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When Capitalism has been Stripped Naked by her own self, she will Discover in the Light of Truth that she was just an Old Whore to begin with, and that all of her Lovers have Forsaken her: because she STINKS!

— Ray Walter Swangkee


The New MAGNIFIED Version of the Scriptures or SACRED WRITINGS in Plain English for Wise People of all Ages, Races, Religions, and Nations!

Justifications for MAGNIFICATIONS!

Hundreds of millions of Deceived People Vainly Imagine that God’s Holy Spirit has either Died, or gone Out of Business, which is the Business of Inspiring the Servants of God with Words of Truth and Wisdom.

Ray Walter Swangkee's GOSPEL of Jesus Christ!

 The Presumptuous Person just Naturally Rejects any Truth that he or she has not already Learned: beCause it Sounds Strange to such a Person. Words are Cheap, they say; but, Truths are Priceless: beCause they can Liberate us from the Prison of Ignorance and Lies! Therefore, a Wise Person will Maintain an Open Mind, after Learning that nothing is done without a Reason, even if it is Judged to be a Bad Reason by an Ignorant Person.

The New MAGNIFIED Version of the KORAN / QURAN

Like "Christian" Religions, there are many Contradictory Sects of Muslims, whose "Holy Bible" is called the KORAN / QURAN, which is the Muslim "Word of God," even though the Unofficial Founding Father of the Islamic Religion, whose Name was Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn Abd Allah ibn Abd Al-Muttalib ibn Hashim, or just MUHAMMAD, for short, was a Man of PEACE, whose Favorite Book was the Hebrew Bible, which he frequently referred to as "the Book." In Fact, while he Lived, there was no Koran, as such: because it was Constructed after his Death in June

The CONDENSED Swangkee Version of the Unholy Bible!

Most People nowadays are far too Busy to read normal Versions of the Holy Bible: because they are far too long, and are also Indigestible within the Bellies of most Minds, even of Believers, who are FORCED to Spend Years and YEARS in Laborious Studies of all such Confusing Bibles, just to TRY to Understand them, even if they have the Time and Patience to Endure it! 99.999999% do not! Therefore, they just Skip Over most of the Holy Bible.

The New MAGNIFIED Version of ECCLESIASTES and the Song of Solomon in Plain English!

Many People read the Words of Ecclesiastes, even carefully and studiously, without Realizing that King Solomon was being a bit Sarcastic — that is, he was not Sincerely Believing nor Meaning what he was Writing by the Spirit of Inspiration; but, he was writing it from an Unbeliever's Perspective, as one who was not quite Sure about the Purpose of Life, nor the Destiny of Mankind. Nevertheless, his Inspired Book ends up with the Right Solution, which makes Life anything but Vanity and Vexation of Spirit for Believers in the Truth. 

A Typical Scene at the Time of Christ

All of this Needlework was done by Hand, by the Lady whose Back is turned to us. This was the Custom for thousands of Years, among similar Craftspersons. 

A Typical Scene at the Time of Christ

The New MAGNIFIED Version of First and Second CLEMENT

This is one of the "Missing Books" from the Bible, which is a little too Clear and Easy to Understand for the Establishment to Accept as Scriptures. In other Words, it contains too much Truth for most Hypocrites to Tolerate, even though Clement's Epistles were widely read in Churches for 500 Years, as Scriptures!

The Story of AHIKAR, Magnified in Plain English

The Story of Ahikar was supposedly written around 500 B.C., and has been passed down in Various Versions and Fragments; but, this is the only Version that is Magnified in Plain English, which even a 12-year-old Child should easily Understand, in spite of the Fact that the Story Applies to People of all Ages, Religions, Races, and Nations. Therefore, it is a Good Book for all People to read at least one time, and especially if they are 12 Years of Age: beCause they might Save themselves from Needless Heartaches and Troubles of Various Kinds. 

The New MAGNIFIED Version of the PSALMS of King David!

The Psalms of King David can hardly be Read like a Normal Book: because those Psalms can get Tiresome; but, if you Read a Psalm or 2 each Day, you will find them Beneficial, or at least Comforting. However, the Psalms also contain many Prophetic Verses that can be Related to the Life and Death of Jesus Christ, which is one of the Reasons for its Popularity. In Fact, Jesus Quoted more Words of the Psalms than any other Book in the Bible. Moreover, the Psalms are Normally easier to Understand than other Books of the Bible, which also makes them more Readable. However, unless you have been Persecuted, many of them are Difficult to Relate with. Nevertheless, this Version MAGNIFIES those Psalms that are most Important to Learn.

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