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“The very same Cold Chilly Wind that Refreshes and Comforts the Hardworking Person, is the very same Cold Chilly Wind that makes the Slothful Person feel Miserable and Uncomfortable. Likewise, the very same Inspired Words of Provable Truth that Refresh and Comfort the Righteous Person, are the very same Words that make the Unrighteous Person feel Miserable and Uncomfortable. Yes, those Words even seem to Threaten such a Person, which can make that Person Do Strange Things — even unto the Point of Murdering the Most Righteous Person who Lives.” source

Justifications for Spelling and Grammar within Swangkee Literature!

As you read Swangkee Literature, you will no doubt Notice that some Words are Spelled "Incorrectly," according to Traditional Spelling Methods, which might get you Confused without this Booklet to Explain it. Likewise, some of the Grammar might also Appear to be Strange; but, it is not without a Good Reason, which you will most likely come to Appreciate, even as I have. 

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Poor Old Colijah with 2 Happy Children

Poor Old Colijah with 2 Happy Children
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"O my Son, if an S makes a Word PLURAL, then WHY do you not say 'Sheeps,' instead of 'Sheep,' when you are Referring to more than one Sheep? After all, Consistency in your Rules is a Sign of having a Sound Mind."

"O my Spiritual Daughter, if you are Offended by Consistencies in your Rules, just beCause it goes Against your Vain Traditions, how will you Accept the Perfect Language of Adam and Eve, which is Totally Consistent, having one Definition for each Word, so as to Eliminate Confusion?"

      — Proverbs of the Peacock