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“It is not Right to FORCE all of the Children into Future Tax Slavery, with no Hope of Escaping from such BONDAGE. Indeed, WHO gave to US the Right to put such a Tax Burden on Future Generations of Rebellious Children? It would be better for them to not be Born, than to be Born into such an EVIL Situation — UNLESS they are US, in which Case we could only Confess that we DESERVED IT!” source

— Ray Walter Swangkee


A Diamond Rating Symbolizes something or someone that is EXTREMELY GOOD, such as Jesus Christ, or the Words of Jesus Christ, who was the Best Person who ever Lived in this World of Wonders, who alone is Worthy of a Seven Diamond Rating. Indeed, he alone among Men is Worthy of such a High Rating, and his Disciples would come close to the same Rating; but not on all Subjects: because they also had their Weaknesses, being like most of us. In Fact, few of us would get a Diamond Rating on any Subject: because we are not Extremely Good in any Respect: because of being Unholy.

Justifications for MAGNIFICATIONS!

Hundreds of millions of Deceived People Vainly Imagine that God’s Holy Spirit has either Died, or gone Out of Business, which is the Business of Inspiring the Servants of God with Words of Truth and Wisdom.

Lightning Strikes 9 — Appendix 1 ... The New MAGNIFIED Version of the Ten Commandments!

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LIGHTNING Versus the Lightning Bug!

The Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge, King's Mountain, Kentucky, is Impersonating a Famous American Author, which is WHY he is referred to as "Junior." However, as you read this Inspired Book, you will come to Realize that he is the Reincarnation of that Author, himself: beCause, only he could Compose such a Unique Book with just the Exact Right Words, which is the Difference between LIGHTNING and the Lightning Bug! Indeed, this is Truly the Lightning Striking from Heaven, itself, which will Greatly Enlighten the Minds of all Honest People, Worldwide.

Chapter 13 — The Complete Survey of Vern Lindsey Swangkee's Labor Economic and Business Values


7-0001 [X] I am a Conservative Person, who Clings to Old, well-Tested Values.

7-0002 [X] I am a Liberal Person, who is Openminded and Willing to Change my Ways, if Proven to be WRong.

7-0003 [_] I am a Stingy Person, who would not Pay a Dime to See a Piss Ant Carry a Bale of Hay 500 Yards. [X] In some Cases.

7-0004 [_] I am a Generous Person, who is Overflowing with the Oil of JOY!

7-0005 [_] I am a Happy Person. [_] Unhappy Person. [X] Sometimes Happy, and sometimes Unhappy.

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Chapter 3 — The Complete SURVEY of Vern Lindsey Swangkee's Spiritual and Religious VALUES! ... continued

1-0621 [_] I Believe that I am Saved, according to my Interpretation of it.

1-0622 [_] I Believe that I am Saved from all of my Sins.

1-0623 [_] I am NOT Saved.

1-0624 [_] I am "Born Again."

1-0625 [_] I was "Born Again," and even "Saved" from my Sins; but, now I have Backslidden into Hell.

Dedication and Introduction by the Professor Wordcraft from the Universal College of Superior "Nolij"

These Personal Surveys of Vern Lindsey Swangkee are DEDICATED to the Spiritual Cowards of this World of Wonders, who are Afraid to Fill Out and File their own Personal Surveys: beCause of being Afraid that someone might Discover that they are Ordinary Human Beings, who have their own Weaknesses and Strengths, who are probably just as Good as most other People in most Ways, if not in all Ways. After all, there was only ONE Perfect Person that we know of, and they Crucified him for telling too much Truth.

Chapter 28 — Ray Walter Swangkee's Personal Survey of Miscellaneous Values!... continued

I just finished watching one NBC Dateline program called, "Rescue in the Mountains," which was a story about a Poor Village in the Mountains of Haiti, which Program all Americans should watch on the Internet, if they have not seen it on TV: so as to be Able to Relate with their Hellish Circumstances in Haiti, which has Inspired this Survey of my Values concerning EMPATHY, which is the Ability to Understand and Share the Feelings of other People, to put oneself in their Place, to Feel their Pains, Hardships, Longings, and Desires.

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Chapter 1 — The Peacock's Complete Survey of Religious and Spiritual Values

1-0001 [X] I Believe in God.

1-0003 [X] I Believe in a Great Creator: beCause it is Impossible to have a Design without a Designer, nor a House without a House Builder, nor a Law without a Lawmaker. Therefore, whomever made the Natural Laws of this Marvelous Interdependent World, with all of its Delicate Complexities, could be called "God," or, in Plain English, "The Supreme Ruler and Divine Lawmaker."

1-0005 [X] I Believe God is a Great Spirit.

Ray Walter Swangkee's GOSPEL of Jesus Christ!

 The Presumptuous Person just Naturally Rejects any Truth that he or she has not already Learned: beCause it Sounds Strange to such a Person. Words are Cheap, they say; but, Truths are Priceless: beCause they can Liberate us from the Prison of Ignorance and Lies! Therefore, a Wise Person will Maintain an Open Mind, after Learning that nothing is done without a Reason, even if it is Judged to be a Bad Reason by an Ignorant Person.

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