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When Capitalism has been Stripped Naked by her own self, she will Discover in the Light of Truth that she was just an Old Whore to begin with, and that all of her Lovers have Forsaken her: because she STINKS!

— Ray Walter Swangkee


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A New and Wonderful Economic System
An Ancient and Reliable Economic System
First Class Quality Economics!

You have no doubt Heard of Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and perhaps other Isms; but, have you ever Heard of Swangkeeism, which is a NEW and Rational Way of Life, even though Part of it is also an Old Way of Life, which is Reliable, Secure, Profitable, Enjoyable, FUN, and Fascinating!? Indeed, Swangkeeism Incorporates ALL of the Isms to some Degree: beCause it Permits them, or Tolerates them, even though it does not Promote them: beCause Swangkeenomics is FAR Superior in many Ways, and even a 12-year-old Child can easily Understand it; but, like all other Economic Systems, you still have to have Faith in it, before you can Thoroughly Understand it: beCause Doubt and Unbelief is Blinding to the Mind.

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091. The Entrance to the House of Representatives, with a very Long Enlightening Explanation

091. The Entrance to the House of Representatives, with a very Long Enlightening Explanation

Trust me, Civilians are NOT Welcome in the House of Representatives, in the DisTRICK of Criminals, even though some Civilians are sometimes Allowed: beCause it is Good for a Show or Charade of Freedom and Liberty, in a Divided Land that is Filled with Frustrated People who seldom if ever get to Voice their Honest Opinions, which is why the Washington Journal on C-span was Invented, which Allows People to Vent their Frustrations to some Degree, even though it is Impossible for 4,000,000,000 People to Call in with their Complaints during a Day or 2. In Fact, it would be Impossible for most of them to Call in during an entire Lifetime, even if the Washington Journal had Open Phone Lines for 24 Hours per Day: beCause of the Weaknesses of such an Insane DUMBmocracy, which could at least be Improved on by having a Telephone Line that is Dedicated to those Humble People who at least CLAIM to have Reasonable Solutions for our Massive Problems: because all of the other Telephone Lines are Jammed with the Calls of mostly Ignorant IDIOTS, you might say, who have no Solutions for anything, let alone Reasonable Solutions, such as I Present in Plain English. However, as far as I can tell, no one Working at C-span, nor anywhere else in Washington, District of Criminals, is the Slightest Bit Interested in Actually Solving our Massive Problems: beCause, if such Solutions were Discovered and Learned by the Masses of People, all of those Politicians and BureauRATS would simply be put Out of Business, along with the Poisonous Snakes and Stinking Skunks! For Example, Suppose that everyone in the World should Learn, Believe, Love, and Obey the New Magnified Version of the Ten Commandments, how many Taxes would be Needed? NONE! Indeed, how many Politicians would be Needed? NONE! Moreover, how many Insurance Companies would be Needed? NONE! How many Banks and Banksters would be Needed? NONE! How many Lawyers and Judges would be Needed? NONE! How many Hospitals and Medical Doctors would be Needed? NONE! How many Drug Stores and so-called "Cures" would be Needed? NONE! How many Gas-hog Cars would be Needed? NONE! How many Gas Stations for Cars and Greasy Mechanics would be Needed? NONE! How many Cruel Prison Systems and Filthy Jails would be Needed? NONE! How many Murderous Soldiers and Hideous Weapons would be Needed? NONE! Indeed, if everyone in the World were somewhat like Jesus Christ and his Beloved Disciples, what Need would there be for the School of Fools, and the Universal College of almost Worthless knowledge, which does not even Capitalize such Important Words as Faith, Hope, Love, Trust, Patience, Law, Order, Obedience, Peace, and True Prosperity? Therefore, would it not be Wise to Teach all of the little Children to Learn, Believe, Love, and Obey those Magnified Commandments, with the Hope that at least SOME of them would Learn and Obey them, and thus REDUCE the Taxes, if not Eliminate them? However, Truth and Wisdom have been Trampled on and even DIED in the Polluted Streets of the Lovable Land of Spiritual COWARDS, while Tax Masters, Banksters, and CapitaLUST Robbers have Greatly Multiplied, until now one in 5 Americans are Working for the Government, for the Federal Burden of Investigation, for Example, which has not even Discovered this Website! However, do not Feel Bad about that: because 50% of the Greeks are now Working for their Democratic Government! Therefore, one can always Look around and See someone in Worse Condition than himself: beCause that is what DUMBmocracy Produces, even all Kinds of BAD Conditions, which can Honestly be called "HELLISH Conditions," as in the Case of the Great Earthquake in Haiti, and the Horrible Floods in Pakistan and China! Indeed, when Gifted