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"Remember that every House of Love is Built on a Solid Foundation of Divine Truths; and, without Truths, there is no True Love. Indeed, Truth is the Glue that Holds us Together, which Explains WHY most People are not very well Glued to Politicians, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Bankers, nor other 'Officials' with Masters Degrees in Mental Rapeology, who are Basically just LIARS, Deceivers, Tricksters, and HYPOCRITES!" 

— Ray Walter Swangkee

Money / Economy

The Swangkee Brothers' Million-dollar Farm Sold for only 50,000$!

 This is a Heartbreaking True Life Story, which everyone in the World should read, in spite of the Boring Parts concerning the Facts: beCause this is an Example of what can be done to Ignorant Naive Americans, who Trust the Governmental Establishment, who have an "American Dream," which becomes an American Nightmare! This is a Case of one of the Greatest Injustices in all of History!


You have no doubt Heard of Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and perhaps other Isms; but, have you ever Heard of Swangkeeism, which is a NEW and Rational Way of Life, even though Part of it is also an Old Way of Life, which is Reliable, Secure, Profitable, Enjoyable, FUN, and Fascinating!?

How to Succeed in a Capitalist Business from a Christian Perspective!

Hundreds of millions of Self-deceived People have gotten into Businesses during the past several thousand Years, and almost all of them have gone Out of Business, with the Exceptions of a few Craftsmen and Farmers who have Inherited Olive Groves, Vineyards, Wineries, and Related Age-old Businesses, which are passed down from Generation to Generation: beCause of their Goodness or Usefulness, which are still in Great Demand. Indeed, there will always be a Demand for Good Foods and Superior Drinks, for Example, even as there is for Good Houses and Fine Furniture.

A Large Church in Dallas, Texas

The Title says that this is a Large Church in Dallas, Texas. However, it is Actually a Photo that was taken of a Small Church near Little Rock, Arkansas. However, if you had Believed the first Line of Lies, and did not Know the Facts concerning this Subject, which I have now Revealed to you, you might have been easily Deceived by those Lying Words and the Deceptive Photograph, which does not Show the Entire Church Building; but, it Shows mostly a Phony Facing Job from just One Point of View, which is like most Phony Religions; but, Certainly NOT like yours, huh?

A Large Church in Dallas, Texas

A Pile of $100 Federal Reserve Notes

A Pile of $100 Federal Reserve Notes

The Colorful Peacock Debates the United States Congress over MINIMUM WAGES!

If Raising the Minimum Wages for the Poor Tax Slaves and Usury Slaves would Cause Inflation of our Money, and Devaluation of our Dollars: beCause of having too much Money among those Poor People, perhaps we should Remove the Bank Accounts of all Rich People, whose Wealth is Certainly having the very same Bad Effect, except in an Excess by many Times: beCause they are many Times more Rich than those Poor People who are now Earning Minimum Wages! Therefore, all such Theories are nothing but Nonsense, which are Promoted by False Economists, who should also Study this Inspired Booklet, which Explains HOW all Willing Poor People can become Moderately RICH!

A Reasonable Solution for TRASH DISPOSAL!

We Americans have more Trash than all of the People of India, China, and South America, Combined — not beCause we are any Better than any of those People, who are Desperately Attempting to "Catch Up" and even "Surpass us on the Highway to Hell that goes to the Capitalist Paradise on the other Side of the Mountain of Doubt and Unbelief"; but, beCause we are more Blest with Empty Souls, you might say!

A Reasonable Solution for SWEAT SHOPS!

There are tens of thousands of Sweatshops in this World of Woes, where Poor People Slave Away their Lives from 8 to 18 Hours per Day for next to Minimum Wages, which is often less than 2$ per Day for more than a Billion People, who Struggle to make Ends Meet, you might say; and few Rich People have Mercy on them, in spite of the Fact that some of those Individual Rich People get as much as 5 to 10 times as much Money per Year as all of those Poorest People, Combined!

What does the Bible Mean, "The Destruction of the Poor is their Poverty"??

The World has long been Plagued by Poor People of all Kinds, whose Poverty comes in Degrees; but, never in all of History have the Masses of People been more Thoroughly Set Up for Disaster, as they are right now, while even Vainly Imagining that they are Doing Well, just as they are! However, when the Rain STOPS, and the Fertile Fields DRY UP, and there is nothing to Eat, except each other, the Masses of People may Realize what is Required in Order to Prevent  such a Great Disaster. Nevertheless, until then, they will just have to go on Suffering in their States of Poverty, being Deprived of Fresh Clean Air, Pure Water, Good Food, Proper Clothing, and Secure Houses, just to Name a few of the Good Things that they are Deprived of for the Sake of Pride, which comes before Destruction.


What would you Do, if you had a Million Dollars? Would you Buy Houses, Cars, and Toys, go on World Tours, or Donate the Money to some Church, Mosque, Synagogue, or to the Victims of Hurricane Katrina? Would you use that Million Dollars in order to gain 10 Million more, or just Gamble it away in Lost Vegas, Nevada?? Well, whatever you might like to do with it, you can be Sure that it would soon be Gone, if you did not Invest it Wisely: because Money can Disappear like Water through a Sieve. Indeed, Uncounted Gamblers have Won and Lost Millions of Dollars, while hundreds of millions of People have simply Starved to Death for the Lack of Water Pipes, Pumps, Cisterns, and Gardens. Therefore, before you consider what you might Do with a Million Dollars, you should Learn what the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge might Do with it, if he should get it: because, as far as we Know, no one else on Earth ever Thought of Doing that.

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