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 At least in Greek Mythology, almost everyone Understands that it IS Mythology; but, in Hebrew Mythology, it is written as if it were Historical and Factual, when it is Actually MYTHOLOGY!


Social / Moral

2 Dark and Mysterious Wolverines Playing in the Pure Snow

These are Wolverines Playing, which I Wanted to be Porcupines: because Porcupines are more Symbolical of most Lawyers, who have Poisonous Quills; but, they would not Change themselves for me, no matter how Greatly I Wanted them to Change! 

2 Dark and Mysterious Wolverines Playing in the Pure Snow

Can Peacocks be Trusted??

“Awe, what a Deceptive Bird,” you say; but, you must Remember that there are at least 2 Kinds of Peacocks, and one of them has an Awesome Tale of Truth and Wisdom, like the World has never Seen before now! Therefore, Stand in AWE, O you Deceived People of the Nations of Evildoers: beCause your King has Arrived! Yes, he will set the House in Order for the Master Farmer, who will Prune Out all of the Diseased Limbs and Branches on his Trees of Life, and will Cast them into the Fire!

The CONTROVERSIES of the Three COWARDS (A Tale of Shame)

The Three Cowards are Representative of X-amount of Spiritually Weak People, who cannot make up their Minds concerning all Kinds of Subjects, whose Arguments could probably go on and on for ever and ever; but, this Inspired Booklet Boils it all down to the Bottom Line, which is the MARK of the Beast, if the Masses of People Reject the Great Truths that are Revealed within this Unique Booklet.

Should we OBEY our Elders??

We read in the Scriptures that Children should Obey their Parents, According to Deuteronomy 21:15—21, which is Obviously the Best Order; but, only IF those Parents are Obedient to their Heavenly Father, who has Blest some of us with more Understanding than others, who are also Spiritual Elders, you might say, who have more Experiences in Things that Matter the Most. After all, there are any Number of Childish Occupations, which Waste People’s Lives; but, the Important Occupations are often Neglected, at the Great Expense and Loss of the True Riches, one of which Follows those Humble People who Wisely Submit to those Spiritual Adults who are Closer to God, even if they are Younger, as in the Case of Aaron Submitting to Moses.

How to RUN AWAY — and when not to!

There are certain Times when we would all no Doubt like to Run Away, in Order to Escape from our Problems; but, WHERE should we Run to, seeing that it Appears that there is no Ideal Place to Run to? This Inspired Booklet Answers that Important Question. Moreover, what should we take with us, and what should we leave behind, when we Run Away??


Dear Adam and Eve!

Adam and Eve Obviously cannot Respond to the Epistles that are Addressed to them within this Booklet. However, it would be Neat if they could Respond: because it would be very Interesting to Learn what they might Think about the World that they Parented. Indeed, they would probably be Shocked, just to See a Portion of it; and Especially if they Visited certain large Cities of Confusion, which are Perfect Examples of Pure Insanity, as if Constructed without any Thought nor Plan whatsoever.

Why should Men Wear BEARDS??

IF God Intended for Men to Look like Women, he would have made them Similar; but, behold, Men were Created to Rule Over their Families, and to make the Final Decisions, and to Accept Responsibility for making those Decisions, for which all Men will give an Account to their Creator, whose Authority is Symbolized by the BEARD.

ONE NATION (Americans Remember September 11th)

This Special Booklet has been written in Response to an Advertisement that was sent out by Easton Press, concerning the Tragic Events of September 11th, 2001.


Gambling is like Blindly Walking Backwards in the Dark while Handcuffed, with the Hope that you will not Trip and Fall and get Hurt, just because there is a Chance that you might Win a lot of Money for doing almost Nothing, if only you Happen to Blindly Stumble into the Right Gambling Room somewhere on the “Strip.” In other Words, you have to Blindly Trust in Good Luck, in Order to Win in the Gambling Game: because there is no Calculated Way for you to Win, unless you are a Professional Gambler.

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