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“DEMOCRACY is Hailed among Western Civilizations, and Especially in the Divided States of United Lies, as the “Political Salvation of Mankind”: beCause, if anyone Objects to how their Government is Managed, rather than Shoot the King, they can Run with a Big Bag Full of Money, in a Political Race to the Little White OUTHOUSE, which Reeks with Ancient Elephant Droppings and Fresh Political Donkey Dung, which alone would Cause Jesus Christ to turn up his Nose at the whole Idea! P.U.!”

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— Ray Walter Swangkee

Chapter 1 — The Firefighters' Conclusions

Now, as many Firefighters have Testified, there were EXPLOSIONS and FIRES within ALL of the World Trade Center Towers, from Number 1 to Number 7: because something more than 2 Airplanes Caused all of those Explosions and Fires.  Indeed, John Schroeder, for Example, has Testified that he went into WTC Tower Number 2, shortly after it was Struck by an Airplane, and Discovered that the Lobby of the Building Looked like a War Zone: because of something Exploding in the Lobby at Ground Level, which had Decapitated the Limbs of some People!  Does that Sound like the Work of a FIRE, a BOMB, or Demolitions???  You be the Judge.  The Airplane Struck the Tower some 70 Stories ABOVE the Lobby, and therefore it is a Mystery as to HOW that could Cause an Explosion in the LOBBY!?  Indeed, that is the Equivalent of Aunt Jamimah’s Greasy Frying Pan Causing Tower Number 7 to MELT DOWN when the Bacon Fat got on Fire!  Or, it is like 81 Perimeter Columns and 24 Core Columns of Steel Neatly Cutting themselves Off at 45º Angles every 32 feet or so, and all at about the same Time: so that they all came Crashing Down within 6.5 Seconds, which not even Insanity Clause could Perform: because each one of those Core Columns was made of 4-inch-thick Steel in Rectangular TUBES that were about 52-inches by 22-inches by 100 feet Long, and Fastened Together with many large Bolts at the Square Joints, each of which was like a Steel Tower when it was all put Together.  Therefore, whatever Happened at the TOP of one of those Steel Columns, would hardly have any Effect on the TONS of Steel below it, except to perhaps BEND it a bit, or SHAKE it a bit; but, certainly NOT to Cause it to Cut itself Off into Neat LINKS about 32 feet Long, as is Commonly done for Shipping such Steel Away from a Demolition Site!  Otherwise, how could the Cleanup Boys Manage to Haul Away some 800 Truckloads of Trash each Day, as they did after September 11, 2001, in the RUSH to get Rid of the Evidence? †§‡§§

You must Remember that us Firefighters have no Cause for making up Lies and Inventing Conspiracies, since we are simply Firefighters, not Sneaky Criminally-minded Central Unintelligent Agents who work for the False Anti-Christ Federal Government.  Indeed, we are not Perfect People, and we might even Misjudge some Things; but, I am now telling to you the TRUTH — that the Lobby was TRASHED by some EXPLOSIVES, which Certainly did NOT come from a Passenger Plane some 70 Stories above it, nor was the Marble Knocked Off of the Walls by some Fireball that Supposedly fell down some Elevator: because the Elevators were Hermetically Sealed: so that they did not have any Air for making it Possible for a Fire to Burn, let alone EXPLODE like a Bomb, which Jet Fuel cannot do, anyway.  However, if you Imagine that it can do that, you Need to PROVE IT!  In Fact, if you have Great Confidence in your False Federal Government, you should get Together with the Unholy Church of Skeptics and Doubters, and Buy ten thousand gallons of Kerosene, plus a Chunk of Hardened Steel that is 3 to 4 inches thick, in the Shape of a Rectangular Tube that is 22 by 52 inches in diameter, and as long as you can Haul Home on a Semi Truck, having another Piece of Hardened Steel Truss, like they used in the WTC Towers, Bolted and Welded to it somewhere on one Side with 1¾-inch Bolts; and then rest all of that Steel across a large Steel TUB, which Contains your Kerosene or Jet Fuel, and light it on Fire, keeping the Fire Burning for 24 Hours, if you please, and Discover for yourself that such a Fire will neither Melt that Steel, nor Cause those Bolts and the Welding to give way when you Attempt to use Long Pry Bars, Sledge Hammers, Hydraulic Jacks, or whatever you like, to Remove the Piece of Steel that has been Bolted and Welded onto the large thick Steel Tubing, or Portion of a Steel Column.  