Civilians are not Free to Speak up in CONgress, and tell the Whole Truth, even as they See it, it is Impossible for the Masses of People to HEAR IT, most of whom are not even Listening to C-span, anyway: beCause they want nothing to do with such a PHONY Anti-Christ FALSE Cover-up Federal Government! No, but it is like Living in some Stinking Little White BACKHOUSE or OUTHOUSE, which Stinks from the Top to the Bottom with Ancient Political Elephant Droppings and Fresh Corruptible Donkey Dung, which makes the Children SICK! Meanwhile, millions of Poor People are without Jobs nor Money, whose Voices are Rarely Heard, while tens of thousands of others Live in Sewage Systems, in Subways, under Bridges, and in Toxic Dumpy Trailer Houses: beCause they are Homeless, being without Proper Swangkee / First Class Quality Houses, even in a Land that has Wasted TRILLIONS of Dollars on Cars and Gasoline, just getting to Work and going Shopping for TRASH, when they could have almost all gotten up and gone to Work at HOME, or near Home, Earning $wangkee Wages, if they were Living within Beautiful Swangkee Stone Domehomes within Swangkee PALACES, within Gorgeous Swangkee Hotels, Castles, and Fortresses, where all of the Gardens, Vineyards, Orchards, Houses, and Home-craft Workshops and Sales Shops are within the Borders of Swangkee Moats, which Protect all such Wise People from Tax Masters, Rats, Interest Masters, Squirrelly Banksters, Insurance Masters, Porcupine Lawyers, and Slave Masters, as well as Snakes, Raccoons, Opossums, Skunks, Thieves, Rapists, Murderers, and other Unwanted Varmints, Deceptive Characters, and Misguided Preachers, who have merely taken Advantage of all such Ignorant Uneducated Weak-minded CHILDREN, whose Minds have been Greatly PUFFED UP with Pride, unto the Point that they cannot even Confess the Great Truths within this Explanation of DUMBmocracy, which is Democracy without a Voice of Truth to Speak for itself: beCause it has been Silenced within the Hearts and Minds of the Masses of People by that Pride and GREED, which has been Instilled into them by the Brainwashers, by the Propagandist Liars, by the Advertisers of Addictive Things, by the Sellers of TRASH, by the People who stand to Gain Great Riches for themselves, while the Masses of People Suffer in their States of Poverty and Shame, who are even Unable to Feed themselves if the Rain should Stop: beCause Capitalism has made no Provisions for Swangkee Cisterns for Water Storage, for Example, nor has it Provided any All-Mineral Organic Gardens, Vineyards, Orchards, nor Profitable Swangkee Fruit Tree Houses: beCause, WHO could Afford them, when they cannot even Afford to Buy such Good Fruits and Vegetables at the Gross Grocery Stores? Indeed, the Tax Slaves, Usury Slaves, and Insurance Slaves are already tens of thousands of Dollars in DEBT; and therefore, how are they Supposed to Afford Beautiful Swangkee Stone Domehome Complexes, which are Fireproof, Mouse-proof, Termite-proof, Hail-proof, Paint-proof, Rot-proof, Tornado-proof, Hurricane-proof, Earthquake Resistant, Shingle-proof, Siding-proof, Bullet-proof, Sound-proof, Theft-proof, Insurance-proof, and should be Tax-proof? Well, now they can ALL Afford it: beCause, if they Act Wisely and Elect ME to be their Humble Righteous KING, I will provide a Way for all Honest Hardworking People to become Moderately RICH, without any Loans, without any Interest, and without any Taxes! Yes, it might Sound Impossible; but, you cannot Prove my Inspired Words of Divine Truths to be WRong, or else they would not be DIVINE Truths; but, behold, I am the Inspired PEACOCK from Angel Ridge, King's Mountain, Kentucky 40442, who has been Blest with a Special Gift from Almighty God, which is the Greatest of all of the Gifts, which is the Gift to Reveal Truths and Wisdom! Therefore, sit up and Listen to me, O Lady Doubtfulness: beCause I have a Message of Truth that should Cause all Bells to Ring for Gladness and with Great JOY! Yes, Sound the Trumpets, O you Seven Great Swangkee Armies of Working Soldiers, and Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all of the Land, unto all of the Inhabitants thereof: beCause it is now Possible and most Practical for all People to become Moderately Rich, just by their Labors, alone, without going to War, without even Protesting nor Rioting in the Streets: beCause we, the Masses of People, Worldwide, can simply Stay in Bed, after Demanding The Great Worldwide Televised Court Hearing by Way of PETITIONS to the Congress of the United States, where DUMBmocracy may at last SPEAK! Yes, it would be a Great Worldwide Televised Court with ME in Charge of it, so that no Truth is Suppressed, so that no Stone is left Unturned, as they say, and so that YOU can be Liberated from the EVIL Capitalist Empire with all of its Deceptions and Lies! Yes, Sound the Trumpets for the Year of Jubilee, O you Tax Slaves, and let every Man Return to his Rightful Heritage, on the Land that Feeds and Clothes him; but, not in a Wilderness of Temptations, with Great Frustrations with Poverty and Shame, which brings about a Farmer's DILEMMA; but, with an