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“A Wise Man Seeks True Knowledge, and a Man of Good Understanding Searches Out the Truths concerning all Important Subjects; but, an Ignorant Fool only Studies his own Face in the Mirror, looking for the Beauty of it, as if he made it; or, as if his Mother Created it, for which he Imagines that he should be very Proud of it, instead of only being Thankful to God for it: beCause he could have been Born in that very Ugly Body over there in the Land of Idiots, where they Smoke Weeds, and Eat with Dogs and Hogs.”&

— Ray Walter Swangkee


Vern Lindsey Swangkee's Personal SURVEYS of his VALUES!

Hi, I am an Older Brother of Ray Walter Swangkee, who is the middle one of us seven Sons, who were Born and Raised in the Great State of Montana, on a large Ranch. Ray was Born at Home for Free, while I was more Expensive, and cost a Total of 25 Dollars, which is considerably less than the 18 to 25 THOUSAND Dollars that a normal Birth Costs nowadays.

Ray Walter Swangkee's Personal SURVEYS of his VALUES!

These are the Personal Surveys of the Values of Ray Walter Swangkee, whose God-given Pen Name is: The PEACOCK, who is the Author of more than 300 Inspired Books and Booklets, including the New MAGNIFIED Versions of the entire Bible, Book of Mormon, Koran, Ahikar, and the Speeches of Adolf Hitler, whose book, called: "My Struggles," was the most Sold Book in the World during the 1930's, just after the Bible: beCause Adolf had the Sword of Truth in his Hand, and the Gift of Oration.

The ABSURDITIES of the Teachings of Jesus Christ!

Just Think, suppose that all Farmers in the whole World woke up in the Morning as True CHRISTIANS, who Accept NO THOUGHTS for Tomorrow, for what they shall Eat, Drink, Wear, nor where they will even Sleep — what a Disaster it would be for Mankind and Animalkind: beCause no Crops would be Planted nor Harvested!

Basic Beliefs of Ray Walter Swangkee

Most People have a General Tendency to Reject the Lifetime Heart-bonding Friendship of anyone who might have Contrary Beliefs to their own Traditional Beliefs: beCause of Various Reasons; but, mainly beCAUSE they are Indoctrinated with certain Beliefs, from Childhood onward; and often Refuse to Study any other Beliefs: beCause of being Taught that their Religion is the ONE and ONLY True Religion, no matter what it is; and, that their Political Doctrines are Divinely Inspired, and are somehow as Unchangeable as Gravity!

Does God HATE Astronauts??

If, as a Child, you just Happened to Attend a Public School of a thousand Children, and 24 of those Children just Happened to DIE while Playing Football, for Example, would you Want to Practice Playing Football? Or, suppose that your School had a Bad Record in the Woodwork Shop, whereby 24 Students had been Killed by the Table Saw, or Beheaded by the Bandsaw, would you Want to Sign up for Woodwork Classes? Of course not!

Diarrhea of the Mind

This Book will no doubt Prove to be one of the most Interesting Books ever Written: beCause of being the Diary of Ray Walter Swangkee, who is the Author of more than 300 Inspired Books and Booklets, which you may call my Autobiography, which is Technically what it is. However, I call it my "Diarrhea of the Mind": beCause it is somewhat of a CONFESSION, as well as a Late Diary: beCause I never did Maintain a Normal Diary of any Kind. Therefore, I am mostly Relying on a Poor Memory, which might Require a few Exaggerations, or Harmless "LIES," as Uncle Barney might say, who also had "Endless" Stories to tell about Run-away Horses, Breaking Wild Horses, Working on High Wire Electric Lines, Climbing Tall Electric Poles, Driving Loaded Dumptrucks at 60 MPH, while Crossing Narrow Bridges where he Passed by other Dumptrucks so Close that he had to reach out and pull his Mirror inward in Order to make it Miss the Mirrors on the other Dumptrucks! In other words, he also Suffered with his Diarrhea of the Mind; but, not with so much Humor as you will Discover within this Inspired Book, which could go on and on for Years, and Pollute the Minds and Houses of Uncounted Readers with NONSENSE, as my Mother might call it. However, there are very Serious Parts within it, as well as Enlightening Parts: beCause the Holy Spirit has not yet Died. Indeed, I have not read about it in the Obituary, and probably never will, even though one Preacher told me that God Spoke his Last Words in the Book of Revelation! No wonder his LIE-brary has more than 10,000 Uninspired books in it! Yes, he is Spiritually Starving to Death, you might say, and does not even Know WHERE to Find some Truly Satisfying Spiritual Food to Feast on! Pitiful, Pitiful! Nevertheless, I Promise to not put any more Lies within this Inspired Book than is Absolutely Necessary for making it Readable, Entertaining, and Enlightening, since that is what all Good Literature is all about.

02. A Bad Place for a Picnic

02. A Bad Place for a Picnic

Mountain Grizzly Bear Meets his Match!

The Heroine of this Story Killed a Montana Grizzly Bear with ONE Shot from a .22 caliber Rifle, at which Time the Bear was Attacking her Saddle Horse. However, because all such Bears were on the “Endangered Species” List, she committed a Great “SIN,” According to the Low Court of Supreme Injustice, which Fined her for the Act of Violence, even though her 4 Daughters were in Danger of being Eaten for Supper!


Halloween is a Traditional Vain Holiday among most Americans, Britains, and Irishmen, who hold it to be more Important than the Biblical Passover, Feast of Tabernacles, Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Feast of Harvest, or even the Seventh Day Sabbath.

Where did Adolf Hitler go WRong??

The Memory of Adolf Hitler is one which Sticks in the Minds of most Old Folks in America and Great Britain as one of Bitterness, Hate, and Revenge, which Invokes within them the Worst of Times, and Especially if they Participated in the Great War, itself — that is, in World War 2, which Cost tens of millions of Lives, mostly of Russians, who Lost more than 22 Million Lives, plus those of Japanese, Britons, and of Germans; but, also of some 440,000+ Americans and Canadians.

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