Yes, turn the Bolts toward the Fire: so that they get Extra HOT, since we are told by “Officials” of the False Government that it was the “intense heat of the fire and the load that brought the building down.” (See: The 9/11 Commission Report.) Well, if that is True, you can Prove it by the Laws of Physics, which do not Lie.  Indeed, if the Steel MELTS by Means of the Burning Kerosene, it will be the First Case in all of History!  Therefore, you might Want to toss in a few hundred Pounds of LARD, which will Simulate the Fat of People Burning, just in case some Fools lay the Blame on Human Bodies Burning.  Furthermore, we Know for a Fact that the Airplanes CRASHED into the Buildings, going at least 500 Miles per Hour, and therefore the Tanks of Jet Fuel would have most Certainly Burst OPEN, SPILLING the Fuel all over the Place, which Fueled the Ensuing and IMMEDIATE FIRES; but, only Temporarily, all of which would have easily Burned up within MINUTES: because it would React just the same as if you Spilled that ten thousand gallons of Kerosene on the Street, and lit a Match to it, rather than have it Remain in some Container like your Metal Tub!  Therefore, unless some People Caught some of that Jet Fuel in their Coffee Cups, and held their Cups up to the Bolts of the Steel Girders that held up the Floors, there was no Physical Way for those Bolts to even get Extremely Hot, let alone MELT them AND the Welding.  However, Burning Jet Fuel only gets about 1,700º Hot, at most, whereas the Steel Requires 4,000º to Melt it!  Therefore, HOW did “Molten Steel” get into the Basements of all of those Buildings that Fell to the Ground, and Remain there for WEEKS?  When you Answer that Question, O Lady Doubtfulness, you will begin to See the Light of Truth about this Subject.  After all, the Friction of Steel Flying through the Air will NOT Heat it up more than a Degree or 2 at most, or else Lead Bullets might Melt and Drip into the Air before they Struck their Targets.  Likewise, none of the Steel in the WTC Towers was Heated up by the Effects of Free Falling within the Vacuums that were Caused by Explosives from Demolitions.  Therefore, anyone who Believes the “Official” 9/11 Commission Report, is a near Relative of a Stupid Cockroach who Lives in the Darkness of Ignorance, who has never been Enlightened about any Subject, let alone the Inspired Words of Jesus Christ, who Warned us about those Poisonous SNAKES, Greedy Hogs, Sneaky Foxes, and Stinking Skunks: because he also ran into them, now and then.  Indeed, no True Christian on this Earth would Believe such Stories about 9/11/2001, as Reported by the Federal Government of the Divided States of United Lies: because that Wicked government will not Answer our Important Questions, nor even Attempt to Prove what Happened.  However, they Strained themselves to keep everything a Big SECRET, and Disposed of the Remains of the Buildings as Quickly as Possible, even as they did after the Oklahoma City Bombing.  Therefore, they Destroyed the EVIDENCE at the Scene of the Crime, which could have Proven what Happened.  However, when you are Committing such a Crime, the Last Thing you Want left around for Evidence is THERMITE and THERMATE, which is Known to Melt Hardened Steel with 4,500-degree Heat within less than 2 Seconds: beCause it is Extremely HOT Stuff!  (Please Consult your Encyclopedia, if you Doubt what I say.)  Therefore, in Order to Cover up the Crime, they Quickly Shipped the Steel to India and China, where they would Naturally not Suspicion it as having come from a Government of Criminals: because the Divided States of United Lies or USA, has a Worldwide Reputation for having the Most Honest Government in the World, just after the U.S.S.R.  