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Chapter 4 — The Throne of God

 1.  After those Things I Looked, and behold, a Door was Standing Open in the Sky. And the First Voice that I Heard was like a Trumpet Speaking to me, saying, "Come Up here, and I will Show to you Things that must take Place after this.'' 2. Immediately I was Out of my Body and Traveling in the Spirit; and behold, a Throne was Set in the Sky, and One Sat on the Throne. 3. And he who Sat there was like a Polished Gemstone, who Shined with the Glory of God, whose Throne was like Polished Jasper and a Sardius Stone in Appearance; and there was a Rainbow of Colors Around the Throne, in Appearance like a Cut and Polished Emerald. 4. Around the Great Throne were Twenty-four Thrones, and on the Thrones I saw Twenty-four Elders Sitting, one on each Throne, being Clothed in White Robes; and they had Crowns of Gold on their Heads: because their Minds were Pure, being Filled with the Gems of Wisdom and Truths that made them Shine. 5. And from the Throne Proceeded Lightnings, Thunderings, and Strange Voices. And there were Seven Lamps of Fire Burning in front of the Throne, which are Symbolical of the Seven Spirits of God. 6. In front of the Throne there was a Sea of Glass, like a Great Crystal. And in the Midst of the Throne, and Around the Throne, were Four Living Creatures who were Full of Eyes in Front and in Back. 7. The First Living Creature was like a Lion, the Second Living Creature like a Calf, the Third Living Creature had a Face like a Man, and the Fourth Living Creature was like a Flying Eagle, even as Ezekiel Described in his Vision to some Degree, except that they had Six Wings instead of Four. 8. And the Four Living Creatures, each having Six Wings, which were Full of Eyes Around the Outside and Within or Under the Wings, did not Rest, neither Day nor Night, saying: "Holy, Holy, Holy, O Ruling God Almighty, who was from the Beginning, and is now Immortal, and is to Come as the KING of Kings and the RULER of Rulers!'' 

 9.  Whenever the Living Creatures Gave Glory and Honor and Thanks to him who Sat on the Throne, who Lives Forever and Ever, the Twenty-four Elders Fell Down in front of him who Sat on the Throne and Worshiped him who Lives Forever and Ever, and Cast their Crowns in front of the Throne, saying: "You are Worthy, O Ruler, to Receive Glory and Honor and Power: because, by the Power of God, you Created all Things in this World, and by your Will they Exist and were Created for you to Inherit. Yes, the Meek People shall also Inherit the Earth with you: beCause they are Worthy, being Teachable, Humble, and Honest.''