Random Peacock Quote

“Remember that the Romans Built a Ramp 5 miles long, in order to put the Dome on Saint Peter's Basilica, and then they took the Ramp down when it was Finished. So, this is just Child's Play.” source

Star (GOOD)


A Heart Symbolizes something that is Exceptionally Good, such as the Bible, which is more than just a Good Book with a Star Rating: because there are many Good Books; but the Bible Covers all Kinds of Important Subjects.

The HEAD of The PEACOCK! (An Introduction to Inspiration)

The HEAD of the Peacock is a Curious Thing, which only the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge, King’s Mountain, Kentucky, could Thoroughly Explain in such a Way that even Little Spiritual Children might Understand it, even if they are 90 Years Old, Physically; but, only 10 Years Old, Spiritually!

The Swangkee Sword of Divine Truth!

The Swangkee Sword of Divine Truth is an Invisible Weapon that should only be Used by People who are Qualified, who are Worthy of it, who will not Abuse it in Order to Shame People who Need no Shaming, who are perhaps Ignorant and Innocent of any Crimes.

A Reasonable Solution for the ENERGY CRISIS!

An Abundance of Cheap Energy is what Powered American Capitalism to the Heights of its "Glory," whereby some Foolish People still Imagine that it might be Possible for ALL People on the Earth to "Prosper," even as WE have "Prospered," whereby a Handful of Americans are Extremely Rich with Vain Things that they never Actually Needed, while the Vast Majority of People in the World are Wondering where they will Discover the next Dollar for a Pint of Gas, or for a Loaf of Devitalized Capitalist Bread, or just a Cup of the Cold Clean Water that Jesus Christ talked a

HOW to ESTABLISH a New RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint without Going to WAR!

Most People, Today, in 2015 AD, would probably tell you that it is Impossible to Establish a New RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint, without going to War: because they have not Studied this Inspiring Booklet, which Contains a New Approach to that Subject, which most People, Today, have not Considered, let alone Meditate on the Great Truth of it. Indeed, they could Rise up in Unison, like one Great Army, and DEMAND the Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court HEARING! But, instead, they are likely to Wait until they have Borrowed their Last Dollar from the Friendly Banker, in Order to Waste that Money on their Last Tank of Gasoline, and in Order to get to the Gross Grocery Store in Order to Stock up on Macaroni and Cheese: beCause of Fearing the Great Famine that is Coming when the Rain STOPS for 3.5 Years! However, those Distractions from Reality will not Solve their Problems, whereas the Things that I Propose will Solve those Problems!

101 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Establishing a New RIGHTEOUS One-World Government!

What an Amazing Subject this is, for which most People have not Given even 5 Minutes Worth of Thinking about it: beCause of Several Reasons; but, mostly beCause of not Believing that such a Thing might be Possible! Indeed, WHO could Imagine a RIGHTEOUS Government of even ONE County, let alone the WHOLE WORLD? Therefore, “the Conception of such a Good Government is only a Peacock DREAM,” most People would say.

25 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Building and Living within Beautiful Swangkee Stone Domehomes

A Swangkee Stone Domehome is Fireproof, Mouse-proof, Rat-proof, Rot-proof, Hail-proof, Tornado-proof, Hurricane-proof, Paint-proof, Nail-proof, Rust-proof, Termite-proof, Shingle-proof, Siding-proof, Repair-proof, Self-air-conditioned, Insurance-proof, and should be Tax-proof: beCause there are other more Practical and Fair Ways for Governments to Obtain Money for their Administrations, without making Tax Slaves of Hardworking People, in Order to Support Lazy and Crazy People, or even Public Schools, which provide the Poorest of Good Educations, or else there would not be so many People now

Chapter 5 — Supplemental Thoughts ... "I Prefer to be Ignorant"!

 "I Prefer to be Ignorant" — Valentin Jacobo Guemez

(The Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge Impersonates Valentin)

I Prefer to be Ignorant beCause of the following Reasons:

1) An Ignorant Person does not have to Think: beCause he has nothing to Think with, being similar to an Uneducated Dog or Cow.

2) An Ignorant Person cannot be held Responsible for what he does not Know.

3) An Ignorant Person can make Mistakes and only have to Confess that he is Ignorant.

Lightning Strikes 10 — Appendix 2 ... WHO QUALIFIES to Rule Over US?


First of all, no Judge (nor Voter) can Honestly Judge any Subject FAIRLY or JUSTLY, until he or she has Learned ALL of the Facts and Evidence, including those Important Things that are seldom if ever Mentioned by Politicians: beCause their Aim is to get Elected at any Cost, even if the Great Great Grandchildren should be Taxed near unto Death: beCause of their Running Up the Debts, instead of Paying as we go along, without Borrowing any Money: beCause that is Possible, and most Practical. (See: Appendix 1.)


            As dangerous as it is, I have been thinking. Deeply thinking.

The Appetizer

 This unique book is Copyrighted 2014, or thereabouts, in the Unholy Year of Buzzeldick the Great, by Master Mark Revolutionary Twain, Junior. All Rights are Reserved for the Central Unintelligent Agencies, Worldwide, and for the Federal Tax Burden of Investigation, who cannot quite get their minds wrapped around it, even though they are certain that there is much more to it than a mere speculation of a First Class REVOLUTION!

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