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“Madame, you are doing something WRONG. Therefore, WAKE YOURSELF UP, and pay Strict Attention to your own Body, lest you end up in the Sanitized Slaughterhouse, getting your Precious Million-dollar Organs Removed by Means of 10 cent Razor Blades, so to speak. Yes, WAKE YOURSELF UP, and come to your Right Senses: because you are in PAIN for a GOOD REASON, which is NOT the Lack of some Poisonous Pill, Shot of Puss, nor Operation by the Doctor Knife; but, it is the LACK of Obedience to Certain Divine and Natural Dietary LAWS.” source

Chapter 1 — What IS Capitalism?

Well, the Swangkee Dictionary has several Different Definitions, which are as follows:

1) An Economic System in which the Means of Production and Distribution are Privately or Corporately Owned and Developed, which is Proportionate to the Accumulation and Reinvestment of Profits that are Gained in a Free Market.

2) An Economic System that is Based on the Private Ownership of the Means of Production, Distribution, and Exchange of Goods, which is Characterized by the Freedom of Capitalists to Operate or Manage their Property for Profit in Competitive Conditions, which is also often called Free Enterprise and Private Enterprise, as Opposed to Socialism.

3) A System of Economics, under which Ownership of and Investment in the Means of Production and Distribution Depends mostly on Corporations and Private Individuals, as Opposed to Government-owned and Operated Businesses.

4) A Theory or System in which Property and Investment in Business are Owned and Controlled by Individuals Directly, or through Ownership of Shares in Companies. For Example, in the United States of America, we can Buy Stocks and Bonds, or Shares, in any Public Company, such as Ford Motors, IBM, Pepsi, DuPont Chemical Corporation or whatever.

5) State Capitalism is a Form of Capitalism in which the State Owns or Controls most of the Means of Production and other Capital, which is often very Similar to State Socialism.

6) An Economic System that Produces a few Excessively Rich People, while Producing Multitudes of Poor People who Work for the Rich People, who are called Capitalists.

7) A Deceptive Economic System that Assumes that there is an Endless Supply of Natural Resources that can and should be Exploited by Capitalists.

8) An Economic System whereby X-amount of Ignorant, Uneducated People Vainly Imagine that they can become Extremely Rich by Wisely Investing their Money, Time, Energy, and Material Wealth in Balloons and Bubble Gum, which neither Satisfy the Spirit nor the Body; but, all such Businesses leave such Capitalists Depressed and Miserable, whereby they Seek Drugs, Alcohol, and Various Diversions from their Reality, in a Vain Attempt to Escape from their Reality, which often Drives them to Suicide, if their Businesses should Fail, like Balloons Bursting on Wall Street.

9) An Economic System that Produces certain Rich Bankers, who Control the Money Supply, who can "Make" or "Break" any Potential Investor in the Balloon and/or Bubble Gum Businesses, IF they Favor them and Help them by Means of their "Capital" or Money, or NOT Favor them by NOT Loaning any Money to them.

10) An Economic System that Relies on the Sale of Trash, which is Mass-produced by Ignorant Poor People, who have no Idea concerning what else that they might Do for a Living: beCause they were Born to be Servants of Good Masters; but, the People who were Born to be Good Masters have made Slaves of their Servants, and have thus made everyone Miserable, including themselves: beCause they Feel Guilty for taking Advantage of their Slaves. (See: Were you Born to be a Master, or a SERVANT??)

11) An Economic System that is Based on the EXPLOITATION of Natural Resources, Slave Labor, and Foolish Governments, who must BAIL OUT the Capitalists when they Fail, which they all have to Do when their Trash becomes Obsolete or Unwanted: because of being Replaced by something Better. For Example, the Tobacco Companies have Raked in hundreds of Billions of Dollars: beCause of getting Proud Ignorant Idiots ADDICTED to Smoking and Chewing Tobacco; but, X-amount of People have Decided to Exchange the so-called "Pleasure" of Smoking and Chewing for Good Health, by Denying themselves of such Expensive Addictions, which is not only Better for them, Financially, Physically, and Spiritually: beCause of having a Good Conscience, Better Health, and more Money; but, it has also Established a Good Example for the Children to Imitate, who must Love and Respect a Person who Exercises Self-discipline, whereas it is almost Impossible to Respect a Person who Smokes, uses Drugs, gets Drunk, Eats too much, Rapes his Neighbors, Steals from his Children, or Robs himself of Good Health: beCause it is another SELFISH Act, and a Sign of Spiritual Weakness.

12) An Economic System that Produces X-amount of Sick and Diseased People, who then Cry Out for SOCIALISM to Save them: beCause they cannot Afford their so-called "Health Care," which is just another Great Deception of the Mind: beCause no Wild Animal on Earth ever Used any Drugs of any Kind for Obtaining Good Health; and almost all Wild Animals are Healthier and Happier than "Civilized" People, who Assume that Good Health is Obtained by Consuming X-amount of DRUGS! However, Jesus Christ said, "You shall Learn the Truth, and the Truth will make you Free when you Practice it." — The New MAGNIFIED Version. Therefore, whatever that Truth is, we Desperately Need to Learn it: beCause we are now more than 57 TRILLION Dollars in Debt and Obligatory Debts, which is more than the Value of all Property in America, including all Houses, Cars, Businesses, Hospitals, Churches, Prisons, Military Trash, Buses, Trucks, Airplanes, Trains, Ships, and Submarines, Combined! In other Words, if we Sold all that we Possess to the Germans and Japanese, we would still be in Debt: beCause of being Obligated to Support the Old People who will soon Retire, if they have not already Retired, who are Depending on Social Insecurity Checks! Moreover, we also Owe a Living to the Wounded Veterans of Foreign Wars, which will Add up to more Trillions of Dollars. Therefore, such an Economic System is Obviously a Grand Deception, which is Based on a BIG LIE — that God Loves it!

