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“DEMOCRACY is Hailed among Western Civilizations, and Especially in the Divided States of United Lies, as the “Political Salvation of Mankind”: beCause, if anyone Objects to how their Government is Managed, rather than Shoot the King, they can Run with a Big Bag Full of Money, in a Political Race to the Little White OUTHOUSE, which Reeks with Ancient Elephant Droppings and Fresh Political Donkey Dung, which alone would Cause Jesus Christ to turn up his Nose at the whole Idea! P.U.!”

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— Ray Walter Swangkee

Chapter 1 — The Goal

Now, as the Professor Wordcraft already Explained, the IDEAL Place to Live is on the Land, where we can all have our own Stone Domehomes, Gardens, Orchards, Fruit Tree Houses, Greenhouses, Cisterns for Water Storage, Walk-in Coolers and Freezers, plus Homecraft Workshops and Sales Shops, even as I have Explained within many of my Books and Booklets. (See the Drawings for Beautiful Planned City States, which have all of the Gardens Protected by Stone Walls and large Moats full of Water.) Therefore, the People of the World need to be Able to SEE a Good Example of what they Need: because most People cannot Visualize such a “Set Up” on the Land: because they Lack the Necessary Imagination, not to mention the Desire, Ambition, Muscle Power, Skill, Ability, nor MONEY. Indeed, the Normal Farm Family does not have the Means whereby they might Truly Prosper on the Land, without Stress nor Strain; but, they Normally Sweat away their Lives from Sunrise to Sunset, and still Die in Poverty: because it is Arranged that Way by a Wicked Anti-Christ Mindless Government of Greedy Capitalists, whose only Goal is to get more Money, not Sweet Juicy Unpoisoned Fruits from the Trees of Life, which might make it Possible for them to be Truly Healthy, Wealthy, and WISE.

However, if I had my Way, every Honest Hardworking Person would be Moderately Rich by the Age of 36, after just 6 Years of Common Labor, which would be spread out from the Time that they are 12 Years Old, until they are 36. In other Words, you could do 4 Hours of Easy Labor each Working Day at the Age of 12; and, if you Wanted to, you could do 4 Hours of Common Labor at the Age of 14, and 4 Hours of Hard Labor at the Age of 16, and so on, until you Discovered your Moderate Limit by the Time you were 20 Years Old, which might be 8 Hours of Common Labor. (See: A List of $wangkee Wages for Explanations of those Different Kinds of Labor.) In other Words, if you should Feel like it, you could do any Amount of Work that you Want to, when you Want to, and at whatever Pace that you Want to: because you would be Free to Choose whatever you like best, in Order to be Healthy and Happy. However, when you begin to Work on the Land, you soon Discover that you must Obey certain Natural Laws, in Order to be Able to Produce any Crops of any Kind: because, as much as you might like to do it your own Way, the Land has its own Mind, you might say, and it is the BOSS! For Example, there are some Kinds of Topsoil that will not Respond in a Positive Way with certain Kinds of Plants, until you Apply Limestone, or some other Powdered Rock to it: because that Topsoil is Deficient in Minerals, which those certain Plants Require. However, too much Limestone can Kill other Plants, like Blueberries, Strawberries, and Azaleas. Therefore, Gardening is a SCIENCE, which Requires much Education, in Order to do it Correctly, in Order to Produce those Clusters of Grapes that Require 2 Strong Young Men just to Carry ONE Cluster. (See Numbers 13:23—24, KJV.) Nevertheless, the Goal for all of us should be Good Health, first: because, without Good Health, which comes in all Degrees, what can a Person do for himself or for anyone else? But, with Good Health, you are not a Tax Burden on the Remainder of Society, and your Opportunities are almost Unlimited. However, even more Important than Good Health, is Good Understanding, which comes from Humility of Mind, Honesty, Work, Education, Hardships, and Life Experiences in general. Indeed, you can give lots of Knowledge to someone, and even give to them lots of Money; but, you cannot give to them Good Understanding, in Order that they might Use their Money WISELY, in Order to ACCUMULATE more and more Wealth. However, I have already Proven that I Know HOW to Invest my Money WISELY, by Investing it in ROCKS, which Endure the Test of Time when they are Used Wisely, in Order to make Buildings, like our 98% Rock Houses, which are Fireproof, Mouse-proof, Hail-proof, Paint-proof, Rot-proof, Termite-proof, Tornado-proof, Insurance-proof, and could be Self-air-conditioned by Solar and Earth Power. (NOTE: We presently have NO Cooling Bills: beCause the Cool Earth just Naturally Maintains a Moderate Temperature.) Therefore, by Following that General Plan, we will Accumulate True Wealth, and will leave a Good Example for other People to Follow. However, most Families would rather have a larger House than my own, which is the Bare Minimum of Space that one Person Requires, which I call a “Beggar’s Bedroom,” which is only 16 feet wide and 40 feet long; but, a Growing Family would need at least 3 times that much Space. Howbeit, you can hardly have too much Space within a House, and Especially when you are Living on a Farm, which Requires a LARGE Kitchen with lots of Countertop Space, for Example, which is Attached to a Walk-in Cooler / Freezer / Root Cellar / Pantry, which can hold a 7-Year Supply of Food: because there is no Guarantee from God nor Government that it is always going to Rain, and that there will always be something to Eat from a Garden, or even from a Gross Grocery Store. (See: What will you Do when the Rain STOPS??) Therefore, it is Wise to be Prepared for the Worst, even if it never Happens.

Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Workhorse, whinny: “O Peacock, are you saying that it would be IDEAL if every Person in this World should Live within the Borders of a $wangkee Hotel, Castle, and Fortress of some Kind? Are you not Aware that most People in this World of Woes have no Idea concerning HOW to Grow any Food for themselves, at all? Moreover, what Connection is there between Seeking the Treasures of Truth, and Building all Kinds of Swangkee Fortresses for People who would not even Appreciate them, even if you Gave those Fortresses to them after they were Built??” Well, O Workhorse, they would Especially not Appreciate them, if you just Gave those Fortresses to them; but, if they had to WORK for them, they might Appreciate them; and Especially if they got to Plan them and Build them, themselves. For Example, those Palestinians, who Live in the Land of Israel, could Move into the Arabian Wilderness, and Build several $wangkee Fortresses for themselves, and thus Live in PEACE within their own $wangkee Palaces; but, it seems that they would rather Fight the Israelis over a Pile of Rubble Rocks, and make Fools of themselves for nothing. (See: How to Bring PEACE to the Middle East!) Likewise, it seems that the Israelis would prefer to Fight over some Pile of Rubble Rocks, rather than go to Work, Building their own Beautiful Planned City States somewhere in the Arabian Wilderness, where there are Vast Wide-open Spaces of Under-population. However, now that we have no Lack of Money, we can Hire them to do that Good Work; and the Stonework will Represent that New Money that is Minted and Printed, even as the Professor Wordcraft Explained in the Introduction to this Booklet.

Now, I Hear someone, who is like an Innocent Sheep, bleat: “O Peacock, I am not Sure that I Understand what we as Truth Seekers and Treasure Hunters are supposed to be Doing, in Order to Help you, seeing that you now have an Unlimited Amount of New Money, which you can Use Wisely, in Order to Build at least ONE Beautiful $wangkee Hotel, Castle, and Fortress!? Indeed, why would you Need OUR Support, if you already have all of the Money that you might Need??” Well, O Sheep, once that “we, the People,” have an Opportunity to Vote for a New Righteous One-World GovernMint, there will be no Lack of Money; but, as of right NOW, as of this Date, we do not even have Enough Money to Build ONE $wangkee Stone Domehome Complex, which would include a large Spacious House, Homecraft Workshop with well-made Tools of whatever is Required, a Fruit Tree House with a Removable Glass- and Steel-covered Roof, which rolls to one side in Order to Cover a Greenhouse Roof, which Greenhouse has a Solid THICK Roof on Top, and is Open on the Side toward the Winter Sunlight, like an Indian Cave; plus Barns, and a Root Cellar that is Joined to a Walk-in Cooler with a Walk-in Freezer in the Center of it, with an Ice-house Under it. In other Words, we need a LOT of Money, in Order to Show the People of the World a First Class Example of HOW People should and could be Living on the Land, so that they would have Fresh Clean Air to Breathe, Pure Water to Drink, Good Fruits and Vegetables to Eat (without the Use of Harmful Chemicals nor Poisons of any Kind), and whatever I have Proposed within my Inspired Books, for ENCOURAGEMENT: because, as it now is, most People are too Discouraged. Indeed, they take a Look at the Photos of my House, and say: “But, WHERE is the Kitchen, Living Room, and Extra Bedrooms?” Well, like I said, my House is only a Beggar’s Bedroom with a Bathroom and Storage Room; but, you could have a House that is 10 times as big, if you were Willing to Work for it; and you could have it within less than 6 Years of Common Labor: because we have Tools that can do the Work of thousands of People, and Especially when it comes to Pouring Concrete, which makes the Ideal Roofs: because Concrete can be Formed in any Shape that anyone Desires, which can then be Faced with Marble Tiles on the Inside of the House, and with Granite Slabs on the Outside. However, the Solid Walls should be made of Solid Stone: beCause the Production of Cement is very Costly in several Ways, and even Pollutes the Atmosphere, while Stone can be Cut with a Saw under Running Water. Moreover, we have hundreds of thousands of Mountains of Rocks, in Order to Do all of that, which we, the People, can CLAIM as our OWN, without Buying them from some Greedy Capitalist Hog: because they Belong to US! Likewise, we can Claim our own Sand, Gravel, Iron, Trees, and other Building Materials, in Order that we might all get Moderately Rich.[1] Therefore, it is just a Matter of FAITH and OBEDIENCE.[2]

