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"O my Faithful Friend, the Ignorant Fool will Believe any Lie that Promises a QUICK Remedy for his Age-old Dietary Sins." — A New MAGNIFIED Proverb of King Solomon 


Chapter 7 — Supplemental Thoughts

From Time to Time I will Add Supplemental Thoughts to this Book, According to their Importance.  However, if you have been on the Internet, Searching for Information about the Truth concerning September 11th 2001, you have probably already Discovered more than Enough Information to Satisfy the Belly of your Mind that it was an INSIDE JOB by some Members of our own Wicked Federal Government: beCause of the FALSE Airplane Crashes in Pennsylvania and Washington.  However, if you have Proven Truth that it is otherwise, please let me know about it.  Thank you.

Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Capitalist Hog, grunt: “O Peacock, you and I both Know for a Fact that it is Impossible for anyone to Keep a Secret, and Especially when it is concerning such a Controversial Issue among thousands of People.  Therefore, there is no Way that it could have been an Inside Job.” Well, O Hog, you must Remember that all Members of the Government, including the Military, must Swear OATHS of Allegiance to that Government, with a Penalty of DEATH or Imprisonment for Breaking their Oaths.  Therefore, if you had some Small Part in such Actions, and did not have ALL of the Facts at your Disposal for Disclosing those Limited Facts that you Personally Know, to the Public, HOW could you Justify taking your LIFE into your own Hands, just to Reveal that Tiny Bit of Information, which would only get you into BIG Trouble with your Superior Authorities?  Therefore, you would simply keep your Mouth SHUT, and Hope to God that you might Escape from any Revenger or Headhunter. Also, Remember the “Manhattan Project” during World War II, which was kept a Total Secret for many Years, in spite of Involving tens of thousands of People. Think of Conspiracy Businesses, which have kept Trade Secrets for Decades.

Larry Silverstein said, "I remember getting a call from the ... er ... fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, 'We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.' And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse." Really? The Fire Department set up TONS of Demolitions during September 11, 2001, on such a Huge Building, within only Hours, which would normally require Weeks or even Months?! Moreover, if it was True that the Fire Department Demolished the Building, what Need would there have been for the Federal Government to spend 2 Years Investigating the Mystery? Why not just ask the New York Fire Department HOW they did it? And what about the Fire Chief saying that they were not Sure that they could Contain the Fire? HUMBUG! Similar House Fires have Burned for Days, and have still been Contained within such Buildings, which are Designed to Resist such Fires, being Steel and Concrete. No Fire Chief in any Big Proud City, like New York City, would make such a Silly Statement: because they have always been Able to Contain such little Fires. Remember that no Airplane struck Tower 7, and the Building, itself, was basically Fireproof: beCause Concrete and Steel do not Burn. However, if anyone Doubts that, they can Experiment with it in their own Backyard; or, they can simply Burn Up their Frying Pan on the Stovetop! Yes, they could even fill the Frying Pan with Concrete, and then Burn it up on their Gas Stove, and Powderize it at the same Time! Indeed, they could Watch the Concrete Transform into Fine Powder while it is Cooking on the Stove; but, be Warned, the entire Stove might somehow Melt Down with Thermite, and Fall into the Basement, if they do not hold their Mouths just Right, and keep one Eye Shut the whole Time, while Crossing their Fingers, and Praying for God to Bless America!