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 Dear Steve Pieczenik, do you Actually Expect any Intelligent People to READ whatever you have to say about it all? Would they be in Facebook/C-span?


Chapter 6 — The Conclusion of the Peacock

Now, as you can See, we have not Discovered the Whole Truth about what Happened during September 11th 2001, nor are we likely to Learn the Whole Truth, until Witnesses are Confident that they will be Secure if they Testify Against this Great Terroristic False Cover-up Government with its "False Flags," which REFUSES to Answer our Important Questions.  Indeed, if you, yourself, just Happened to Know some Important Information, which would Incriminate some Government Official, would you say anything about it to anyone, Knowing that they could easily have you and your Family Exterminated?  Of course not.  Therefore, we cannot Expect Victims of Cruelties to say nor do much about the Situation: because they have Seen what this Lying Government can do.  In Fact, there are Countless Movies that Demonstrate it — such as the James Bond Movies, whereby James has a “License to Kill” in the Name of Good Government!  Therefore, People just Naturally Assume that whatever can be done to others, can also be done to them.  However, I am an Exception to the Rule: because of being a Famous Author, who Lives in a Remote Place, who is Guarded by many Volunteers, who is Fairly Secure in my 98% Rock House; but, that is not to say that Foxes could not Murder me: because anything is Possible, except to Murder the Truth.  Indeed, once the Seeds of Truth have been Sown within your Mind, there is no Way that anyone can Extract those Seeds, unless you Want them to.  Therefore, you might not Remember WHERE nor WHEN you Learned any certain Truth; but, once you Learn it, and Learn it Well, it is Permanently Stuck in your Head and Heart, whereby it has become a Part of you, which Grows within you: because of Meditating on it, until at last it is a Strong Tree that Bears Sweet Fruits, which Feed other Hungering Souls for the Truth — that is, unless you have a Cold Heart of Impenetrable Stone, wherein the Seeds of Truth cannot Sprout nor Grow.  Therefore, once your Tree of Life has Grown up, and your Beliefs are Secure and Well-grounded on the Solid Bedrock of Divine Truth, you have nothing to Fear from People: because you Fully Understand that your Creator God will take Good Care of you, and even make you a Ruler within his Great Kingdom during the Future.  (See: WHY were we BORN??)

Now, my Personal Opinions concerning what Happened during September 11, 2001, are of little Importance: beCause those Opinions can only be Proven in a Court of Law and Order, where the Evidence is Presented by Eyewitnesses and Earwitnesses, who Saw and Heard whatever they Saw and Heard, who are Invited to Come to the Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court HEARING, at which Time we can Discover the WHOLE Truth, even as I have Revealed within other Inspired Literature, which Explains HOW to Do that, which is quite Enlightening. Indeed, God has Revealed to me HOW to get the Witnesses to Speak up. So, until then, my Tale of Truth must be Highly Camouflaged: beCause the Enemies are no doubt Watching, and Waiting for the Opportunity to Assassinate me. After all, if I am Right — that it was Red Jews who Orchestrated the Destruction of the World Trade Center Towers 1, 2, and 7 — then those Red Jews would Certainly NOT Want to be Exposed. However, you might Remember Bernie Madoff, who was the Perfect Example of a Lying Red Jew, who got by with his High Crimes for many Years, whose Brothers are still Running Lose, including Larry Silverstein, who Incriminated himself by his Response to a simple Question about what to Do with Tower Number 7? Yes, he clearly said, "PULL IT," which, in Terms of Demolitionists, Means to "BRING IT DOWN." 

