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"O little Children, no one's Life is Long Enough to Learn ALL of the Necessary Lessons for Perfecting one's Soul during one Lifetime, even if it is a hundred Years Long, and many People Die at Birth. Therefore, by the Wisdom and Mercy of God, we have been Given more than one Lifetime to get ourselves Perfected for either Good or Evil, which is also According to the Law of Justice, which Demands a Great Judgment Day; but, only after we have been Given Freedom to Choose how to Live and Think and Act and React, for at least a thousand Years!

— Ray Walter Swangkee

Chapter 17 — The Judgment of the Great Prostitute!

 1.  Then one of the Seven Angels who had the Seven Vials of the Wrath of God came and Talked with me, saying to me: "Come, I will Show to you the Judgment of the Great Prostitute, who Sells herself for the Vain Pleasures of the World, and Trades her Eternal Happiness for Temporary Pleasures, who sits on many Waters, you might say, with whom the Kings of the Earth Committed Fornication, and the Inhabitants of the Earth were made Drunk with the Wine of her Fornication, which is Symbolical of her Endless Lusts.'' 3. So, he Carried me Away in the Power of the Spirit into the Wilderness, where I might have a Clear View. And I Saw a Woman sitting on a Scarlet-colored Beast, which was Full of Names of Blasphemy, having Seven Heads and Ten Horns. 4. The Woman was also Arrayed in Purple and Scarlet Clothing, and Adorned with Gold and Precious Stones and Pearls, having in her Hand a Golden Cup, which Symbolized the Great False Economy, which Appeared to be a Wonderful System of Good Government on the Outside; but, on the Inside it was like Death and Self-destruction, which was Full of Abominations and the Filthiness of her Fornication. 


 6. And I Saw the Woman, who was Drunk with the Blood of the Saints and with the Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus, and she was Well Pleased with herself, as if she had Accomplished Great Things, even though she was Covered with Paint, and Camouflaged with Odious Perfumes. And when I Saw her, I Marveled with Great Amazement: because she had Managed to Mislead and Deceive so many People with her Flattering Lies and Empty Promises, while making Tax Slaves, Usury Slaves, Insurance Slaves, and Work Slaves of them for her own Gain: because her Heart was Set on the Vain Things of the World, which were Symbolized by her Clothing, which was Soaked in Blood: because she had to Murder so many Souls in Order to Obtain her Glory, unto her own Great Shame when her Clothes were Removed and her Nakedness was Revealed in the Light of Truth. 

 7. But, the Angel said to me, "Why did you Marvel? I will Explain to you the Mystery of the Woman and of the Beast that Carries her, which has the Seven Heads and the Ten Horns. 8. The Beast that you Saw, which was Living since Ancient Times, and is not now Living in the Fullness of his Glory, will Ascend Out of the Bottomless Pit of Materialism during the Last Days, and will go into Perdition, even though Babylon was the Chief City among Nations during Ancient Times, and was Represented by the Head of Gold in Daniel's Vision. And those People who Dwell on the Earth will Marvel at this, whose Names are not Written in the Book of Life, which was from the Foundation of the World, when they See the Beast that was, and is not, and yet he still is. 

 9. "Here is the Mind that has Wisdom and Good Understanding — the Seven Heads are Seven Mountains or Continents on which the Woman Sits: because she Rules Over all of the Nations by Means of her Great Wealth, which she has Obtained by Means of her Fornication, by Selling her Goods and Services for a Great Price, even though her Goods and Services were never Needed; but, her Chief Goods are Addictive Drugs, Unclean Foods, Chemical Poisons, and all Kinds and Sizes of Vain Toys, which are the Witty Inventions of Greedy Selfish Men. 

 10. There are also Seven Great Kingdoms. Five have already Fallen, one is presently Ruling, and the other has not yet Come. And when he who Rules Over that Kingdom Comes, he must Continue for a Short Time: because his Work will be Short, in Order to bring the Evil Empire to a Speedy End: because it will be Cut Short by Means of Righteousness, and the Great KING of Kings will Rule Over all of the Nations and Kingdoms. 

 11. "And the Beast that was Living, and is not now Living, is himself also the Eighth Great King, and is of the same Order as the Seven Great Kings who Ruled Over those other Seven Kingdoms, and he is also going into Perdition and Damnation: because of the Rejection of Truths without a Just Cause. (See: What is The GREATEST SIN??)

 12. "And the Ten Horns that you Saw are Symbolical of the Ten Kings who have Received no Kingdom as yet; but, they shall Receive Authority for one Hour, so to speak, as Kings with the Beast, which Beast is Symbolical of an Evil and Uncontrollable Empire, which Rules Over others by Means of its Control over Money. 13. Therefore, those Kings or Rulers are of One Mind, and they will Give their Power and Authority to the Beast who Works for them: because they will be in League with each other. 

 14. "Moreover, those Kings will make War against the Lamb of God, who is the Anointed Savior, and yet the Lion of the Tribe of Judah will Overcome them: because he is the RULER of Rulers and the KING of Kings; and those People who are with him are Called, Chosen, and Faithful.'' 

 15. And the Angel said to me, "The Waters which you Saw, where the Prostitute Sits, are Symbolical of Peoples, Multitudes, Nations, and Languages, who Roar Ceaselessly like the Waves of the Sea that Beat upon the Rocks at the Shore. Indeed, they are never Contented, no matter how much that they Possess: because they are Possession Worshippers, or Baal Worshippers, whom the Man with the Spirit of Elijah will Attempt to Correct; but, behold, they will Refuse to be Corrected: because they have Set their Hearts on the Vain Things of the World, which were Advertised to them by Means of that Image that Speaks Flattering Lies and Empty Promises, which they also Worship: because their Hearts are Far Removed from the God who Created them in his own Image. Yes, they have become Degenerated, Sick, Lazy, and Crazy; but, not without a Good Purpose: because they are Learning Important Lessons from the Universal College of Superior Knowledge. (See: Are you a Baal Worshipper??, and: Is Television a Gift from God or Satan??)

 16. "And as for the Ten Horns that you Saw on the Beast, those Kings will Hate the Prostitute when they Learn the Truth about her, and See her Nakedness in the Light of Good Understanding; and therefore, they will make her Desolate and Naked, and also Eat her Flesh as it were, and Burn her Bones with Fire: because she has taken Advantage of them for her own Gain, unto her own Shame: because God has put it into their Hearts to Fulfill his Purpose, to be of One Mind, and to Give their Kingdoms to the Beast, until the Words of God are Fulfilled, and Babylon is Destroyed. 

 18. "And the Woman whom you Saw is Symbolical of that Great City of New York, which Reigns Financially Over the Kings or Rulers of the Nations of the Earth, and also has Power Over them by her Voice, by Means of that Image that Teaches Lies.''