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"O Poor Children, I would much Prefer to be the Humble Obedient Servant of a Rich Man, like King Solomon, who Provides me with a $wangkee Palace, than to be a Poor 

— Ray Walter Swangkee


LIGHTNING Versus the Lightning Bug!

The Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge, King's Mountain, Kentucky, is Impersonating a Famous American Author, which is WHY he is referred to as "Junior." However, as you read this Inspired Book, you will come to Realize that he is the Reincarnation of that Author, himself: beCause, only he could Compose such a Unique Book with just the Exact Right Words, which is the Difference between LIGHTNING and the Lightning Bug! Indeed, this is Truly the Lightning Striking from Heaven, itself, which will Greatly Enlighten the Minds of all Honest People, Worldwide.

The Complete SURVEYS of the VALUES of George Warmonger Bush and Big Dick Cheney!

Just Try to Imagine what the SURVEYS of the Religious Spiritual Governmental Political Sexual Social Moral Labor Economic Business Habitual and Miscellaneous VALUES of George Warmonger Bush and Little Dick Cheney might read like, if they were to be Perfectly Honest with themselves and everyone else.

Justifications for Spelling and Grammar within Swangkee Literature!

As you read Swangkee Literature, you will no doubt Notice that some Words are Spelled "Incorrectly," according to Traditional Spelling Methods, which might get you Confused without this Booklet to Explain it. Likewise, some of the Grammar might also Appear to be Strange; but, it is not without a Good Reason, which you will most likely come to Appreciate, even as I have. 

Choices come in Degrees!

In the United States of America, as well as elsewhere in this World of Wonders, it is a Common Saying that "Life is a Choice," or "Everyone can Choose this or that," or "You do not have to Choose to do Evil," or "You can Choose to do Good," or "You can Choose to be Rich, if you Want to," or some such Statement that Contradicts Reality; but, not in all Cases: beCause it is True that there are SOME Things that we can Choose to Do or NOT to Do, after we get to a certain Age, and after we Obtain a certain Amount of Wealth: beCause a very Poor Pe


If there was ever a Time when People should Pray, it would be NOW: beCause of World Conditions, whereby Multitudes of Poor People are Suffering, even within the Great Divided States of United Lies, where millions of People are Unemployed, and tens of thousands are Homeless. Nevertheless, they have hardly known what it Means to Suffer: beCause of Living in a Land of Plenty. Indeed, most Americans have much to be Thankful for, when Compared with those "Street People," who Live in Used Cardboard Boxes, and Eat Garbage from Dumpsters.

How to Become More Lovable!

You have probably met other People whom you Loved; but, for some Reason they did not necessarily Love you: beCause, to them, you were apparently not so Lovable as you should have been. Otherwise, you both might have had a Mutual Love for each other. Therefore, if you Greatly Love someone, and they Love you very little, or none at all, it leaves you Feeling very Disappointed with yourself for not being more Lovable. Therefore, the Great Question just Naturally Arises — HOW can I make myself more Lovable? And that Great Question is Answered within this Special Booklet. 

A Lovable Soul

This is a Naturally Lovable Soul who could easily make himself more Lovable 

A Lovable Soul

Thu Lawst Kreecherz' Hootelz

Just in Umeiriku, uloon, their rr supoozd tq bee moor than 10 Milyun Hoomlus Peepoul, hq rr Staaing in Tents, Oold Krrz, Vanz, Busuz, Salvaashun Rrmee Lojuz, Hoomlus Shelterz, "Refuujee Kamps" in Subwaaz, Bak Aleez, on Boot Howsuz, under Tin Shedz, and hweirever sumwun miit Serviiv: beeKawz uv Vareeus Reezunz — such az Lqzing their Jobz, Lqzing their Moorgijd Howzuz, beeing Divoorst, beeing Drug Adikts, Alkuholiks, Tubakoo Adikts, beeing Kripould, Mentoulee Il, Insaan, Vikimz uv Woorz, Reejekts uv Susiiutee, Owtkasts uv Cherchuz, Disonerublee Dischrrjd Sooljerz, X-konviks, K

The Destruction of the Evidence

These Floppy Disks became Obsolete, like so many other Things in the Modern World; and therefore, I Trashed them, along with all of the Evidence! However, to get Rid of this "Evidence" was no Crime: beCause it was my own Personal Property, which had no Connection with any Major Crime, nor even a Minor Crime, which Evidence could Possibly Solve a Mystery, if there had been a Crime.

The Destruction of the Evidence
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