before they were Attacked by the People of Iraq: because it was I who Inspired their Constitution, which does not say that the Government shall have nothing to do with Religious Doctrines, nor that the Government should not be made up of Saints: because it was Arranged so that the People could Choose Good or Evil, and become as they Wanted to.  However, that is not to say that I Inspired DUMBmocracy, whereby the Masses of People keep SILENT, when they should let their Voices be Heard: because that would be True Insanity.  Indeed, Democracy, itself, is an Insane Way to Govern People, unless they are all very Well Informed, and Know what is Right and Wrong in the Eyes of God, whereby they might Choose what is Right for the People. (See: A List of the EVILS of Democracy!Therefore, if the News Reporters are not doing their Jobs Correctly, such a System cannot Function as it should; and those Reporters also include Preachers and Teachers, who will be in more Trouble during their Days of Judgment than those Wicked Politicians: beCause they Failed to Teach to them the WHOLE Truth, and nothing but the Truth, According to the Will of GOD, which most of them are Ignorant of.  Therefore, beCause of their Ignorance, they might all be Excused, at least until NOW: beCause they did not Know such Truths, until now.  However, now you Know, O Snooze Reporters, that you must Stir up the People to REPENT, and to bring those Evildoers to JUSTICE by PROVING what could NOT have Happened during September 11th, 2001 AD.  Yes, you must Waste a little more Money, O Tax Slaves; but, this Time you will be Able to get True Justice: because, after you have Proven that the World Trade Center Towers were IMPLODED by Demolitions, and that the Pentagon was Struck by Bombs from within — rather than by a Boeing 757 Airplane: beCause of the Reconstruction and Destruction of the same Kind of Building in some Remote Place in an Open Field in Pennsylvania, where no one can get Hurt — you will be Ready to Elect the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge as your new Righteous King, who will Pay you with $wangkee Wages for doing Good Works, like Building Beautiful Self-governed Planned City States, called: $wangkee Hotels, Castles, and Fortresses!  Yes, you will be Ready to Abandon New Yuck City and Lost Angels, Californicate, as well as Lost Wages, Nevada, New Orleans, Miami, Boston, Havana, Mexico City, Hong Kong, and all other such Trash Dumps, and Live within your own little ‘Gardens of Eden’ where no Gas for Cars nor Motor Oil is Required: because the Sheep will Graze on the Grass, and the Goats and Asses will Eat the Weeds, and the Fruit Trees will be so Abundant that everyone will be Drinking Sweet Fruit Juices like Water; while Coke, Beer, and other Poisons will be Abandoned for the Devil to Consume!  Yes, you will Change your DIE-ITS for LIV-ITS, and Rejoice in the Abundance of GOOD Fruits that most of you have never Tasted!  Therefore, do NOT Write a Letter to your CONgressperson, nor Waste your Precious Time with SINators; but, use your Voice and Time to Help Spread this Message, which can be Found Free of Charge on the Internet, which I also Inspired just for my Faithful Servant, the Colorful Peacock: because he Prayed that I would Provide a Way for him to Publish his Inspired Books to the People of the whole World: so that they might Learn whatever he has Learned.  Therefore, you and they are now Able to do so, at least within the Late Great Divided States of United Lies!  Yes, Babylon will Fall, and Great shall be the Fall thereof: because all such False Riches will come Crashing Down and be Ground to POWDER, which was Symbolized by the World Trade Center Buildings!  Yes, the most Evil Institution of all is that VILE Stock Market, whereby any Ignorant Idiot can Buy Stocks in such Evil Businesses as the Coke, Candy, and Tobacco Industries, or any of your Legalized Drugs: because almost all of the Merchants of the Earth have Waxed Rich by the Abundance of your Drugs, or Addictive Things!  Yes, all of the Nations have been Greatly Deceived by the Abundance of Drugs, whereby they Vainly Imagine that even GOD must be Using Drugs!  However, when you Learn the Whole Truth, you will Abandon the Lies of Satan, if you are Wise, and you will Join one of Seven Great Swangkee Armies of WORKING Soldiers!  Yes, you will go to Work after Doing some Fasting and Praying, after Renewing your Strength, According to the Instructions of the Peacock, whom you will Elect as your New Righteous King: beCause of Exercising your DUMBmocracy, Worldwide, whereby you will Spread this Message, whereby all Wise People will become Moderately Rich!  (See: How to Establish a New Righteous One-World Government without Going to War!, and: How we can All get Moderately RICH!)  Indeed, now is the Time to Exercise ALL of your Faith, Hope, Trust, Patience, and LOVE for All that is Good, and OBEY the Voice of your Righteous King: beCause KINGS are GOOD for you, if they are Righteous, which is WHY that I am the KING of Kings!  After all, even a 12-year-old Boy with a Moderate Amount of Good Understanding could do a Better Job of Governing the District of Criminals, in Washington, than is presently being done, whereby BILLIONS and even TRILLIONS of Dollars are being WASTED, while only a Handful of People are Moderately Rich, you might say!  Indeed, if it were not Possible for all of you to become Moderately Rich, I would not Propose it to you; but, behold, the Earth has an Abundance of ROCKS to Play with, which can be Used WISELY, even as the Peacock has Revealed.  Therefore, Study his Good Books, and Obey his Instructions, lest you End up in HELL with Satan! Amen.” The Engineer’s Version. †§‡§§

