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 At least in Greek Mythology, almost everyone Understands that it IS Mythology; but, in Hebrew Mythology, it is written as if it were Historical and Factual, when it is Actually MYTHOLOGY!


Government / Politics

A Reasonable Solution for the ENERGY CRISIS!

An Abundance of Cheap Energy is what Powered American Capitalism to the Heights of its "Glory," whereby some Foolish People still Imagine that it might be Possible for ALL People on the Earth to "Prosper," even as WE have "Prospered," whereby a Handful of Americans are Extremely Rich with Vain Things that they never Actually Needed, while the Vast Majority of People in the World are Wondering where they will Discover the next Dollar for a Pint of Gas, or for a Loaf of Devitalized Capitalist Bread, or just a Cup of the Cold Clean Water that Jesus Christ talked a

HOW to ESTABLISH a New RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint without Going to WAR!

Most People, Today, in 2015 AD, would probably tell you that it is Impossible to Establish a New RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint, without going to War: because they have not Studied this Inspiring Booklet, which Contains a New Approach to that Subject, which most People, Today, have not Considered, let alone Meditate on the Great Truth of it. Indeed, they could Rise up in Unison, like one Great Army, and DEMAND the Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court HEARING! But, instead, they are likely to Wait until they have Borrowed their Last Dollar from the Friendly Banker, in Order to Waste that Money on their Last Tank of Gasoline, and in Order to get to the Gross Grocery Store in Order to Stock up on Macaroni and Cheese: beCause of Fearing the Great Famine that is Coming when the Rain STOPS for 3.5 Years! However, those Distractions from Reality will not Solve their Problems, whereas the Things that I Propose will Solve those Problems!

The CONSTITUTION for the New RIGHTEOUS One-World Government!

The People of the World have yet to Experience what it would be like Living under the Rulership of a RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint, which has an Endless Supply of Good Money, which it Uses Wisely — NOT to Give Away; but, in Order to HIRE whomever is Willing and Able to Learn and Work, in Order to Do all Kinds of GOOD Works, such as the Building of Beautiful Planned City States, called: $wangkee Hotels, Castles,

101 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Establishing a New RIGHTEOUS One-World Government!

What an Amazing Subject this is, for which most People have not Given even 5 Minutes Worth of Thinking about it: beCause of Several Reasons; but, mostly beCause of not Believing that such a Thing might be Possible! Indeed, WHO could Imagine a RIGHTEOUS Government of even ONE County, let alone the WHOLE WORLD? Therefore, “the Conception of such a Good Government is only a Peacock DREAM,” most People would say.

A Collapsed Ceiling

This Collapsed Ceiling in a half-million-dollar American Mansion is the Results of a Fundamentally BAD Construction Plan, which Cost the Owner thousands of Dollars to Repair. Likewise, the American Political Experiment with 2 or 3 WRong Political Parties has its own "Collapsing Ceiling," which will Cost American Tax Slaves, Insurance Slaves, and Interest Slaves TRILLIONS of Dollars, in Order to Repair the BIG MESS — that is, IF it is even Possible to Repair it? After all, a Tornado could easily Strike this entire House, and Totally Ruin it!

A Collapsed Ceiling

Bread Sales Boy

This Young Man, whose Sombrero is also Full of Bread, is Attempting to Sell his Mother's Homemade Loaves of Bread by going from Door to Door, with the Hope that someone might be Hungry: because he cannot Figure Out HOW to get a Better Job, since he is not very well Educated. However, there are many Well-educated People in America who are Unable to Find Good Jobs, or even any Jobs at all in Places like Detroit, Michigan, and Lost Wages, Nevada. 

Bread Sales Boy

PETITIONS to the Congress of the United States of America

Most Americans have been so Discouraged by their Wicked Federal Government, that few of them have any Faith left in our Constitution, which makes Provisions for the People to make PETITIONS to their Elected Congressmen and President, as a Last Resort for "a Redress of Grievances," [Capitalizations are those of the Author] or whatever it is that they are Seeking.


Just in America, alone, there are supposed to be more than 10 Million Homeless People, who are Staying in Tents, Old Cars, Vans, Buses, Salvation Army Lodges, Homeless Shelters, "Refugee Camps" in Subways, Sewage Systems, Under Bridges, along Railroad Tracks, in Abandoned Houses, in Used Cardboard Boxes in Back Alleys, on Boat Houses, under Tin Sheds, and wherever someone might Survive: beCause of Various Reasons — such as Losing their Jobs, Losing their Mortgaged Houses, being Divorced, being Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, Tobacco Addicts, being Crippled, Mentally Ill, Insane, V

09. The First Swangkee Fasting Sanitarium, with a very Curious Explanation

It Required 2 Months of Work for my Brother Vern and I to Build this so-called "Fasting Sanitarium," with Part-time Help from 3 of Vern's Children, who Helped with Mixing the Concrete.

09. The First Swangkee Fasting Sanitarium, with a very Curious Explanation

The BOOK of Swangkee Associations

This Book presents a Unique Master Plan for Organizing Various Kinds of Swangkee Associations of Working Soldiers, which anyone may Join, and also Join one or all, Depending on a Person's Desires, of which this Book presents an almost Endless Variety, which anyone may Contribute to, if they do not Discover the Proper Association for them, which is highly likely, even though some People Doubt it!

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