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The Fool is Terrified at the Sight of Truths, and becomes Self-defensive: because his Traditional Religion or Belief is all that he Understands, and he Fails to Understand that his Traditional Religion or Belief is WRong! 


Chapter 3 — The Conclusion of the Medical Doctors

First of all, as a Native-born American, I must Confess that I am Greatly Ashamed of our Federal Government; and therefore, I make a Public Apology to all other Nations for our Sins, including the Political Sins, which we, the People, are Supposed to Expose, Confess, and Correct, According to our Constitution, whereby the Masses of People are Supposed to be in Control of the Federal and State Governments; and not the other Way around, whereby the Monster Federal Beastly Government is in Control of US: because that was the Whole Aim or Goal of our Founding Fathers, who Painstakingly made the Constitution for OUR own Good — not beCause they were Seeking Power, nor Fortune and Fame.  Therefore, it is a very Sad Day for ME, as an American Tax Slave, who does not Object to Supporting a Righteous Government; but, as for this False Government of Liars and Deceivers, I have no Compassion at all.  May they all be Impeached, Tried, and Executed for Treason, for not Upholding our Constitution.  Moreover, in my Honest Opinion, Former President George Bush is Mentally Ill, and should be Committed to an Insane Asylum if he Rejects the Truth that is now Available on the Internet concerning the Tragedies of September 11, 2001.  However, Knowing about him, he will most likely not even Study such Evidence: because he is a Denier of Truths, who is Obviously Working for the Rich Corporations who put him into his Position of Power.  Therefore, we need not Expect any such Confessions from him: because his Great PRIDE would not Allow it, which Proves that he is neither a Humble Christian, nor an Honest Person of any Kind, whatever his Religion is; but, it is Certainly NOT like that of Saints.  Moreover, I do not know for the Life of me WHY that someone like an Atheist does not put some Deadly Poison in his Soup, or put a Bullet in his Head, or Run a RED HOT Skewer up his Bleeding WRECKtum, in Order to STOP the Bleeding, or Cauterize it, before we Americans have to Suffer through a Great Atomic Nightmare beCause of him and his Cronies.  Indeed, our Enemies are Naturally going to Learn about all of these Things, and come to the only Rational Conclusion — that ALL Americans are Responsible for Allowing someone like George to Carry on, Contrary to our Constitution. Indeed, Osama bin Obama is another Form of the same Mysterious Shadow Government, which seems to be Orchestrated by Red Jews.  Therefore, they will Justifiably Bomb US to Hell with the Help of GOD, who Hates it! (See: The Great ATOMIC NIGHTMARE!) †§‡§§

Now, among the many People whom we Treated for Burns, Cuts, Partial Decapitations, Mutilations, Shocks, and Psychological Damages, there was not one who Testified that they were Aware of any such Attacks in Advance, or else they most likely would not have been there at the Time: because the World Trade Center had been Attacked many Years ago by People who Planted a Bomb in the Basement Parking Lot, which did a Huge Amount of Damage; but, it had little Effect on bringing down the Tower: because it was so Well Constructed, being Engineered to Withstand all such Attacks.  However, there were certain People who had Fair Warning, and Totally Escaped — such as the People who Occupied the Offices in the World Trade Center Tower Number 7, who were mostly Bankers and Government Agents, plus the Mayor of New Yuck City, each of whom FLED from the Building HOURS before it came Down: beCause they Obviously had Prior Warning of it.  In Fact, without such a Warning, why would they even Depart from that Building, seeing that it was made Extra Secure?  Indeed, they spent some 15,000,000$ making the Mayor’s “Bunker” on the 23rd Floor, Extra Secure, just after the Bombing of the other Tower in 1990.  Therefore, they must have been Persuaded that their Improvements were Necessary, and that those Improvements would Actually Secure them; but, as to WHY they would Attempt to make a “Bunker” on the 23rd Floor is an Utter Mystery to me, since that would be an Ideal Place for an Airplane to Strike!  Yes, it would be much more Difficult for a Plane to Strike the Second or Third Floor, whereas the 23rd Floor would be very Vulnerable, being about in the Center of the Building.  Therefore, that Part of their Plan makes no Sense to me.  Nevertheless, as a Medical Doctor, it is not Uncommon to Hear Confessions from People who are about to Die: because they Desire to Relieve their Consciences of the Guilt that they have been Carrying for so Long, which they Want to get Rid of before they Meet their Supreme Judge.  Therefore, I Fully Expect to Hear such Confessions during the Future, which I will Try to Record for Evidence, which can be Presented at the Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court HEARING! Yes, as I See it, there are many People who Know what Actually Happened at their End of the Project, even if they did not Know the Overall Picture of what was going on. †§‡§§

For Example, the Demolition Teams had to Know what they were Doing in the Buildings, setting Charges on those Columns and wherever.  Indeed, those People could have been Killed by now by the Sneaky Secret Service, or by whomever; but, there is still a Good Chance that some of them are still Alive, who know doubt FEAR to say anything: because of Signing some Contract, and because of making some OATH of Allegiance to the Government; but, when it Rides on their Consciences Long Enough, and they are about to go Insane from the Guilt of being Partakers of Government Sins, they will Surely Confess, and Especially if they Know that they will be Carefully Protected by The New RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint!  Yes, for everyone who makes a Full Confession at that Great Worldwide Televised Court Hearing, the Swangkee Associations of Working Soldiers will make a $wangkee Palace!  Therefore, they will be Justly Rewarded.  However, if anyone is Caught Lying about anything, they will be Rewarded with a Job in the Boneyard, Beating Bones into Powder with Hammers, making Fertilizer for $wangkee Gardens.  Therefore, it is not Advisable to come to that Great Meeting of the Intelligent Minds with any Lies in your Heart: because the Peacock will Discover your Sins, and Expose your Lies, and Remove your Head with his Sword of Truth!  Moreover, there will be no such a Thing as, “I take the Fifth Amendment”: because we are talking about True Justice, whereby, if someone is Innocent, that Person does not have to be Afraid to Testify; but, if someone is Unwilling to Testify, he or she is Automatically Presumed Guilty of a Cover-up, whereby he or she will be Punished with a Whipping, in Public, even in front of the Court and in front of the whole World, by Means of Televisions, where other People may Watch and FEAR to keep their Mouths Shut when they Know something as Important as WHO Set the Demolition Charges on the Steel Columns in the World Trade Center Towers in New Yuck City.  Indeed, whomever keeps Silent during that Time, and does not Confess the Whole Truth, even if they are Hung for Committing some Crime, shall be Discovered by the Master Farmer, himself, who will Cast them Out of this World into a Lower Order of Worlds with Satan and his Demons, where they will be Punished both Day and Night, Forever and Ever, in an Awful Place that is like a Lake of Fire that Burns with Stinking Sulfur! †§‡§§