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"O my Son, it is much better to WAIT, and allow the Fool to EMPTY his Head, before you Attempt to fill it with the Stuff that Produces Righteous Kings and Holy Queens: beCause he cannot Hear a single Word that you say, until there is Enough Space for it in the Belly of his Mind, which is normally Stuffed with Lies!" — See the New MAGNIFIED Version of the Proverbs of King Solomon 



The BURDENS of the Independent Jackasses!

Hundreds of millions of Ignorant People in this World of Woes Cause their own Sufferings as Independent Jackasses: because they cannot figure out HOW to Unite their Time, Energy, Money, nor Material Wealth, in Order to make Life much Better for all of them by at least 10 times. Indeed, like the Proverbial Independent Jackass, they lay upon themselves all Kinds of Unnecessary BURDENS, which are Grievous to be Borne.

25 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Building and Living within Beautiful Swangkee Stone Domehomes

A Swangkee Stone Domehome is Fireproof, Mouse-proof, Rat-proof, Rot-proof, Hail-proof, Tornado-proof, Hurricane-proof, Paint-proof, Nail-proof, Rust-proof, Termite-proof, Shingle-proof, Siding-proof, Repair-proof, Self-air-conditioned, Insurance-proof, and should be Tax-proof: beCause there are other more Practical and Fair Ways for Governments to Obtain Money for their Administrations, without making Tax Slaves of Hardworking People, in Order to Support Lazy and Crazy People, or even Public Schools, which provide the Poorest of Good Educations, or else there would not be so many People now

New House

New House

The Constitution for the SEVENTH Swangkee Hightels, Castles, and Fortresses!

This Special Book is now DEDICATED to the Billions of Poor Wretched Income Tax Slaves, Interest Slaves, Mortgage Bill Slaves, Car Bill Slaves, Insurance Slaves, Work Slaves, ElecTRICK Bill Slaves, Medical Bill Slaves, Drug Bill Slaves, Gas Bill Slaves, Telephone Bill Slaves, Water Bill Slaves, and General PROUD TAX SLAVES, who Long for the Happy Day when they are Liberated from all Slavery! Yes, it is called "the Year of JUBILEE," in the Bible, when all Debts are Forgiven, and the Masses of People Return to the Blest Land of their Inheritance!

The Constitution for the SIXTH Swangkee Hightels, Castles, and Fortresses!

This Book is Dedicated to the Masses of Poor People who Attempt to Live in this World of Woes, who would like to Raise their Standard of Living by many Degrees, without making Work Slaves, Tax Slaves, Usury / Interest Slaves, Car Bill Slaves, Insurance Slaves, Gas Bill Slaves, Doctor Bill Slaves, Hospital Bill Slaves, Drug Slaves, Telephone Bill Slaves, Electric Bill Slaves, Water Bill Slaves, and General Depressed Slaves of all Kinds and Colors of themselves, who are often too Ashamed to even Confess that they are nothing but SLAVES!

The Constitution for the FIFTH Swangkee Hightels, Castles, and Fortresses!

The Beavers are a very Busy People, as you would Expect; but, this Family of Beavers have Ambitions that will put all other People to Utter Shame for their Lack of Faith, Hope, Love, Trust, Patience, and Ambition.

The Constitution for the FOURTH Swangkee Lowtels, Castles, and Fortresses!

This Inspired Book is now DEDICATED to all of those Humble Souls who only Want to Live a PLAIN and SIMPLE Lifestyle, who are Sick of Pollution and Lies, who Love an Honest Day's Work with Workhorses, Mules, Oxen, Camels, Asses, Burros, Donkeys, Yaks, Buffalo, and other Work Animals. Therefore, if you are a "Workhorse," or someone who Loves to Work in the Fields and Forests, among Blooming Flowers and Fragrant Fruit Trees, Chirping Birds and Healthy Happy Children, then this Book is now Dedicated to YOU: beCause you will Love it!

The Constitution for the THIRD Swangkee Lowtels, Castles, and Fortresses!

The Third Swangkee Lowtels, Castles, and Fortresses are made up mostly of Confused People, who have not made up their Minds concerning just Exactly which Swangkee Fortresses that they should Join: beCause they do not have their Spiritual / Religious / Political / Social / Moral / Labor / Business / and Habitual Values Well Established within their own Minds.

The Constitution for the SECOND Swangkee Lowtels, Castles, and Fortresses!

The Voluntary Members of the Second Swangkee Lowtels, Castles, and Fortresses will Assist the Voluntary Members of the First Swangkee Hotels, Castles, and Fortresses to Accomplish their Goal, which is Holiness of Mind, Spirit, and Body.

The Constitution for the FIRST Swangkee Lowtels, Castles, and Fortresses!

This is the First of a Series of Constitutions for Different Kinds of Swangkee Hotels, Castles, and Fortresses! There are Basically 7 Kinds of Swangkee Fortresses, with hundreds of Subdivisions: beCause of the Fact that there are Various Religious and Political Beliefs among Different People, who may each Maintain their own Beliefs and Doctrines, without Offending other Groups of "Believers." Therefore, this Constitution is a General Outline for the other Fortresse

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