Random Peacock Quote

“It is NOT Right for the Hog with the Biggest Teeth to get the Most Wealth, even if that Hog Imagines that he has the Right: because the People who are like Chickens and Ducks also need to Live in a Prosperous State of Moderate Wealth.” source

Dedication and Introduction by the Professor Wordcraft from the Universal College of Superior "Nolij"

This Special Booklet is now DEDICATED to whomever Willingly or Voluntarily Supports Ray Walter Swangkee, in Order to Fulfill his Destiny, which is to become the Elected King of the New RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint, which simply Mints and Prints the Necessary New Money — NOT to Give Away to Rich Banksters, nor to Lazy Sloths; but, in Order to Use that Money WISELY, in Order to HIRE whomever is Willing and Able to Learn and Work, in Order to Help Build all Kinds of Beautiful Planned City States, called: $wangkee Hotels, Castles, and Fortresses! And that Stonework will Represent that New Money, making it the very Best Hard-earned Money in the World, which is Earned by Honest Labor.[1]

Now, I Hear someone, who is like the Lady Doubtfulness, say: “O Professor Wordcraft, you and I Know for a Fact that the Peabrain Peacock will never become the King of any One-World Government, even if you Sincerely Believe that he will: because it is Impossible. First of all, the Peacock has no Political Experience at all, having never Served in any Government Office, nor even Commanded so much as a Platoon of Soldiers. Therefore, he is not Qualified to be a Leader of any Kind, let alone the King of the whole World, who does not even know which Words should or should not be Capitalized! (See: Justifications for Capitalizations!) Therefore, you are just another Fool, like that Peacock.” †‡[2] Well, O Lady Doubtfulness, if you Strain your Brains, you can probably Remember any Number of Biblical Characters, who also had no Chance of Governing: because of being Born in Unqualified Circumstances, such as Joseph, the Son of Jacob, who was Sold as a Slave into Egypt; Moses, who was left by his Mother in a Basket among the Reeds of the Overflowing Nile River, who was Discovered by the Daughter of Pharaoh; Joshua, the Stonecutter; Samson, a Long-haired Unshaven Nazarite; Gideon, a Farmer; Samuel, the Abandoned Son of a Barren Woman; King David, a Shepherd Boy with Incredible Faith; Daniel, a Despised Eunuch; and the Greatest King of all, who is Jesus Christ, who was Born in a Manger, who will come for a Second Time; but, with Power and Great Glory, and will Establish his Righteous Kingdom Over all of the Earth. However, before he comes, someone, like John the Baptist, must Prepare the Way for his Coming, who is Obviously the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge: because he has been Given the Inspired Words of Provable Truth that Reveal Reasonable Solutions for all of our Massive Problems, Worldwide. Therefore, he Fulfills a Portion of the Prophecies about the Restoration of all Things, which must be Restored before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Moreover, do not Presume that the Peacock has Chosen such a Mission for himself: because he has no Real Interest in being a King, President, Governor, Mayor, Preacher, Teacher, nor even a Businessman: because he has no such Worldly Ambitions, since he only Desires to Live a SIMPLE Life on the Land that Feeds and Clothes him. However, his Personal Definition of “SIMPLE,” just Happens to Involve much more than most of us can Imagine. (See: What does it Mean to PROSPER??, and: How to Live a Simple Life!) Indeed, in Order for us to Live on the Land that Feeds and Clothes us, without making Work Slaves of ourselves, we must be Set Up PROPERLY for Living there, which Requires Special PLANNED City States, which are DESIGNED for Proper Living with a Moderate Amount of Manual Labor for everyone: because everyone Needs some Exercise, in Order to Maintain Good Health, even as any Honest Doctor Good Health will Gladly Confess. However, X-amount of the Humble Sheep of the Good Shepherd have Forsaken the Land, and have Carelessly Moved into Cities of Confusion, where they are Forced to Breathe Foul Air, to Drink and Cook with Recycled Sewage Water, to Eat Poisoned Foods, and to be Seduced by the Evil Societies: because Unholy Cities just Naturally Seduce and Corrupt People: because of all Kinds of Reasons.

For Example, it is no Secret that New Yuck City has a million times more Crimes than all of the Communities of the Old Order Mennonites, Hutterites, and Amish People, Combined, who Live on the Land, who do not Listen to Radios, Watch TVs, Read Magazines, Attend Bars, nor Participate in any of the Madness and Corruption that goes on in Cities of Confusion: because they keep themselves Occupied with Constructive Work, Homemaking, Farming, Gardening, and Raising their Families, According to their Interpretations of the Bible. However, in New Yuck City, and in Lost Angels, Californicate, and in Lost Wages, Nevada, for Examples, there are Endless PITS and Temptations for People to Fall into: because those Cities are Designed for Ignorant FOOLS, who Surround themselves with all such Temptations as Greasy Pizzas, Coke Machines, Hamburgers, Iced-cream Shops, Candy Stores, and Junk Foods: because they are Basically just Deceived HYPOCRITES and LIARS, or else they would Confess that the Best Way to Live is in the Garden of Eden, with Adam and Eve. In Fact, the Forbidden Fruit that was found in the Garden of Eden was Representative of the Forbidden Food, which is the Primary Temptation within all Cities of Confusion: because we all like to EAT and DRINK, even though Americans have Weighty Evidence that it has not Profited them. Indeed, 60+% of American Adults are Overweight, and 30+% of them are OBESE. Therefore, it could be that the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge is Right about that Subject: because, in spite of his Self-discipline, he might also become Fat, if he should Move into some City of Confusion, and have Sufficient Money, in Order to Discover every Pit that has been Dug for him to Fall into. However, he still Lives on the Land, and he still keeps himself under Control: because he Desires to be a Good Example for all of us to Follow. Nevertheless, he does not have the Basic Necessities of Life that one Needs when he Lives on the Land, in Order to Avoid the Cities of Confusion, altogether. No, he does not have $wangkee Fruit Tree Houses with Removable Glass- and Steel-covered Roofs, similar Greenhouses, large Million-gallon Cisterns for Water Storage, a Walk-in Cooler / Freezer, Barns for Livestock, Grains and Hay, Tool Houses, Root Cellars, Obedient Servants, and whatever he Needs, in Order to Truly Prosper on the Land, even as everyone else should also be Able to Prosper, if they so Desire to Live like that: because the Earth has no Lack of Mountains of Rocks, which can be Used Wisely, in Order to make it Possible. Therefore, the Normal Farmer, who used to be the Small Farmer, was never Set Up Properly on the Land; and therefore, he was Forced to LEAVE IT, just to Earn a Living in some Filthy City of Confusion. Indeed, if he did not "Burn Out" on the Land, then his Children grew up and Departed from it, in Order to Obtain more Money, whereby they were Corrupted. However, the Masses of People have now Suffered Long Enough with their Bad Living Conditions, whereby their Children Suffer with all Kinds of Lung Diseases, Cancers, Pimples, and whatever; and therefore, they are Ready to LEAVE the Cities of Confusion, and to Move BACK to the Land that Feeds and Clothes them: because they Instinctively Understand that the Peacock is RIGHT.[3] However, they have no Idea as to HOW to do that, now that they are BROKE! But, the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge does know HOW, and he is Willing to Help us to Realize it, and in a BIG Way, by Means of Seven Great Swangkee Armies of Working Soldiers!