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“It is not Right to FORCE all of the Children into Future Tax Slavery, with no Hope of Escaping from such BONDAGE. Indeed, WHO gave to US the Right to put such a Tax Burden on Future Generations of Rebellious Children? It would be better for them to not be Born, than to be Born into such an EVIL Situation — UNLESS they are US, in which Case we could only Confess that we DESERVED IT!” source

— Ray Walter Swangkee

Chapter 2 — The Conclusion of the Pilots

Whatever Happened during 9/11/2001, it was Certainly not the Work of Untrained Foreign Airplane PILOTS: because, when an Airplane is going 500 MPH, and Dropping thousands of feet in just Seconds, while making Sharp 180º Turns, the Plane will simply Fall Apart from the Radical Vibrations of such Actions and Reactions.  Indeed, it is more Stress than any Passenger Plane can Handle: because they are not Designed like Fighter Jets.  However, as if that were not Bad Enough, we are Expected to Believe that an Untrained Pilot from Saudi Arabia could Score a Direct Hit on the Pentagon at such a Tremendous Speed, without even being Able to SEE the Pentagon!  Indeed, can you Imagine someone who is Unfamiliar with Flying, who has never Flown a Jumbo Passenger Jet during his entire Life, who is Unfamiliar with the Layout of Washington, District of Criminals, Scoring a Direct Hit on the FIRST RUN?  What are the Chances of that?  In Fact, at a Distance, where one might See the Pentagon, and Recognize it from UP ABOVE IT, there was no Airplane: because, when it came into the Territory of Washington, it was only FEET above the Ground!  Therefore, the Buildings on the Ground were simply FLYING BY IT at Bullet-like Speed, at 500+ Miles per Hour! †§‡§§

Now, just to Persuade yourself how FAST that is, just get in your Car and Drive into some Wilderness Place where the Highway is Clear, like in Montana, and get your Car going only 100 MPH, and Notice how Objects like Trees and Fence Posts are just FLYING BY; and then Try to Imagine going 5 Times that Fast, while Aiming the Car at some House that is farther along the Highway, on a long large CURVE, whereby you have to Aim the Car Exactly Correctly, or else you might MISS the whole House!  In Fact, you would likely Miss the House if you were only going 100 MPH: beCause of Misjudging how much to Turn the Stirring Wheel for Negotiating the Curve, even after Driving a Car for many Years, whereas the Accused Saudi Arabian Hijacker had never before Piloted such a Plane, and had never even Seen Washington, DC!  Therefore, how would he have ever Known how to Maneuver the Airplane so as to Deliberately Hit that Particular Part of the Pentagon that was Built to Withstand such Attacks, which was a Section of the Wall on that Particular Side of a Building that would be Difficult to Identify from the Side of it, even at one Mile Away from it, which is like 7.2 Seconds from the Time of Impact at 500 MPH, which is not Enough Time to Raise nor Lower the Airplane!?  Moreover, when you are 5 Miles Away from some Object, including the Pentagon, it SHRINKS UP to the Size of a little House within your Eyeballs, and a Car Appears to be about the Size of a Piss Ant, while a Human Being is Invisible: because of being so SMALL at such a Distance!  Therefore, only LARGE TALL Buildings, like the World Trade Center and the Capitol Building, make really Good Targets for such Bombings with Jet Airplanes: because they can be Identified from a Fair Distance, where a Pilot might have Time to make Turns at such High Speeds, and thus get his Plane in Line with the Object that he Intends to Crash into. †§‡§§

Nevertheless, Seeing is Believing; and therefore, IF the Federal Burden of Investigation (FBI) can Produce one or all of the 5 Known Different Private Video Films that were Shot during that Day, so that we can SEE the Evidence, which they Confiscated and Locked up for the next 100 Years: beCause of their Cover-up Crimes, then we might Believe such Tales; but, until then, we Americans are simply not going to Accept their Report as being True.  After all, I have yet to Hear even one Person Testify that he or she Actually Saw an Airplane Crash into the Pentagon, since it would only FLASH BY their Eyes, if they were anywhere near the Pentagon when it Struck!  Yes, a Person would have to be at just the Right Distance from the whole Event, and be Watching the Plane while it is Coming in for a Landing or whatever, in Order to See it: beCause, if a Person is too Close, it simply Flashes by, before you can Turn your Head to Look: because the Sound Follows afterwards, which does not give to you any Warning that the Plane is Coming; but, if you are too Far Away, you cannot See the Details of the Crash.  Therefore, even if the Video Camera is Rolling at the Time of the Crash, it could barely Capture more than a FLASH, unless it were at a Fair Distance.  Therefore, in Order to get a GOOD Shot of the Incident, one would have to be Ready and Watching at just the Correct Distance, which only Hollywood could do very Professionally, I suppose; and that would be within a half Mile of it; but, not closer than a quarter of a Mile, and certainly not Standing on the Lawn beside of the Pentagon, reading a Newspaper: because the Plane would be going too Fast to even See it coming at you, unless you just Happened to be Looking in that Exact Direction when it came, let alone Follow its Movements with the Camera, which would make the Pictures very Blurry at the least: because of Attempting to keep up with the Movement of the Plane, which would Travel 244 Yards or 733 feet in less than a Second!   Therefore, the ODDS of someone getting a Good Picture of the Incident are very Slender: because who would have Time to get their Camera Ready?, which the Government Knew well in Advance, which is WHY they sent Agents around to all of the Places that might have Security Cameras Mounted on their Buildings, and Confiscated their Films within Minutes after the Blast, with the Pretence that they were going to Study the Pictures for Discovering who Committed the Horrible Crime!  However, it was only to HIDE the Evidence, or else they would Show the Evidence to the People of the whole World: because it is no Top Secret Thing that a Passenger Plane was Hijacked by Arabians and Crashed into the Pentagon!  Furthermore, to make it out to be a Top Secret Thing, itself, is an Admission that it WAS a Top Secret Thing, or else WHY would they HIDE the Tapes from the General Public?  Indeed, it is an Obvious COVERED-UP High Crime!  Therefore, if you Trust such a Wicked Cover-up Anti-Christ FALSE Government, whose Works are done in the Dark, you are just another FOOL! †§‡§§

Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Painted Skunk, say: “O Pilot, are there not Situations where it is Necessary for the Government to LIE, in Order to Protect our National Security?  Indeed, many Presidents have Lied for the Sake of National Security; and practically all Wars have been Won by Deceptions and Lies: because all is Fair in Love and War.”  Well, O Skunk, perhaps that is why you have so many Sex Diseases: because you Think like those Wicked Criminals in George Washington’s Little White Backhouse!  Yes, they do all Kinds of Evil Things in the Name of Democracy, Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for ALL; but, they Forget the Commandments of God, who is the Supreme Judge, who says: “Vengeance is MINE, says the Supreme Ruler, and I will Repay.”  Indeed, only God could Judge Correctly in Order to get Proper Revenge: because he alone Knows all that we have Done during this Life and during other Lives, which has Formed the Character of each Person, which is Imprinted on his or her Spirit, which can only be Changed by Means of True Repentance. (See: How many Times was Jesus Christ Reincarnated??)  Therefore, it is Wise to Obey him, lest we Discover that we are Fools.  However, if God Specifically Commands someone with his own Literal Voice to Kill someone, then that is his Business; and that Person should also Obey his Command.  However, no one has Reported about anyone from Heaven who Commanded our Congress to make War on the People of Iraq, who had not Attacked US.  Therefore, we are the Aggressors, Invaders, TERRORISTS, and Occupiers of Iraq AND Afghanistan, and who Knows where else? †§‡§§