Now, I Hear someone say, “WOW, what a Testimony, O Engineer!  Where did you ever come up with all of that Information?”  Well, I just Wrote whatever came to my Mind.  Therefore, please let me Finish what I was saying about Tower Number 7, since I am Unqualified to Answer your Questions as an Engineer: because I am Actually being Impersonated by the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge. †§‡§§

Well, such a Theory might Appease the Mind of some Forgetful Ignorant FOOLS; but, it is Certainly NOT Fooling ME: beCause no Airplane Struck World Trade Center Tower Number 7, and therefore there was no Jet Fuel for doing what some False Witnesses Testify, who have their own Faces Recorded on many DVD’s with their False Testimonies.  Therefore, when we Hold the Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court HEARING, we will Discover all such People, if they are still Alive, and we will Discover the Nakedness of their Presumptions, and Prove that they are IDIOTS!  Therefore, if they do not Confess it, we will Load them up in one of those similar Airplanes that they CLAIM Hit the Pentagon, and Crash them into the Pentagon, and leave all of the Trash and Bodies where they Fall, for a Memorial for other Doubters and Fools to Study.  After all, America is the Land of JUSTICE, Remember?  Therefore, if those Deceived Idiots do not Confess that they were WRong — even after Proving them to be WRong by Experiments in the Wilderness, where they can Witness it on TV, and also in Person at a Distance, in Bunkers or whatever, and even Closer after the Crashes — we will simply Execute them, beginning with such Liars as the Former President of Political Rabbits and his Cabinet of Liars and Deceivers.  After all, we have Heard Enough Lies for one Lifetime.  Moreover, we Need to Deter any Future Government Scams like that, which such an Execution will do. †§‡§§

Now, there are many other PROOFS that the World Trade Center Buildings were brought down by Demolitions, which Proofs can be Found for Free on many Websites, such as: www.ae911truth.org, which Links with other Websites, such as http://11syyskuu.blogspot.com/2006/02/destruction-of-wtc-7.html, http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6845095502455815332, http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6883441047197474365, http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4995319675737766037, and: http://www.loosechange911.com/, which has Links to much more, presenting a whole Mountain of Evidence that something is very Fishy Smelling about the 9/11 Commission Report.  Indeed, another more Thorough Investigation needs to be carried on by some Unbiased Investigators from Foreign Countries, such as China and India, where much of the Metal of the World Trade Center was Shipped to for the Grand Cover-up, where some of it might Remain for Evidence.  Nevertheless, in the meanwhile we can carry on with some other Interesting Experiments. †§‡§§

For Example, we can take a Block of Steel that is Covered with Concrete, up into the Sky by Means of a Helicopter, equally as high as the WTC Towers, or even 5 times that Height, and Drop that Block on the Little White Backhouse in the District of Criminals, and Discover whether or not the Steel Ignites a Fire in the Basement that keeps that Steel at Molten Temperatures, like Thermate and Thermite might do, and for WEEKS.  Or, if that does not Prove it, we can Waste a few Bucks on Building Replicas of those Towers, and Repeat the Experiment in Different Ways, until everyone is Satisfied that it was a Demolition Project, or whatever they Conclude.  After all, if I am Right, we do in Deed have a VERY Wicked WICKED Cover-up Federal Government, which cannot be Trusted.  Moreover, whatever Oil Remains in the World should be Saved for Greasing the Wheels a million Years from now: because the Earth is not Producing any more such Oil by any Means, or else People might be using it right now, and showing to us where it is being Produced, rather than Waiting for the Last Drop of Oil to Vanish. †§‡§§

[1] NOTE: If you Stack up 5 of those little Wooden ABC Blocks that little Children Play with, which are a little more than one inch in diameter, and then lift up another similar Wooden Block about 2 inches above the Stack of 5 Blocks, and then Suddenly DROP that one little Wooden Block on Top of the other 5 Blocks, you will Experience the “PILE-DRIVING EFFECTS of what happened on September 11th to the World Trade Center Towers 1 and 2,” whereby the Upper Stories that were Cut Off by the Intense Heat of the Jet Planes became like PILE DRIVERS, which DROVE the Lower Floors into the Ground within 9.4 Seconds!  Yes, to Simulate that Experiment, you may set your Toy Wooden Blocks on LOOSE SAND, and then Notice how Deep the single Pile-driving Wooden Block, which you Drop, has Driven the other 5 Blocks into the Sand! Actually, those 5 Blocks will not Move at all.  Likewise, even IF the Upper Stories of the Twin Towers had been Magically Cut Off by the Fire, and then Suddenly Dropped on the Remaining Steel Columns and Trusses, there would be NO Pile-driving Effects for bringing the Buildings Down: beCause the Pile Driver must be Heavier than the Thing it is Driving, whereas, in this Case, the Undamaged Building below the Fire was 5 times Heavier than the so-called “Pile Driver” above the Impact Zone.