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"O my Faithful Friend, the Ignorant Fool will Believe any Lie that Promises a QUICK Remedy for his Age-old Dietary Sins." — A New MAGNIFIED Proverb of King Solomon 


Crime / Terrorism / War

Those Good American GANGS!

There are Literally thousands of Gangs in the Divided States of United Lies, and also many Gangs in other Countries; but, those Good American Gangs have Justified Causes for being the Way that they are, at least within their own Minds: beCause of being Mistreated by a Great FALSE Government, even as this Inspired Booklet Proves.

The Peabrain Peacock Investigates the Kennedy Assassination!

There was a Time when almost all Americans Sincerely Believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was the Lone Assassin of Former President John F Kennedy, in November of 1963; but now, in 2003, almost no one of Intelligence Accepts that Theory: because it was never Proven. However, the Real Proof will come when Lee Harvey Oswald is Raised up from the Dead, who will at Last be given the Freedom to Speak whatever is on his Mind, which will no Doubt be very Shocking to many Americans: because they have been Greatly Deceived, even as this Inspired Booklet Proves beyond any Doubt.

What does it Mean to MURDER??

It is written, "You have heard that it was said to those of old, `You shall not murder,' and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgment.  But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment. And whoever says to his brother, `Raca!' shall be in danger of the council. But whoever says, `You fool!' shall be in danger of hell fire.” NKJ Version of Matthew 5. However, there are many other Ways to Murder People, and this Booklet Addresses some of those Ways, in Order that you might Avoid them: because who Wants to be Guilty of Murder?

How Successful is the War on Drugs??

The Divided States of United Lies has Wasted hundreds of billions of Tax Dollars in a Vain Attempt to "Make War on Illegal Drugs," in Order to Try to Destroy them, or Try to put the Drug Dealers Out of Business, without any Real Success: beCause the Demand for Drugs in America is far Greater than the Desire to get Rid of them: beCause of all Kinds of Reasons; but, mostly beCause Americans are not Spiritually Satisfied with Words of Truth, such as you can Discover within this Inspired Booklet, which will Enlighten your Mind if you are Perfectly Honest and Sincere.


We Americans presently have a Terrorizing Problem within our World of Woes, which is not to be Solved by Bombs and Bullets: because it is a Problem of the Heart, or Spirit, which can only be Cleansed by a Confession of Truth concerning all Battle Fronts: because only the Sword of Truth has the Power in Order to Destroy the Enemy, which is within US, or among US. Therefore, for us to Attack those People who might be Innocent, is only Multiplying our Problems; and to Ignore the SOURCE of the Problem, or the Evil Thing that CAUSES the Problem, is the Height of Insanity: because the Problems will only Multiply, and Heartaches will only Increase, along with the Tears, Fears, and Sufferings. Therefore, People must be Encouraged to Study this Inspired Book, in Order to Discover what we have been doing Wrong, which has PRODUCED Terrorism.


Before we can Solve any Problem, we have to Discover what is CAUSING that Problem. Therefore, the Great Question is, “What are the Reasons that we are Hated so much that People would Want to make War Against US?” And the Answer to that Great Question is found within this Inspired Book, which should be Mandatory Reading in all Public and Private Schools, Worldwide: because it is Possible and most Practical to REMOVE the Cause and Desire for going to War, and thus Save the World from X-amount of Suffering, Lost Lives, plus Wasted Money, Energy, and Materials — not to mention Propagandist Lies, Deceptions, Murders, Assassinations, Spying, Food and Water Shortages, Famines, Diseases, and all that comes along with the INSANITY of WAR! Therefore, before we get ourselves Involved in another Insane War, let us be Determined to Discover the ROOT CAUSES for the Bitterness, Hate, Revenge, and War: because it is far less Costly on all Fronts. “SELAH,” which Means to “STOP and THINK,” in Hebrew; but, WAR Means to Shut your Ears, Close your Mind, and DO whatever you are Told to DO without Questioning it, which is Truly a Sign of INSANITY: because Sane People Question every Word and Action, before they Commit some Sin, and thus Burden themselves with Guilt!

Did the Victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing get their JUSTICE??

Tens of millions of Americans Sincerely Believe that Timothy James McVeigh Acted alone in the Oklahoma City Bombing, and that his Death by Federal Executioners was the Final Word concerning this Case that would be of any Great Interest to them: because they Trust that Wicked Cover-up Government to Report the WHOLE Truth, and nothing but the Truth, even though they Know that they were Lied to about the John F. Kennedy Assassination in Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963. Therefore, after that Incident and dozens of others, including Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas, one would Naturally Think that most People would Begin to WAKE UP; but behold, the Wool has been Pulled Over their Eyes once again by that same Anti-Christ Cover-up Government, which is not Prepared for what will Happen to them, which I have Revealed within this Inspired Booklet, which is Written in such a Way that they cannot even Tolerate the Way that is Written: because it makes them Sick; but, whomever Loves the Truth will Bear with it, unto the Satisfaction of their Soul, and unto the Great Enlightenment of their Honest Mind, in Spite of all Theoretical Speculations.

The Mystery of the Oklahoma City Bombing by Timothy James McVeigh!

Tens of millions of Americans, and even Skeptical Foreigners, have been Deceived concerning the Oklahoma City Bombing by Timothy James McVeigh: because of Managed News Reports, which were more or less Controlled by the Traditional Federal Cover-up U.S. Government, which Conducted the “Concert,” which has all Kinds of Musicians who are more than Happy to Play whatever the Conductors Order: because that is what they are Paid Well to do. Remember JFK. Indeed, it is all just a GAME to them, who SINsationalize every Report that they can, just to get our Attention Long Enough in Order to Attempt to SELL some other Pack of Lies to us, like Drugs. Therefore, all such Snooze Reporters cannot be Trusted, even if they are Sincere: because there is an Overall Conspiracy by the Hierarchy or Oligarchy that Rules in America, who will say and do just about anything in Order to Maintain their Evil Capitalist Empire, of which Timothy McVeigh just Happened to get an Inside View of, which he came to Hate, even as you will also come to Hate it after Reading this Booklet with an Honest Open Mind — that is, if you have a SOUND Mind with no Loose Screws!

A COWARD'S WAR! (George Bush Incorporated Makes War on Iraq)

One of the Hottest Issue during these Days is the Ongoing War in the Poor Oil-rich Country of Iraq, which War has Inspired this Booklet, which Presents a Reasonable Solution without going to War, even though it is now too Late for Iraq. Nevertheless, in Order to PREVENT Future Wars with other Nations of Foolish People, we should Do what this Booklet Suggests: because it is a Practical and Workable Plan, for which I Offer a ONE- MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD to any Person who can Prove by Means of Reason and Logic that my Words of Truth are Impractical or Unworkable! In Fact, President George Walking BUSH will be most Ashamed of himself for not Thinking of it, FIRST, Long before the War in Iraq began: because any 12-year-old Child could have easily Thought of it, since all Great Truths come from the Master Farmer who Inspires them!

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