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“We are TAXED and RE-TAXED again and again for whatever we Buy and Sell, which is like a LEECH SYSTEM of BAD Government, whereby one Leech Sucks on the Blood of another Leech, until at last everyone is Covered with Bloodsucking Leeches!” source


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15. The Amazing Difference between 2 Garlic Plants!, with Explanation

The Plant on the left is grown by the All-Mineral Organic Method, and the Plant on the right is an Example of one that is grown by Modern Chemical Methods, without the Use of Natural Fertilizers. However, neither Plant was Allowed to Mature, and therefore the Garlic Bulbs have not fully Developed. Nevertheless, you will have to Agree that there just MIGHT be a Major Difference between the Nutritional VALUE of these 2 Plants — neither of which were Analyzed in any Scientific Laboratory, except for our Mouths.

15. The Amazing Difference between 2 Garlic Plants!, with Explanation

All-Mineral Organic Gardening!

All-Mineral Organic Gardening is not Normal Organic Gardening: beCause it Requires ALL of the Necessary MINERALS, which come from Powdered Rocks, which are Composted with other Materials, and Fed to Earthworms before they are Applied to a Luscious Swangkee Garden, which has Superior Food: beCause it Contains those Necessary Minerals. Therefore, do not Deceive yourself with Orgimmick Garden Produce, which Lacks all Kinds of Minerals: beCause you cannot be Satisfied when you Eat such Inferior foods.

A Proper Health Care Plan

There is presently a Great Debate in Congress over which Health Care Plan that Americans should Accept, or Reject: beCause many Americans have a REAL MASSIVE Problem, which is called "OBESITY," or "Overweight," which Causes all Kinds of other Health-related Problems, and also Wastes much Precious Time and Money, going to Doctors for more and more PILLS and BILLS, which never Produce Fresh Clean Air, Pure Water, Wholesome Natural Foods, Proper Exercise, and Things that MIGHT Produce Good Health!

What Makes People SICK??

The next Time that you get Sick, this Inspired Booklet will make more Sense, which would also be a Good Time to read it once again: because it is Possible and most Practical to PREVENT such Sicknesses, which Originate within the Kitchens of Cooks, who are normally Unaware of what they are doing to other People, who Establish the Foundations upon which Sicknesses and Diseases are Built.

What Makes People LAZY??

Oh the LAZINESS of Mankind, who still Remain in the Darkness of Ignorance: beCause of being too Lazy to Study the Scriptures, which are Able to Enlighten the Mind of whomever is Diligent to Obey the Truths that he or she Learns. However, just Exactly what is it that Makes People LAZY, while other People are Inspired with all Kinds of Worldly Ambitions?? The Answer for that Profound Question is found within this Inspired Booklet, which even a Lazy Person can easily read during one Sitting.

What Makes People CRAZY??

Almost all Sane People will Confess that there are Times when even they Act like Insane People: because of the Insane Things that they Say and Do, now and then; but, Crazy People will not Confess it: beCause they Judge themselves to be Normal, even if they are as Insane as George Walking BUSH, who Trusted himself to make a Rational Decision concerning the Attack on Iraq, rather than Accept the Counsel of Wise Men who Warned Against it: beCause the Hornet’s Nest was down in the Lower 40 Acres, you might say, and was no Great Threat to the House of Love on the Hilltop; and therefore, on

A Sure Cure for Chronic Constipation of the Mind!

You might not have Noticed it, even as most People have not Noticed it; but, it seems as though Professing Christians Suffer the most with Chronic Constipation of the Mind!

A Sure Cure for DEPRESSION!

Mental Depression can be like a Plague, which sometimes Spreads among People: beCause of Hopelessness concerning the Gloomy Future, which has been fairly Bright for most Americans and Europeans; but, for the Masses of Poor People in this World of Woes, the Future Appears to be Gloomier than the Present, and the Present seem to be like Hell on Earth: beCause there is Oppression and Depression in all Directions. Nevertheless, this Inspired Booklet Reveals a Reasonable Solution for all such Problems, and comes with a GUARANTEE, which is Backed up by a ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD!

A Sure and Free Cure for PIMPLES!

Hundreds of millions of Young People have Suffered with Humiliation: beCause of Pimples; but, neither the Doctor Pill Popper nor the Doctor Puss Shots ever Revealed to them the Truth about the Cause and the Cure for Pimples: beCause they Obviously did not Know WHY nor HOW, until now; but, this little Book Explains the Cause and the Cure, and Offers a MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD to anyone who can Prove my Words of Truth to be Wrong or Unworkable for the Normal Person, most of whom can be Healed within 2 Weeks or less on nothing but Pure Spring Water, if they are Young.

The Farmer's DILEMMA!

The Plight of the Poor Farmers is Obvious to those People who have Traveled around the World, who have Seen for themselves that there is NO Justice in this World of Woes: because the People who do the Most Work seem to get Paid the Least Money for it, while those People who do the Least Work seem to get Paid the Most Money for it. Therefore, there Needs to be a more Equitable System of Good Government, which makes Farming Profitable for whomever is Willing and Able to Learn and Work.

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