Unlimited Amount of New Money, which must be Earned by Honest Labor, According to a List of Swangkee Wages! Yes, he who does the Most Work must be Paid the Most, and she who does the Least Work must be Paid the Least: beCause that alone is Fair and Just. Therefore, if you Want to Earn more Money, just do more Work, Tax-free: beCause a Righteous GovernMint does not Need to Collect any Taxes: beCause, if it Needs a New Planned City Built, for Example, it simply Hires Working Soldiers to do it, and the Stonework Represents that New Money, which makes it the very Best Money in all of the World, being Represented by something of True Value, such as the Capitol Building in Washington, which is more Valuable than Silver and Gold that is Hidden in Bank Vaults under New York City, which almost no one even Sees! Yes, these are Gems of Truth that you must Publish to your Friends and Neighbors: beCause of your Love for their Poor Lost Souls, who have been Confused by False Religions and Political Nonsense, who may also be Invited to Speak at that Great Worldwide Televised Court Hearing, if they are not Spiritual COWARDS! Yes, let them take up their own Swords of Truth, and Defend themselves, if they are Able to Stand up Against the Swangkee Sword of Divine Truth; but, I Dare say that not ONE Man nor Wombman in a Million will Dare to Stand up: beCause I will have his or her Head of Lies Removed with one Swift Stroke! Therefore, Arise and Honor your Newly-elected King, O you Tax Slaves: beCause, without a Righteous KING, who Presides Over a New Righteous One-World GovernMint, it is Impossible for you to get Out of your Bottomless Pit of Massive Confusion and your States of Poverty and Shame. Indeed, a Kingdom that is Divided Against itself cannot Stand, even as Jesus Christ and Abraham Lincoln Testified. Therefore, it is now Time to Unite the Hearts of all Honest People, who are Determined to Discover the WHOLE Truth about all Important Subjects, even if it Requires YEARS for doing it: beCause we have Suffered Long Enough! Yes, a few People have gotten Excessively Rich; but, the Masses of People have Suffered in their States of Poverty, being STUCK in the Tar Pits of Poverty, who have never Enjoyed a Royal Swangkee Buffet, you might say, where their Souls can be Satisfied at the Open Table of Truths and Wisdom, where they might Feast for FREE: beCause of the Gifts of God! Therefore, be Wise, and Print Extra Copies of this Message, if you are Able and Willing, for your Poor Friends and Neighbors, who are Deprived of Computers, who may be Starving for these Words of Truth, and Understand that your Great King will Come in the Rolling Clouds of Great Glory with tens of thousands of his Holy Ones, with Fiery Flying Chariots in the Awesome Sky, with Great White Horses that are Dressed for Battle Against all of his Enemies! Yes, he will Come in Due Season; but, not until his Bride is Purified and Ready for his Coming, which is WHY he has Sent me to Prepare the Way for his Second Coming, which I will do by the Grace of God, who is Merciful and Kind, who Understands our Sufferings, who has had Mercy on YOU, O Tax Slaves, Interest Slaves, Insurance Slaves, and Work Slaves, who have been Seduced by the Evil Capitalist Empire, who have come to the End of that Dead-end Street, with nowhere to Turn, except to God, who has had Mercy on us, who has Revealed Reasonable Solutions for our Massive Problems in the Tale of the Peacock and in the Rope of Hope! Therefore, have Humbleness, Faith, Hope, Love, Trust, Patience, Obedience, and Persistence: beCause there is a very Bright Light at the Far End of this Long Dark Tunnel. Yes, it Leads into the Blest Land of Perfect Oneness with the Master Farmer, who Lives in the Paradise of Peace and Happiness with True Love, who would have all People to become Moderately Rich in all Ways, so that the whole Earth might be Blest, Together, as ONE World. Amen. And all of the Righteous People will say a very Hearty, AMEN! Let it be so! And again I say, AMEN, Alleluia, Praise the Supreme Ruler of Great Armies of Working Soldiers! Peace be unto you who Learn, Believe, Love, and OBEY! However, may the Seven Last Great Plagues come on those Foolish Rejectors of Truths and Wisdom, who Deserve the Great Atomic Nightmare for their Wickedness and Selfishness, who are Bound to be Branded with the Mark of the BEAST! O Little Children, I leave you with my Last Words for this Explanation of the above Photo: LOVE ALL THAT IS GOOD, HATE ALL THAT IS EVIL. PROVE ALL PROVABLE THINGS, and CLING TIGHTLY TO THAT WHICH IS GOOD, even as the Apostle Paul Advised: beCause only the Truth has the Power to set us Free. Amen

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"O my Son, be Wise for yourself, and Study Swangkeenomics, even if it seems to be Painful within the Belly of your Mind: beCause, in the End, it will be a Great Relief for your Soul."

"O my Spiritual Daughter, just Think of the Billions of People who have Lived and Died without ever Tasting of the Blest Food at a Royal Swangkee Buffet! How Sad, how very VERY SAD! But, you may now Feast for FREE!" — Proverbs of the Peacock