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"O my Son, it is much better to WAIT, and allow the Fool to EMPTY his Head, before you Attempt to fill it with the Stuff that Produces Righteous Kings and Holy Queens: beCause he cannot Hear a single Word that you say, until there is Enough Space for it in the Belly of his Mind, which is normally Stuffed with Lies!" — See the New MAGNIFIED Version of the Proverbs of King Solomon 


Chapter 20 — Satan is Bound for 1,000 Years!

 1. Then I Saw an Angel Coming Down from the Sky, having the Key for the Lock on the Door to the Bottomless Pit of Selfish Capitalist Greed and Corruption; and he had a Great Chain in his Hand, which Chain Symbolizes the Ironclad Links between one Corrupt Business and another, whereby they all more or less Work Together for their own Gain at the Expense of Natural Resources, Clean Air, Pure Water, Good Foods, Secure Houses, Healthy Happy Families, and all that is Good.  2. Therefore, he laid Hold on the Dragon, that Serpent of Old, who is called the Devil and Satan, and the Angel Bound him for a Thousand Years, which is called the Great Sabbath Day of Rest; and he Cast him into a seemingly Bottomless Pit, and Shut him up, and set a Seal on him, so that he should not Deceive the Nations any more until the Thousand Years were Finished. But, after those things he must be Released for a little Time, in Order to Test the Faith, Hope, Trust, Love, Patience, and Wisdom of the Saints, in Order for God to Determine which ones are Qualified to Rule with him within his Great Kingdom, which is Established in Worlds without Number: because his Creations never Cease, and his Works go on and on, Forever and Ever: because every Living Thing Multiplies for the Glory of God. 

 4. And I Saw Thrones, and they who Sat on them, and Judgment was Committed to them. And I Saw the Spirits of those People who had been Beheaded for their Witness for Jesus Christ and for their Faith in the Words of God, who had not Worshipped the Beast nor his Image, and had not Received his Mark on their Foreheads nor on their Hands. And they Lived and Reigned with Christ for a Thousand Years on the Earth.  5. But, the Remainder of the Dead People did not Live Again until the Thousand Years were Finished, at which Time they were Born into the Families that Lived during that Great Sabbath Day, who were Found Worthy to be Born during that one Thousand Years. Indeed, that is called the First Resurrection: because all of the Holy People and the most Righteous Spirits, who have Lived since the Beginning of Time, will be Born during that Time, or else be Resurrected from the Dead: beCause of Overcoming all of their Sins, and beCause of Perfecting themselves in the Fear of God. 6. Blest and Holy is he who has Part in that First Resurrection: beCause, Over such People, the Second Death, which is a Great Spiritual Death, has no Power; but, they shall be Kings and Priests of God and of Christ, and shall Reign with him for a Thousand Years on the Earth. 

 7. Now, when the Thousand Years are Expired, Satan will be Released from his Prison and will go Out into the World with his Demon Spirits, in Order to Deceive the Nations one more Time, which People are in the four Quarters of the Earth, both Inside and Outside, in Gog and Magog, both from the East, West, North, and South, in Order to Gather them Together for Battle, whose Number is as the Sand of the Sea for a Multitude.  9. Yes, they went Up on the Breadth of the Land, and Surrounded the Camp of the Saints and the Beloved City of Mount Zion, which is in the Recesses of the Uttermost Parts of the Far North, in Order to Attack it. And Fire Came Down from God Out of the Sky and Devoured them, even as it Devoured the Soldiers who came to Arrest Elijah the Holy Prophet during Ancient Times. (See: WHERE is The City of God??)

 10. And the Devil, who Deceived them, was Cast into the Place that was like a Lake of Fire with Burning Sulfur, where the Beast and the False Prophet are. And they will be Tormented both Day and Night, Forever and Ever. 

 11. Then I Saw a Great White Throne and him who Sat on it, from whose Face the Unclean People of the Earth, and also the Unholy Angels of the Sky, Fled Away. And there was found no Place for them: because they were all Unclean in his Sight. 

 12. And I Saw the Dead, both Small and Great, Standing in front of God for Judgment; and the Books of the Prophets and Wise Men were Opened, and another Book was Opened, which is called the Book of Life, which Originally Contained all of the Names of all People, whose Names were Blotted Out of the Book after they Committed Unpardonable Sins. And the Dead, who had been Resurrected, were Judged According to their Words and their Works, by Means of the Things that were Written in the Books.  13. The Sea also Gave Up the Dead who were in it, and the Angels of Death and Hades Delivered up the Dead who were in the Graves. And they were Judged, each one According to his or her Words and Works. 14. Then the Angels of Death and Hades were also Cast into the Place that was like a Lake of Fire, even into a Lower Order of Worlds, where they could Torment other Souls who were Cast Out of this Order of Worlds: because of being Found Unworthy to Continue to Live here. And that is the Second Death, which is a Great Spiritual Death, where such Souls will be Tormented, Forever and Ever, unless they Repent of their Sins, and Change their Ways of Thinking and Living. 

 15.  And anyone whose Name was not Found Written in the Book of Life was Cast into that Awful Place that is like a Lake of Fire that Burns with Stinking Sulfur: because they had an Opportunity to Repent; but, they Refused to Change their Ways of Living, in Order that they might Enjoy the Temporary Sensual Pleasures of this Life, which they Traded for the Eternal Spiritual Pleasures of Life Forevermore in the Holy Kingdom of All that is Good.