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The Fool is Terrified at the Sight of Truths, and becomes Self-defensive: because his Traditional Religion or Belief is all that he Understands, and he Fails to Understand that his Traditional Religion or Belief is WRong! 


Chapter 3 — Instructions to the Seven Churches Continued

 1.  "And to the Angel of the Church in Sardis, Write, `These Things says he who has the Seven Spirits of God and the Seven Stars — "I Know your Works, that you have a Name that you are Alive; but, behold, you are Spiritually Dead. 2. Be Watchful, and Strengthen the Things which Remain, which are Ready to Die: because I have not Found your Works Perfect in front of God, who Sees all Things and Knows all Things. 3. Remember therefore how you have Heard and Received the Words of Truth; Hold Tightly to them, and Repent. Therefore, if you will not Watch World News Events, I will Come on you as a Thief, and you will not Know what Hour I will Come on you. 4. You have a few Names of People, even in Sardis, who have not Defiled their Garments by Means of Sins, since they Accepted me as their Ruler and Savior, who were Washed from their Sins in my Blood; and they shall Walk with me in White Robes: because they are Worthy. 5. Therefore, he who Overcomes all of his Sins shall be Clothed in White Robes, and I will not Blot Out his Name from the Book of Life; but, I will Confess his Name in front of my Heavenly Father and in front of his Holy Angels. 6. He who has an Ear, let him Hear what the Holy Spirit says to the Churches.'' ' 

 7.  "And to the Angel of the Church in Philadelphia, Write, `These Things says he who is Holy, he who is True to God, even he who Speaks the Truth — "He who has the Key of David, he who Opens and no one Shuts, and Shuts and no one Opens,'' says — I Know your Works: because there is nothing Secret that shall not be Revealed. Behold, I have set in front of you an Open Door of Opportunity, and no one can Shut it: because you have a little Strength, and have Kept my Words, and have not Denied my Sacred Name, which is the Anointed Savior. 9. Indeed, I will make those of the Synagogue of Satan to Suffer, who say that they are Jews; but, are not Israelites of the Tribes of Jacob: because they Lie about their Genealogy; indeed, I will make them Come and Worship in front of your Feet, and to Know that I have Loved you and Hated those Edomites, who Practice Usury and Extortion: because you have Kept my Command to Persevere, and to do what is Right for one another, even if you have to Suffer in a State of Poverty for it; and therefore, I will also Keep you from the Hour of Trial, which shall Come on the Whole World, in Order to Test those People who Dwell on the Earth, in Order to Discover their True Values for Positions within the Kingdom of All that is Good: because I Need Wise Men to Govern with me during the Future. Therefore, if a Wombman Loves and Obeys her Husband, and does what is Right for her Children, and Teaches them to Love and Obey my Commandments, she will be Born as a Man during the Future, whereby she may Qualify to Enter into my Holy Kingdom as a Ruler. However, if she Rebels Against the Truths that I Teach, and Determines to have her own Stubborn Ways, she will be Born into a more Hellish Place, where she can Learn more Lessons, even the Difficult Way, until at Last she might Repent and Change her Mind and Ways of Living, and thus be Saved for some Position within the Kingdom of God. 11. Behold, I Come Quickly! Therefore, Hold Tightly to what you have, so that no one may take your Crown. 12. He who Overcomes all of his Sins, I will make him a Pillar in the Temple of my God, and he shall go Out no more. And I will Write on him the Name of my Supreme Ruler and the Name of the City of my God, even the New Jerusalem, which is Coming Down Out of the Sky from my God. And I will Write on him my New Name. 13. He who has an Ear that can Hear the Truth, let him Hear what the Holy Spirit says to the Churches, which are Scattered Out among the Nations, which are Symbolized by these Seven Churches.'' ' 

 14.  "And to the Angel of the Church of the Laodiceans, Write, `These Things says the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, the Beginning of the Creation of God — I Know your Works, that you are neither Cold nor Hot. However, I Wish that you were either Cold or Hot: beCause most Lukewarm Foods are not very Tasty. 16. So then, beCause you are Lukewarm, and neither Cold nor Hot, I will Spit you Out of my Mouth, you might say: because you say, `I am Rich, I have become Wealthy, and I have Need of Nothing' and yet you do not Know that you are Wretched, Miserable, Poor, Blind, and Naked. Indeed, you have False Riches, and even certain Material Riches; but, not the True Riches, which make People Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. 18. Therefore, I Counsel you to Buy from me Gold that has been Refined in the Fire of Afflictions, so that you may be Spiritually Rich; and White Robes of Righteousness, so that you may be Clothed with True Knowledge, so that the Shame of your Nakedness may not be Revealed; and Anoint your Eyes with Eye Salve, so that you may See the Truth: beCause, as of now, you are Lost in the Darkness of Ignorance, Wandering Around and Around in the Bottomless Pit of Massive Confusion, you might say, with only One Way of Escape by Means of the Rope of Hope. 19. Therefore, as many People as I Love, I Rebuke and Chasten them. Therefore, be Zealous and Repent. 20. Behold, I Stand at the Door of your Heart, and Knock. If anyone Hears my Voice of Truth, and Opens the Door of Confession, I will Come into him and Dine with him, and he with me, Spiritually. 21. To him who Overcomes all of his Sins, and Stops Sinning, I will Grant Permission to him to Sit with me on my Throne, even as I also Overcame Satan, and Sat Down with my Father on his Throne: beCause it is a Great Pyramid Government, whereby the Most High God is at the Top of it, whose Sons or Rulers are Multiplied more and more, even as the Stars and Planets are Multiplied: because everything in this Vast Universe is Multiplying. 22. He who has an Ear, let him Hear what the Holy Spirit says to the Churches.'' ' ''