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"O my Faithful Friend, the Ignorant Fool will Believe any Lie that Promises a QUICK Remedy for his Age-old Dietary Sins." — A New MAGNIFIED Proverb of King Solomon 


Chapter 21 — The New Jerusalem!

 1. And I Saw a Renewed Sky and a Renewed Earth: beCause the First Heaven and the First Earth had Passed Away. There was also no more Sea, or Ocean: beCause almost all of the Land was made Inhabitable, and the Climate was Moderated by many Lakes of Water and by the Wind, which was Directed and Controlled by the Supreme Ruler. 

 2. Then I, John, Saw the Holy City, called the New Jerusalem, Coming Down Out of the Sky from God, being Prepared as a Bride that is Adorned for her Husband, which City Rested within the Hollow Earth, in the Paradise of Happiness, in the Blest Land of Perfect Oneness. 3. And I Heard a Loud Voice from the Sky, saying, "Behold, the Tabernacle of God is with Men, and he will Live with them, and they shall be his People; and God, himself, will be with them and be their Supreme Ruler. 4. And God will Wipe Away every Tear from their Eyes: beCause he will Reveal to them all of the Lives that they have Lived, and they will be Forced by Means of Reason and Logic to Confess that his Judgments were Just when he Placed their Spirits here and there in this World of Woes, in Order that they might Learn their Lessons, and Agree with him that it is Best to Learn, Believe, Love, and Obey all of his Commandments; and therefore, there shall be no more Death, nor Sorrow, nor Crying; and there shall be no more Sicknesses, Diseases, Accidents, Wars, nor Pains: because those Former Things will have Passed Away: beCause the Masses of People will have Learned their Lessons, and therefore they will Love All that is Good, and Hate All that is Evil.'' 

 5. Then he who Sat on the Throne said, "Behold, I make all Things New.'' And he said to me, "Write, for these Words are True and Faithful.'' 6. And at Last he said to me, "It is Done! It is Finished! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last Man, even the First Man to bring about the Life of Mankind: beCause of being Adam, and the Last Man who had to Suffer for the Sins of Mankind: because I Redeemed Mankind from the Fall that I Caused: because I alone was Qualified, being the Chosen Son of God from the Beginning. Therefore, I will Give of the Fountain of the Water of Life Freely to him or her who Thirsts for it, and I will Feed him or her with the Sweet Fruits from the Tree of Life, if he or she Repents of All of his or her Sins, and Seeks All that is Good. 

 7. "Therefore, he or she who Overcomes All of his or her Sins shall Inherit all Things within my Holy Kingdom, and I will be his or her Supreme Ruler or Father, and he or she will be my Spiritually Adopted Son or Daughter. 8. But, the People who are Cowardly, Unbelieving, Abominable, Murderers, Sexually Immoral, Druggerers, Idolaters, and all Liars shall have their Portion of an Inheritance in the Place that is like a Lake of Stinking Sulfur that Burns with an Eternal Fire, which is the Second Death, which is a Great Spiritual Death, whereby all such Spirits are Cast Out of this World into a Lower Order of more Hateful Worlds, which are Seven Times more Evil than here, where they can be Tormented both Day and Night, Forever and Ever, unless they Repent and Change their Ways of Thinking and Living.'' 

 9. Then one of the Seven Angels who had the Seven Vials that were Filled with the Seven Last Great Plagues came to me and Talked with me, saying, "Come, I will Show to you the Bride, the Lamb's Wife, even that Mighty Fortress of the Great King, which was Prepared for him by his Holy Father, which is Inhabited by his Holy People, who have Overcome All of their Sins, and have Stopped Sinning, who have been Perfected in Righteousness by Means of Holiness of Mind, Spirit, and Body.''