In Fact, we are so Trusted that the Chinese Actually Loan to us Money by the Billions of Dollars: because they Know that if we do not Repay them, they can Cut Off our Supply of Tools, Clothing, and whatever Junk and Toys that we might Discover in Super Smallmart, which will Cause us to go Broke: because the same Goods from some other Country, like Germany, Italy, or France, will Cost 2 or 3 times as much.  Therefore, their False Economy Depends on our False Economy, and our False Economy Depends on their False Economy, both of which might Crash at any Time: because the Natural Resources, like Gas, Oil, Zinc, and WATER are LIMITED!  Indeed, just a few more Natural Disasters could put us Trillions of Dollars more into Debt, such as will come about when the Icebergs Melt Down, and the Oceans Rise by 20 feet or more, which will Bury New Yuck City, Lost Angels, Miami, Boston, Seattle, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, Paris, Venis, Moscow, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Sydney, and hundreds of other Cities and Towns around the World!  Therefore, Exciting Times are Coming: beCause of Global Warming, which might even Cause the whole Earth to SHIFT on its Axis, whereby we could all end up being Upside Down! †§‡§§

One of the more Interesting Things about the Planes that Crashed into the Twin Towers, is the Fact that neither one of them was Full of Jet Fuel, which made it even more Unlikely that the Heat of the Fire could bring Down such MASSIVE Buildings with hundreds of thousands of Cubic Yards of Concrete and Steel, which could Barely Warm up during an Hour or 2, even with an Unlimited Amount of Fuel and Fire under it.  However, since when did Fires Transform Concrete into DUST?  Yes, you might Remember Seeing the Horrible CLOUDS of DUST that Spewed Out of those Buildings, which FIRES, themselves, NEVER PRODUCE!  Stop and THINK, O Idiots, did your Fireplace ever Produce CLOUDS of Dust made of Bricks, and Shoot Out Debris for hundreds of feet, including Steel Trusses that weigh TONS?  I do not Think so.  Indeed, your Fireplace might Shoot Out a little SPARK from a Burning Log, and might even make a PUFF of Smoke now and then; but, it is Certainly not going to Powderize a hundred entire Floors of a Building that Covers more than an Acre of Territory on each Floor!  In Fact, you could get the most Outrageous Fire going in your Fireplace, and it would never Melt the Fireplace Down, nor BLOW UP the Whole House: because Fires do not have such Powers, even if you dump Barrels of Kerosene on them!  Otherwise, the Fire Department would not send Men into Burning Buildings, in Order to put Out the Fires, which they also did for the World Trade Center Buildings: because no one Expected those Buildings to EXPLODE and IMPLODE!  Indeed, no one has ever Testified that they saw 100,000-gallon Propane Tanks of Gas within those Towers, which might Explode; nor has anyone Testified that any other Explosives were Carried into those Towers: because People who Work with Papers and Computers do not Need Explosives to do their Work!  Indeed, you might IMAGINE that they Need such Explosives, and that Insanity Clause brought them down some Imaginary Chimney during the Night before it Happened; but, in the Real World, no one does such Things without Intentions to MURDER other People, which was Certainly the Case with the WTC Towers: beCause it was Impossible for Fires, alone, to bring those Buildings Down; and the Impacts of the Jet Airplanes did not do it, neither: because, at Best, they could have only made HOLES like the Pentagon had in it. Remember? Moreover, why did the Pentagon not Fall Down in a Big Cloud of Dust, 45 Minutes after the Crash, after the Imaginary 47-feet-wide Airplane Crashed into it, making a 16-feet-wide Hole, only?  However, just ONE of those THICK Steel Columns would have STOPPED an Airplane Dead in its Tracks, as you can Prove by Doing it AGAIN: beCause each one of those Columns was Attached to all of the others, whereby all of them would have had to give way to some Degree!  Nevertheless, if you are not Willing to be Scientific about it, O Americans, how could anyone Prove it to you?  Therefore, continue to Deceive yourselves, and Flatter yourselves by Pledging your Allegiance to your Bloody Rag: because that is all that will be left after the Bombs fall on your almost Empty Heads!  Yes, the Russians are Coming, and the Chinese will Clean up the Mess and Collect the Spoils of War, if you do not REPENT!  (See: What does it Mean to REPENT??) †§‡§§