Now, that Statement brings up several Important Questions, which he should Answer in a Court of Law and Order before he Dies: beCause he is the only Person who can Rightly Answer those Questions. First of all, he should be Asked what he Meant by "PULL IT"? After all, how could he Suggest to bring it Down, if he did not Know that it Could be brought Down? Moreover, how could it be brought Down without Explosives? And that brings up the Great Question, "WHO Wired the Explosives, which must have Required several Weeks, or even Months, to get them Set up for Demolition?" Therefore, Larry must have Known WHO did the Wiring, or at least that it was already Done and Ready to "PULL." Moreover, he could not have been the ONLY Person who Knew the Facts: beCause it Required a Demolition TEAM to Do that Job. Furthermore, it Naturally Required MONEY for Hiring those Men to Do that Undercover Work, which Money must have been Paid by some Means from some Banksters, who would Naturally have Records of all such Transactions, who could hardly be in on the Conspiracy, unless they were also Lying Red Jews, in which Case they would also make Good Witnesses at that Great Meeting of the Intelligent Minds. Nevertheless, it could have been Handled by Wisely Using CASH to Pay Off the Demolition Team, which Team would Know whether or not they were Paid with Checks or Cash, and for what Purpose they were Paid, who are the Least Likely to Want to LIE in any Court of Law and Order: beCause they, like the Roman Soldiers who were Crucifying Jesus Christ, were only "Doing their Job," as they say. Therefore, if those Red Jews are Wise, they will Exterminate all of that Demolition Team by Covert Means, which can be Handled by the Central Unintelligent Agency, who have made many other People "Disappear." Yes, they are Professional Murderers, who merely Do whatever they are Ordered to Do, without Questioning whether or not they are Murdering Innocent People or Criminals? Indeed, one might Wonder WHERE all of the "Passengers" Disappeared to, who were in those "Airplanes" that Crashed during September 11, which could have easily been nothing but Unmanned DRONES, since the U.S. Military is Able and Willing to Do that: beCause they are also Sworn to "Secrecy," being like Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, who Know for a FACT that they did NOT Land on the Moon! However, for the Sake of Government Deceptions, Lies, and Cover-ups, People do Strange Things, and tell Lies with a Bold Face, even as they did for the "Manhattan Project," which was a "Top Secret Government Project," which was Exposed by the "Freedom of Information Act," which will also no doubt be done during the Future for the Kennedy Assassination, the Oklahoma City Bombing Cover-up, and the September 11 Cover-up: beCause it is Difficult to Keep Secrets Forever. However, the Moon Landing Hoax is quite a bit Different than Murdering some 3,000+ People in the Name of Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for ALL. Remember that X-amount of People Died since then from Breathing the Bad Air in New Yuck City, who Helped to Clean up the Big Dusty Mess, which the Government Assured them was OK to Breathe! Moreover, there are more and more Victims of that Wicked Government, who are Contracting Lung Diseases, even now: beCause of Breathing that BAD Air, which Contained Thermite: beCause thousands of TONS of it was Used for Demolishing those 3 Giant Towers, According to www.ae911truth.org, who are Reputable Architects and Engineers. Therefore, that whole Case Desperately Needs to be Reinvestigated by Honest Unbiased Architects, Engineers, Scientists, Demolition Experts, Private Detectives, News Reporters, Medical Doctors, Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, and Experts in all Associated Fields: beCause there are thousands of Unanswered Questions.

For Example, HOW did Tower 7 Implode itself? Indeed, you can See Videos of it Happening within the above Link, as well as a "Mountain of Evidence," as they say. Therefore, until you have Honestly and Open-mindedly Studied that Website, you can Hardly Judge this Subject Objectively, let alone come to your own Rational Honest Conclusion. Meanwhile, if you are a Witness who has some "Top Secret" Information, or Inside Information that might be Valuable within a Court Room, I Strongly Suggest that you Document the Evidence, and Watch Behind your Back, Carefully, until we can Hold that Great Worldwide Televised Court Hearing, at which Time you will be Justly Rewarded within a $wangkee Palace! Indeed, SOMEONE must Know WHO is Responsible for the 9/11 Disaster, since Obama Blame Laden DENIES having anything to do with it! Indeed, I also Agree with him. After all, it was Supposed to be 19 Arabians who Hijacked the Airplanes, not Afghans nor Iraqis, whom we Attacked for the Justice of it all! What Justice? What Connection is there between the Talaban in Afghanistan, and Osama bin Laden, who are about as Equally Related as Saddam Hussein, Larry Silverstein, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfwits, George Bush, and Dick Chenny? Actually, there is not much Difference between all of them, since they are Related to the Devil, being Sons of Satan, or else they would Gladly Answer our Important Questions. Otherwise, except for Osama bin Laden, they must be Suspicioned as being Guilty of Covering Up Crimes. Indeed, Osama is probably the Least Guilty, and is also probably being Covertly Hidden by the CIA: beCause, if all Truths were Known about it, the Late Great Divided States of United LIES would have to have another Revolutionary WAR: beCause Petitioning the Government would not do much of anything! Nevertheless, I am a Firm Believer in God's Justice, which can come about in Strange Ways.