 10. And he Carried me Away by the Power of the Spirit of God to a Great and High Mountain, and Showed to me that Great City, the Holy Jerusalem, which was Descending Out of the Sky from God, having the Glory of God. And her Light was like a most Precious Stone, even like a Polished Diamond Stone, being as Clear as Crystal. 12. She also had a Great and High Wall with Twelve Gates, and Twelve Guardian Angels at the Gates, and Names Written on them, which are the Names of the Twelve Tribes of the Children of Israel — Three Gates on the East, Three Gates on the North, Three Gates on the South, and Three Gates on the West, and the Wall was Three Thousand Miles Away from the Holy City, which had Pastures for Horses, Sheeps, Deers, Cattle, Bisons, Elephants, and other Clean Beasts of all Kinds, which, during Times Past, were Tormented and Eaten by all Kinds of Unclean Beasts and Creatures, none of which could Enter into the Holy City, nor Enter by Means of those 12 Gates into that Pastureland: because they were for Eternal Reminders, or a Memorial of what the World was like before the Earth was Renewed, who will Live on the Outside of those Walls, along with Buzzards, Eagles, and Vultures, who will Clean up any Dead Carcasses. 

 14. Now, the Wall of the City had Twelve Foundations, and on them were Written the Names of the Twelve Apostles of the Lamb.  15. And he who Talked with me had a Golden Reed, being 10 Cubits Long, in Order to Measure the City, its Gates, and its Walls. 16. And the Pyramid City is laid Out as a Square at the Base, with 4 Square Corners; and therefore, its Length is as Long as its Breadth. And he Measured the City with the Reed, which City was 1,500 Miles Long on one Side. Its Length and Breadth are Equal; but, its Height is only about 5 Miles, being Constructed of many Minor Floors or Stories with Major Floors, each of which are about one half Mile High from their Bases; but, they get Progressively Shorter in length as they go Up, which Building is like a Spiraling Staircase with many Landings, with the most Glorious Stories being at the Top of the City, with the Throne of God being at the very Top of a Great Pyramid Government. †§‡

 17. Then he Measured the Outside Wall, which was 144 Cubits High, According to the Measure of a Man's Arm and a Handbreadth, that is, of the Angel's Arm with an Extended Hand, plus the Width of his Hand, or about 30 Inches, which is one Cubit. 

 18. And the Construction of its Wall was of Granite, which was Adorned with Large Diamonds and other Gemstones on the Surface of Large Foundation Stones; and the Outside of the City was likewise, which was Overlaid with Pure Gold, like Clear Glass over Large Cut and Polished Gemstones of all Kinds in Various Patterns and Colors. 19. And the Foundations of the Wall of the City were Adorned with all Kinds of Precious Stones that formed Words — the First Foundation Stone was Adorned with Diamonds over Jasper; the Second, Sapphire; the Third, Chalcedony; the Fourth, Emerald; the Fifth, Sardonyx; the Sixth, Sardius; the Seventh, Chrysolite; the Eighth, Beryl; the Ninth, Topaz; the Tenth, Chrysoprase; the Eleventh, Jacinth; and the Twelfth, Amethyst.

 21. And the Twelve Gates were made of Giant Pearls, which were Trimmed Off on 2 Sides, being 40 Cubits High and 10 Cubits Thick from one Trimmed Side to the other Side; and each Individual Gate was made of just One Large Round Pearl, which Swiveled in the Middle at the Top and the Bottom of it, which, when Closed, Fit Perfectly into Sockets on each Side of the Wall, all around the Gate; and the Streets of the City were Paved with Pure Gold, like Transparent Glass over Cut Gemstones, Onyx, and Polished Marble that Glistened in the Light. 22. But, I Saw no Temple in it: because the Ruling God Almighty and the Lamb are its Temple. 23. And the Holy City has no Need of the Sun nor of the Moon to Shine in it: because the Glory of God Illuminates it, and the Power of the Lamb is its Light. 24. And the Nations of those People who are Saved for this World shall Live in its Light, and the Holy Kings of the Whole Earth shall bring their Glory and Honor into it: because the People of the Whole Earth shall be Full of the Knowledge of the Supreme Ruler, and therefore they will all Prosper. 25. Moreover, its Gates shall not be Shut at all, Day by Day: because there shall be no Night there, nor shall Time be Counted any more. 26. And they shall bring the Glory and the Honor of the Nations into it, which they have Discovered on the Renewed Earth. 27. But, there shall by no Means Enter into it anything that Defiles, nor Causes an Abomination nor a Lie; but, only those People whose Names are Written in the Lamb's Book of Life, who were Tested in the Furnace of Afflictions, and were Found Worthy to Enter into it: because of their Righteousness in Holiness.