Random Peacock Quote

“A Wise Man Seeks True Knowledge, and a Man of Good Understanding Searches Out the Truths concerning all Important Subjects; but, an Ignorant Fool only Studies his own Face in the Mirror, looking for the Beauty of it, as if he made it; or, as if his Mother Created it, for which he Imagines that he should be very Proud of it, instead of only being Thankful to God for it: beCause he could have been Born in that very Ugly Body over there in the Land of Idiots, where they Smoke Weeds, and Eat with Dogs and Hogs.”&

— Ray Walter Swangkee

Chapter 2 — Truth Seekers Unite

Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Reverend Good Pastor, say: “O Peacock, it seems to me as if you are Attempting to Establish the Kingdom of God on this EARTH, rather than get these Poor Souls Saved for Positions within the Kingdom of God in HEAVEN. Yes, it seems as if you have Forgotten the Purpose for which we were Born, in Order to Glorify God, and to Prepare the Way for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, who will Rule all Nations with a Rod of Iron for 1,000 Years. (See the Book of Revelation, plus: WHY were we BORN??) Therefore, all Christians should Understand that the High Calling of God is HOLINESS, without which no Person will See God. (See Hebrews 12:14.) Therefore, the True Church will Seek HOLINESS of Mind, Spirit, and Body: because, without Holiness, no one will See the Supreme Ruler. Therefore, that is the Primary Goal, which someone must Accomplish by one Means or another, or else we will all Perish: because of not having a Good Example to Follow. Indeed, someone must Overcome their Sins and become Holy, like Moses or Elijah, in Order to Lead us Out of Spiritual Egypt. Therefore, if you are Willing to Do it, O Peacock, the True Church should Support you at all Costs. However, like you say, you do not Need a 10-million-dollar Fruit Tree House, when you could possibly get by with a 1-million-dollar one, which would only Require 1$ from each of 1 million People, or 10$ from each of 100,000 People, or 100$ from each of 10,000, which is no BIG Sacrifice, when you consider that many Families will Waste 100$ on just ONE Meal of Hog Slop and Dog Food at the Death and Hell Restaurant, which they could Sacrifice for the Truth’s Sake! Indeed, many People Waste as much as 800$ per Month on DRUGS, when they only need to FAST and PRAY, and then Live on a Natural Diet of Sweet Ripe Unpoisoned FRUITS, Clean Green Leaves, and a few Raw Nuts. Therefore, it is Important to Understand all of the FACTS. (See: 40 Good Reasons WHY People Should Fast and Pray!, plus: RULES for FASTING!)

“First of all, there is no Lack of Mountains of Rocks in this World of Wonders, which can be Used WISELY, in Order to Provide GOOD Houses for EVERYONE, if they are Willing and Able to Learn and WORK. Moreover, there is no Lack of Technology that can be Used Wisely, in Order to Work with those Rocks by the Assistance of SOLAR POWER, Wind Power, and even Horsepower. Therefore, we can now STOP Wasting Fossil Fuels, and Immediately begin to Build $wangkee Solar Electric Power Plants, in Order to have Clean Energy, and lots of it, even as you have Explained within your Free Booklet, called: A Reasonable Solution for the Social Security Problem! Yes, the Wise Christians will Invest their Money in Profitable Businesses, like those $wangkee Fruit Tree Houses, even if they have nothing to do with you, O Peacock: because it makes Good Sense. However, I Challenge them to Discover a more Honest Person who can be Trusted to Do GOOD with their Money, than YOU, since you have already Proven that you are Worthy of our Assistance: because you have Personally Invested much Time and Energy in your Projects on the Farm. However, that is not to say that you could not have done Better: because you have also Learned many Good Things from your Mistakes, which someone else would have to Relearn. Therefore, in my Opinion, you are more Qualified for such Projects than any of us. However, I do not Understand WHY that you Need Concrete Walls that are 6 feet THICK on a Fruit Tree House in Kentucky, when 3 feet would be Sufficient?” Well, O Reverend Good Pastor, there is such a Thing as an Earthquake, which is much less likely to Shake Down a THICK Wall, than a thin one. Therefore, such Houses should be Built on Solid Bedrock, in Order to Eliminate Vertical Thrust, if there should be an Earthquake. Moreover, such thick Walls also help to Retain Heat during the Winter Months, which will Cut Costs in the Long Run. Therefore, in spite of it Requiring much more Work, it is probably Worth the Effort. However, I do not Plan on Building it in Kentucky: because the Elevation is Supposed to be too High for Coconut and Date Palm Trees. Therefore, a more Ideal Location is Better in the South.

Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Humble Sheep of the Good Shepherd, bleat: “O Peacock, we Sheeple just Naturally do not Trust Peacocks: because they are Proud Boastful Birds, who seem to be in Love with their own Tales. However, that is not to say that it would not be Interesting to See what you and your Brother Vern might come up with, if we should Support you, GENEROUSLY: because, as far as I can tell by Means of your Photo Galleries on your Website, no other American Family has ever done so much with so little. For Example, your 98% Rock Houses are worth at least a million Dollars, in spite of Costing less than 70,000$ for Building Materials: because of all of the Hard Work. Therefore, just out of Curiosity, I will Sacrifice some Money each Month, in Order to See what you can Do with it: because I have already gone through more than a million Dollars, myself, and all that I have to Show for it is a Rusty Car and a Firetrap Mouse-infested Cockroach Den, as you call our almost Worthless Wooden / Plastic Houses. Therefore, I think that it is a more Worthy Cause than Contributing Money to some Politician, who would only Waste it on some Political Campaign. (See: Can Politicians be Trusted??) For Example, Ross Perot of Dallas, Texas, Wasted more than 50 million Dollars, and Lost the Election. Therefore, it would have been Better for him to have Given his Money to YOU, rather than Waste it on a GAMBLE, when he did not have a Chance to Win: because the Reprobate / Dimwitcrat Parties Dominate the SHOW, you might say, being 2 Sides of ONE Coin, which both Work Together for the Capitalist HOGS and Squirrelly Bankers, who have no Interest in our True Prosperity. (See: What does it Mean to PROSPER??, The History of Money!, Can Bankers be Trusted??, How GOOD is CAPITALISM??, and A List of the Evils of Capitalism!, and: Why VOTE for One of 2 or 3 WRong Political Parties??) Therefore, because I HATE Tax Slavery, Insurance Slavery and Usury Slavery, I am going to Send my TITHE Money to you, just to See if God will Bless me for it.” Well, O Sheep, more than one Person has been Blest for Sending their Tithe Money to me: because God Keeps his Promises, since he Loves the Truth more than any other Thing, which I Publish Free of Charge: because it is Important that everyone in the World should have Access to that Truth. Therefore, if you are Wise, you will Experiment with that Tithing Plan for at least a Month, in Order to Discover that it Pays to Love and Obey the Master Farmer. However, I also See that you Belong to some False Church, which does not Teach the People to Love and Obey ALL of the Commandments of God, including the 4th Commandment, which is to Remember the Sabbath Day, in Order to Keep it HOLY, which is the Seventh Day. (See: Should True Christians Keep God’s Sabbath Day Holy, or Men’s Sunday??) Therefore, if you Sincerely Desire to be Blest, you will have to DROP OUT of that False Church: because you are a Partaker of their Sins, which will Cause you to Lose your Reward in the Kingdom of God, in spite of Giving your Tithes to me: because you cannot Buy Forgiveness nor Salvation. Therefore, as Difficult as it might be to BREAK AWAY from such a False Church, you cannot Expect to make any Progress with God, until you DO. Indeed, you will be like the Dog who Chases after his own Tail, and is never Able to Catch it: because it Moves just as Fast as he can Run. Therefore, be Wise, and Understand that God is the Great Rewarder, who Rewarded Daniel with the Rulership of the Kingdom of Babylon; but, only because he was Willing to Accept Persecution for being Different than the Crowd. Therefore, it is like my Grandmother used to say, “I would rather Walk Alone with God, and have Peace of Mind; than to keep Company with the Devil, and go to Hell.” (See: Grandma and Grandpa Swangkee!) Therefore, Remember that “Strait is the Gate, and Narrow is the Way that Leads to Everlasting Good Health, or Life, and few there are who Discover it.” — The New MAGNIFIED Version of Matthew 7:14. Moreover, I also See that you have an Unholy Alliance with a Daughter of Satan, who Rejects Truth without a Just Cause: because she is Related with a Stinking Skunk and a Poisonous Snake. Therefore, Remember that “He who Walks with Wise Men shall be Wise; but, a Companion of Fools shall be Destroyed,” as King Solomon WARNED.

Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Giraffe, say: “O Peacock, it seems that you are Sticking Out your Neck a little too Far, at least when it comes to Correcting People who might Support you, if you did not Offend them. Indeed, that Sheep might Decide that you are no Better than the Pastor of his False Church, if he has not Studied all of your Good Books; and therefore, he is not likely to Support you.” Well, O Giraffe, you have a Lofty View of Life, and you can See the Truth of it. However, if that Sheep does not Support me, perhaps you will: because you are probably getting Tired of Dealing with those Lions, Wild Hogs, Laughing Hyenas, Jackals, and other Wild Beasts. Indeed, you are probably Ready to Move into a Swangkee Fortress for Giraffes. Therefore, it is also for your Benefit that you should Support me: because there is a Good Chance that I might have some Positive Influence over the People of the Whole World, who might Campaign for me, and Especially when they Realize that they can all become much Richer than I am: because of those Fortresses. Nevertheless, do not do anything that God would not have you to do.