13) An Anti-Christ Economic System that Produces Prostitutes of all Kinds, who must Sell their Souls for the Sake of Obtaining a Sorry Living of some Ungodly Kind, which makes the Masses of People Want to ESCAPE from it; but, behold, the only "Escape" that they can Afford is to Consume DRUGS: beCause very few Rich Capitalists have even been Able to Afford their own Private $wangkee Fortresses, which would Provide all that they would Need for a Truly GOOD Lifestyle, having Fresh Clean Air, an Abundance of Pure Water, Wholesome Natural Foods, Proper Clothing, SECURE HOUSES — called: Swangkee Stone Domehomes; Large Cisterns for Water Storage, Fireproof Tool Houses, Homecraft Workshops, Sales Shops, Profitable $wangkee Fruit Tree Houses, Profitable $wangkee Bat Houses, Stone Barns, Terraced Stone Walls, Large Walk-in Coolers / Freezers, Covered Swangkee Highways, and all that a Person might have at a SIXTH Swangkee Hightel, Castle, and Fortress! Indeed, such a Rich Capitalist could only ENVY those Wise People who United their Effort, Time, Materials, and Money for Building such Beautiful Planned City States: beCause all of those Wise People would be Living in $wangkee PALACES, Debt-free, Loan-free, Interest-free, Insurance-free, Worry-free, and Truly Blest by the Master Farmer: beCause he Loves United Effort, Cooperation, and LOVE for one another, which is the Heart and Soul of Christianity — NOT Capitalism!

14) An Evil Economic System that Produces all Kinds of Abominations, such as Cigarettes, Cocaine, Heroin, Opium, Marijuana, Barbiturates, Meth, Gas-hog Automobiles, Toxic Paints, Stinking Perfumes, and Chemical Poisons of all Kinds: beCause of the Greed for more Money, which Requires the Inventions of Satan, the Devil, who cannot even Relate with the Peace nor Happiness of the Garden of Eden, let alone Beautiful Planned City States, called: Swangkee Hotels, Castles, and Fortresses, which have more than 248 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Building them and Living within the Borders of them! Indeed, it is Customary for a Capitalist to Refuse to even Study such Plans: beCause of being so PROUD, Small-minded, Selfish, Greedy, and Deprived of Brotherly Love, even a Sorry Product of Capitalism, itself!

15) An Evil Economic System that Disregards the Laws of God, Despises the Love of one's Neighbor as himself, and Mocks the First Church of Jesus Christ, who had all Things in Common. (See: The Book of ACTS, Chapters 4—5.)

16) A WICKED Economic System that Produces Criminals of all Kinds, such as Bernie Madoff, Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Saint Joseph Stalin, Mao TseDung, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Sir Winston Churchill, President Franklin Deception Roosevelt, Sewage Cleaners George W. Bush, Dick Chenny, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfwits, J. Edgar Whoever, and Hosts of Murderous Military Zealots, who know not the Way of Peace nor Happiness, who Deserve every Ache, Pain, Wound, and Plague that comes on them, who should all be brought to Trial for TREASON.

17) A Grand Economic System for Rich People who can never get Enough, who Build Lavish Mansions for themselves, and Live like Royalty, while all around them are Billions of Poor Hungry, almost Homeless People, who Suffer for all of their Lives for a Lack of Money, for a Lack of a New RIGHTEOUS One-World Government, who never even Heard of a List of $wangkee Wages!

18) A Great Economic System for Rich People who already have a thousand Times more Wealth than they Need for Living a Good Comfortable Life, who are called Capitalists, who Inspire Weak-minded People to Seek the same Abundant Riches, so that they might also Live like Rich Prostitutes, and Enjoy Dying with Cancers, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Drug Overdoses, or whatever Just Reward befalls those Greedy People who Suffer with Chronic Constipation of the Mind, who cannot Understand that Riches are not only GOOD for Rich People; but, also for everyone else, who could all become Moderately Rich in all Ways!

19) An Economic System that Demands more and more Production of Goods and Services that are not Needed, except to Keep the System Alive: beCause, without the Production of those almost Worthless Goods and Unnecessary Services, the Grand Deception could not Survive, which is Based on the Illusion that everyone in the World could Possibly become as Rich as Bill Computer Software Gates, who is as Spiritually Poor as almost all other Capitalists, if he cannot Understand that Capitalism is a Dead End Street, which Comes to that End when it Runs Out of Natural Resources to Exploit, even as it is in HAITI!

20) Capitalism is the Lust for more Money, which the Apostle Paul called, "the Love of Money," which is the Root Cause for almost all Evils: beCause it Inspires those Evils. Therefore, if you can Think of some Evil, the Motive for it is most likely the Love of Money, which Inspires Overeating and Drinking, Drunkenness, Rape, and whatever Follows the SINS of Capitalism, which is an Anti-Christ FALSE Economy, which has Proven itself to be WRong!

21) An Economic System that has Produced more than 5,000 EVILS! Indeed, Jesus Christ said, "You shall Know them by their FRUITS," which are their WORKS and Words. Therefore, if one Examines the Fruits of Capitalism, one Discovers that for the most Part, at least for most People, Worldwide, Capitalism is a CURSE of Bitter Fruits, and so many of them that I have Listed them within another Book, called: A List of the EVILS of Capitalism, which does not List even one tenth of them! However, it Eliminates any Doubt about the GOODNESS of Capitalism, which, on the Scale of Justice, is Greatly Outweighed by the EVILS of Capitalism, which is Satan's Economic System!