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“If you are Lazy, it only Means that you are not Living in an Ideal Place to Live, which Inspires Ambition: beCause of being Healthy, and beCause of having an Abundance of Material, Spiritual, and Mental Resources to Work with.” source

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The HEAD of The PEACOCK! (An Introduction to Inspiration)

The HEAD of the Peacock is a Curious Thing, which only the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge, King’s Mountain, Kentucky, could Thoroughly Explain in such a Way that even Little Spiritual Children might Understand it, even if they are 90 Years Old, Physically; but, only 10 Years Old, Spiritually!

The Swangkee Sword of Divine Truth!

The Swangkee Sword of Divine Truth is an Invisible Weapon that should only be Used by People who are Qualified, who are Worthy of it, who will not Abuse it in Order to Shame People who Need no Shaming, who are perhaps Ignorant and Innocent of any Crimes.

Is God a God of Justice??

When you Study the World Conditions, and Accept an Honest Look at it all, without any Prejudiced Opinions, you have to Confess that it at least Appears that there is NO Justice in this World, except in a few Cases, where it Appears that God has Intervened for some Strange Reason, as in the Case of the Holocaust, in which "God" Saved his "Anointed Servant," Adolf Hitler, According to Romans 13. Yes, I am being very Sarcastic; but, not without a Good Reason.



WHO is The DEVIL??

Satan, the Devil, has Thoroughly Managed to Deceive the People of the whole World, including those of more than 400 Different Religions, most of whom Confess that Satan is Alive and Well; but, they Hesitate to Confess that they have been Overcome by him, themselves, in spite of having a Mountain of Evidence to Prove it, beginning with the Fact that they are Captivated by their own Lusts or Longing Desires: beCause of being Seduced by Advertisements for all Kinds of TRASH, which they Know for a Fact will not Truly make them Healthy nor Happy; but, they HOPE that it might Help to Satisfy their Souls, which seem to be more and more Deprived of the True Riches, which Satan and Sons Incorporated do not have for Sale! Therefore, you can do yourself and other People a Great Favor, by Discovering WHO that Devil IS, and HOW you can Overcome him, and even Inherit a Position within the Holy Kingdom of All that is Good.

WHERE is The City of God??

The Question of ‘WHERE is the City of God?’ has been Asked by all Serious Students of the Bible, who have taken Psalm 48 Seriously; but, they could not find an Answer within the Bible: because the Answer was put in another Inspired Book, which can be found within a Swangkee TRUTH-brary, as Opposed to a Public LIE-brary. Therefore, if you Sincerely want to Learn WHERE that Holy City IS, you will have to SEARCH for it within those Books that Reveal it, including this Booklet, which gives the Key that Unlocks the Mystery; but, only for those People who Believe it: because all Enlightenment Depends on FAITH, and Faith comes by Learning the Truth, and Truth comes from Almighty God, who alone could Inspire it.

What is WRong with the Divided Pentecostal Church International?

Like other Pentecostal Churches, the United Pentecostal Church International is another Deceived Congregation, which also Judges itself to be the ONE True Church, even though the One True Church is made up of HOLY People, who do not just Wear the Correct Clothing; but, they are PURE in Mind, Spirit, and Body, even as Jesus Christ is Pure: because they have Hope that they shall be like Jesus Christ when he Returns with Power and Great Glory, which will put all of us to Shame: because we are the Unholy, and our Works Prove it, since we are Powerless to Cast Out Demons, or else we would go to Washington, DC, and Clean House!

What or WHO is GOD??

The Question of WHO God IS, or WHAT God is, has been raised by all Thinking People since the Days of Adam and Eve: because God has kept himself SECRET, ALOOF, or UNKNOWN, for the most Part: because it is a Necessary MYSTERY, in Order to get People to MEDITATE on this Subject. And, the Farther Away from God that we get, by making ourselves Enemies of God, by Disobeying his Laws of Life, the more we must Confess that God is a MYSTERY. Indeed, he is an Utter Mystery to the Unbeliever and Mocker, who does not Know for a Fact that God even EXISTS! However, for US who have had a Personal Experience with God, and Know for a Fact that he does Exist, there is no Doubt about it. Nevertheless, most Professing “Christians” and Non-Christians alike are Confused about the Meaning of God, and how that Jesus Christ could be the Son of God, and how that they can also become Sons of God; but, not a Son like Jesus Christ: because the Bible is not Exactly CLEAR concerning such Important Subjects, for another Mysterious Reason, which is Explained within this Booklet.

What is The KINGDOM of GOD??

Most People Believe that the Kingdom of God is only in Heaven, and will never be Established on this Earth; but, Jesus Christ said: "The kingdom of God does not Come with Observation; nor will they say, `Look here!' or `Look there!' For indeed, the Kingdom of God is within you." — RNKJ Version of Luke 17:20—21.

What is The GREATEST SIN??

Many People say that the Greatest Sin is Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit: because all such Sins cannot be Forgiven, According to what Jesus stated in Matthew 12:31—37, which reads, in Part: “Wherefore I say to you, All Kinds of Sins and Blasphemies shall be Forgiven to Men; but, the Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit shall not be Forgiven to Men… for by your Words you shall be Justified, and by your Words you shall be Condemned.” However, the GREATEST Sin does not Require Spoken Words; but, it is something within the Minds and Hearts of People, which this Inspired Booklet Reveals, which no one has Proven to be Wrong According to the Scriptures, nor According to Reason and Logic. Therefore, you will be Wise to Study it, just in Case that you might also be Committing that same SIN, for which you may be Greatly CURSED, and not even Know WHY!

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