Now, I Hear someone, who is like an Innocent Lamb, bleat: “O Peacock, if just 1,000,000 of your Readers should Send 10$ to you, you would have about 5 million Dollars, after Taxes were taken out; and then you could Build whatever you like, except that the Property Taxes would be more than you could Afford, just to be Able to Drink Immature Coconut Water for Breakfast, and Pick some Mangos for Dinner: because the Government would naturally want their Unfair Piece of the Pie, you might say. Therefore, the Problem is not HOW to get those Buildings BUILT; but, HOW to Pay the TAXES, after you get them Finished! Indeed, you could perhaps Build a Swangkee Castle, if 10 million People should Send 100$ each; but, how much Coconut Water would those Generous Donators get for Breakfast?” Well, O Lamb, if we can Impress the Minds of the People of the World, Enough, we can Inspire them to Build their own Swangkee Hotels, Castles, and Fortresses: because they can come for Visits to our Place, in Order to get Inspired, while Drinking that Coconut Water, Mango Juice, and whatever we can Produce, if it is Possible. Moreover, if they have Contributed Money to this Cause, they may also be Repaid in a hundred other Ways, since God is the Paymaster, not me. Therefore, you will just have to Trust God for your Reward: because I cannot Promise anything to you, except to TRY to give to you a Good Example of what we should and could all have. Therefore, I will leave it up to God to Inspire you to Help me, and I will Pray for you to be Blest for doing it. After all, I am not Proposing to Build some Monstrous Church, nor even a Private Mansion; but, I am only Proposing to get at least ONE Farm Established like it should be, in Order for a few Families to Live on it, and to Prosper like they should, without being Seduced by a Sick Society. Moreover, my Days are Numbered, and therefore I will not be Able to Reap the Full Benefits of it: because it Requires many Years of Work, just to Build all of those Buildings, and it also Requires many more Years, in Order for Fruit Trees to Mature, and especially Mango, Cherimoya, Litchi, and Date Palm Trees. (NOTE: You can see Photos of what we have already Accomplished on our Farm by Clicking HERE!)

Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Busy Beaver, say: “O Peacock, why do you not Present some DRAWINGS of just Exactly what you Need, along with Estimated Costs, and then allow us to Determine whether or not we can Afford it? After all, we do not mind Contributing to any Worthy Cause, even if we do not Personally Reap the Benefits: because it will make the World a Better Place to Live, even if it only Services a few dozen People. However, if it Inspires Multitudes of People to Join Forces with you, in Order to Build a Profitable $wangkee Fortress, it will be of Service to many People, and will Establish a Good Example for the People of the Whole World, who may come and Feast from those All-Mineral Organic Swangkee Gardens, which will Inspire them to do likewise. Therefore, I am going to Act by Faith, and Send at least 10,000$ to you, just in Order to keep you Busy: because I know what it is like to Live on a Farm while Lacking Money. Indeed, there is nothing more Frustrating than to have a Golden Opportunity, and then not be Able to Fulfill your Dreams. Moreover, I can See that you Swangkee Brothers have already done much more Work than most Americans are Willing and Able to do; and therefore, you are Worthy of my Help.” Well, Thank you for your Help, O Beaver; but, 10,000$ will barely Buy enough Cement for Building one short End Wall of a Swangkee Fruit Tree House, not to mention the Sand, Gravel, and Rocks: because such a Wall would have to be at least 4 feet thick at the Top, and at least 6 feet thick at the Bottom, if it is only 21 feet tall: because each Concrete Block would have to Step IN by 2 inches on each Side of it every 3 feet up the Wall. In other words, the first Block would be 60 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 3 feet tall; but, the second Block would be 5 feet 8 inches wide, and the third Block would be 5 feet 4 inches wide, and the fourth Block would be 5 feet wide, and the fifth Block would be 4 feet 8 inches wide, and the sixth Block would be 4 feet 4 inches wide, and the last Block would be 4 feet wide by 58 feet long: because the Concrete Forms Require a 2-inch-wide LEDGE to Rest on, in Order to get them Set Up for the next Block on Top. Therefore, we would need about 30 Tons of large Rough Rocks laying nearby, in Order to put them into the Concrete while it is being Poured in the Forms for just one short Block, in Order to cut down on the Cost of the Wall: because those Rocks can take up the Space of 2/3rds or more of the Wall. (See the Photos and Explanations for our Large Swangkee Cistern.) Moreover, we would need at least 6 Strong Young Men, in Order to put the Rocks into the Wall while it is being Poured within 2 Hours, who would need at least 20$ per Hour for that Hard Labor: because it is very Tiresome after a Week of that Kind of Work. However, if the entire Wall were done without the Aid of a 1,000-dollar-per-Hour Concrete Pump Truck, it would Require another half dozen Strong Young Men, in Order to make and deliver that Concrete where it belongs, during an 8-Hour Day of Hard Labor, worth 20$ per Hour per Person. Therefore, you can Understand that such a Wall would be very Expensive, no matter how it is done: because, without the Rough Rocks, it would Require about 40 Tons of Concrete, or about 4,000$ worth; but, with the Rough Rocks, it might only Require 1,000$ for Concrete, if we could get the Cement by the Truckload, and Mix the Concrete on Site with a 200,000$ Concrete Truck! However, the First Blocks at the Bottom of the Fruit Tree House should be made of SOLID Concrete with extra Cement, plus 2-inch-thick Reinforcement Bars every foot in each direction, or about 5,000$ worth for the entire Fruit Tree House, which is 60 feet wide, 21 feet tall, and 140 feet long. Remember that just one Reinforcement Bar that is 1 inch thick and 40 feet long Costs about 50$ (in 1999), and it Requires at least 8 of them the full length of the Wall, beside Cross Pieces every foot on the 2 Layers of Rebars. In other words, it Requires about 100,000$ just for that 6-feet-wide Foundation Block at the Bottom of the Wall: because of the Cost of Delivered Concrete, the Concrete Pump Truck, and the Hired Help. However, once such a Wall is Cured and Faced with Granite, it should be there for the next 10,000 Years, or more: because of being Protected under the Removable Steel Roof, which Rides on Top of the entire Wall, which could be 30 feet tall and 3 feet wide at the Top, which would House almost any Kind of Fruit Trees, including Mangos, Cherimoyas, Date Palms, and Samoan Coconuts. However, we can be Contented with Bananas, Oranges, Grapefruits, Limes, Papayas, and Avocados, while we are Building a larger $wangkee Fruit Tree House that is 240 feet long, 100 feet wide, and 30 feet tall, which will be a 10-million-dollar Project: because of that large Removable Roof System. However, that is still less than one TENTH of the Price of just ONE Army Tank, which does not Produce 10,000 or more Mangos on each of 5 Mango Trees, which might add up to 100,000$ per Year at 2$ each, which will Pay for such a Fruit Tree House within 100 Years, once the Trees are Bearing that many Fruits, which Requires about 30 Years. Therefore, it is Safe to say that because of Inflation on our Money, such Fruit Tree Houses will easily Pay for themselves within 50 Years, and then they will be bringing in a Yearly Cash Crop of at least 1,000,000$: because of that Inflation. Therefore, the Wise People would Invest their Money in such Fruit Tree Houses, rather than Pay Social Insecurity Payments.[3] Indeed, such a Fruit Tree House also needs several large Cisterns full of Water, just to make SURE that they can Produce Fruits, even if the Rain should Stop: because that is Exercising WISDOM. Therefore, it might Cost another 10 million Dollars for those Cisterns; but, just ONE Worthless Jet Bomber can Cost as much as 240 million Dollars, and it will not Provide anything during a FAMINE, much less 50 thousand Delicious Mangos per Year, which is Enough to Feed each of 100 People as many as 500 Mangos per Year, or about 2 per Day, 5 Days per Week.

Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Skunk, say: “O Peacock, suppose that we do not like Mangos, what is in it for US?? Therefore, I would rather Invest my Money in War Machines, in Order to Defend us from the Enemies who might HATE us for our Greediness.” †§‡§§ (See: Why do Terrorists HATE US??) Well, O Skunk, you could Invest your Money in Turkey Jerky, or whatever you like; but, it is Impossible to be very Healthy without lots of Fresh Unpoisoned Sweet Fruits, such as those Mangos and Cherimoyas: because the Perfect Food for Mankind is the Sweet Fruit from the Tree of Life. (See: Did God Intend for People to Eat Whatever they Want to??) However, because of your Mentality, it would Naturally seem more Important to you to Invest your Money in WAR Machines. Howbeit, I have yet to Meet the Person who Hated me for Offering to him or her a Sweet Mango. Therefore, it could be that we could make Friends with our Enemies, just by Treating them to a Shipload of Ripe Sweet Unpoisoned All-Mineral Organically-grown Frozen Mangos, which make Delicious Mango "Ice-cream," rather than Dropping Bombs on their Heads. (See: All-Mineral Organic Gardening!)

Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Bear, growl: “O Peacock, I have Lived without a Husband for 30 Years, ever since I got Divorced for the third Time; and I have had to hold down 2 Jobs, just to Support my Children; and I have never Asked anyone for Help for anything, since I do not need their Help. Moreover, I have Cancer and other Ailments; but, I expect to Live through it, since I have Survived so far. Therefore, why should I send any Money to you for such an Insane Project, seeing that I will never get to Eat any of those Mangos?” Well, O Bear, I did not Ask you to Send any Money to me for any Reason, since you cannot take Good Care of yourself, without Trying to Support me; but, there are many People who could easily Sacrifice a Meal or 2, in Order to Send 10$ to me, in Order that I might Fulfill my Dreams, in Order to Prove that there is another Way to Live, which the People of the World have never Seen. Moreover, any Group of Wise People could do likewise, and Raise their Standard of Living, just by Sacrificing their Junk Foods, Sports, Cosmetics, Gambling, and Nonsense, even as I have Proven within my Free Booklet, called: How we can All get Moderately RICH! Therefore, you would not have to have any Dealings with me, at all, if you could Discover someone more Trustworthy. However, considering the Fact that you could not get along well with your Husbands, you would probably not get along Well with anyone: because you have the Nature of a BEAR. Therefore, you will just have to Suffer like a Lonesome Bear: because I cannot Change your Nature. (See: How GOOD was Women's Liberation??)

Now, I Hear someone, who is like an Elephant, snort: “O Peacock, I would like to Invest in your Project: because of my Love for those Sweet Mangos; but, it seems like it would be far more Profitable to Plant those Mangos in some Semi-tropical Climate, like Mexico: because then there would be no Need for those Expensive Fruit Tree Houses in North America: because the Mangos can be Harvested when they get Ripe on the Trees, and then be Peeled, Pitted, Frozen up in Boxes, and Shipped anywhere on this Earth; and thus Save us BILLIONS of Dollars, which are now Wasted on so-called Education. For Example, Americans Waste as much as 600 Billion Dollars per YEAR on so-called Education, when they could Spend that Money WISELY on $wangkee Fortresses, which could make many People Moderately Rich, each Year! Meanwhile, the Children could be Taught to read the Bible, which would give to them a Better Education than the School of Fools might give to them, which has not Taught them to Count their Sins, which Add up to Sickness, Disease, and Death. Therefore, it is all Insanity to me. (See: Do People Need to go to School in Order to get a Good Education??)” Well, O Elephant, most Americans have never Eaten a GOOD Mango, and therefore they would not Know just how GOOD they are; but, you have Eaten them in India, no doubt; and therefore, you Know how GOOD they are, and Especially during a Hot Day: because they help to cool you off. Nevertheless, I Agree with you, that it would be a Better Investment to Plant Mangos in Mexico, except that there is a Problem with bringing them across the Border without Fumigating them. Moreover, the Mexicans cannot be Trusted to Grow Mangos without Poisons: because Money also Dominates their Lifestyles. Therefore, we would have to Move to Mexico, just to Eat Mangos that we Grow for ourselves, which is not Happening: because we have already Spent much Money and Labor on our present Property, which is worth more than millions of Dollars, already: because of our Rocks. Therefore, we are what you might called “FIXED.” (See: Does the Earth MOVE??)