Another Interesting Thing about Fires is the KIND of Smoke that they Produce.  For Example, when Jet Fuel or Kerosene is Burning, the Fuel Produces Heavy BLACK Smoke, as you might have Noticed from Watching News Reports where Jet Airplanes were on Fire; but, shortly after the Airplanes Hit the World Trade Center Towers, the Black Smoke was gone: beCause the Fuel was Obviously mostly Burned up!  Therefore, it must have been the Furniture and Papers within those Offices that was Burning and making WHITE Smoke.  However, you might have Noticed that just all of a Sudden, about an Hour after the Fire Started in Tower Number 2, there was a RING of Fire that Burst Out all around the entire Floor, as if coming from Explosives, and then the Building Suddenly Fell!  Therefore, you might Ask, “What Caused the Sudden Explosion of Fire all around that Floor of the Building?”  “Was there some Huge Tank of Jet Fuel Stored up there on the 70th Floor: so that the Airplane could be Refueled, and Flown Away to Heaven, or what??”   Well, there is Actually only ONE Reasonable Explanation, and that would be Preset Explosives up there, which were Discharged at the very same Time, on the 65th Floor, in Order to Cause that Portion of the Building to Collapse, which, when it went Crashing Down on the Lower Floors, it Caused them to EXPLODE OUTWARD with Great Clouds of Concrete DUST and Debris in MILLIONS of little Pieces, even Shredding Human Bodies into HUNDREDS of Tiny Pieces, as any Fire just Naturally does while you are Barbecuing a Chicken, for Example.  Yes, the Barbecue Pit FALLS DOWN beCause of the INTENSE HEAT, and Smashes through the Floor of the Porch, or Deck, and BLASTS OUT the entire Basement of the House, Causing some Fragments of Heavy Steel Beams to be Thrown as much as a thousand Feet Away!  And, not only that Happens every Time that you Barbecue a Chicken; but, behold, the Barbecue Pit ends up in a Crater under the Basement with Molten Steel some 6 Weeks LATER, whereby you can Roast a whole Cow, who just Returned from Jumping Over the MOON!  Indeed, that is what the 9/11 Commission Report would have us to Believe!  However, I have a MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD Patiently Waiting for anyone who can get their Barbecue Pit to Do all of that!  Furthermore, even if the Steel did somehow Melt on the Floor where the Plane Struck, how did that Action Cause all of the Steel BELOW that Floor to Weaken, seeing that no Fires Melted it?  Indeed, all of the Heavy Steel Columns were still in Place; and they were Designed to Hold Up all of the Weight of the Building above them, PLUS much MUCH MORE!  Yes, you might not Know it, even as the Sleeping Federal Government Foxes did not Know it, nor Plan for it; but, those Steel Columns would have Held Up TEN TIMES as much Weight as was put on them by the Upper Floors that Fell on them, which did NOT Increase in Weight, just because of Falling a few Feet, no more than a little Block of Wood will CRUSH another little Block of Wood, like the ABC Blocks that Children Play with, if one Block is Dropped on another Block at any Height, even as High as to the Top of the WTC!  In Fact, all of those Upper Floors were Actually LIGHTER than they once were: beCause almost all of the Papers and Furniture had been Burned up during the Hour before the Building Fell, which would have Lightened the Load by several TONS!  Yes, it all went up in SMOKE, Remember?  In Fact, it was all of those Hot Papers that Helped to MELT the Steel, even as those same Kind of Papers Melt your Fireplace, which Crashes into the Basement every Time you Build a Fire, which Naturally Fills the Basement with a LOT of BS, which is the Abbreviation for a Bachelor of Science degree, which is Required in Order to Figure Out such Nonsense when Working for Satan! †§‡§§